Legendary Siblings episode 2 recap

Jiang Feng and Yuenue ran into the fabric store. Jiang Yulang said he wanted to keep those fabrics for him. Jiang Feng told Yulang to sell all the stuff in the house. Yao Yue angrily used her power and told Lian Xing that Yan Nantian has left. She has fail destroying Jian Feng. Some sect members deal with Nantian to compete with them in two days. Yulang told the evil sect a news.


Nantian meets at the rock but didn’t see anyone. Jiang Feng and Yuenue left and ranaway from the guards. Some bandits came toward Jiang Feng. Jiang Feng told the bandits he doesn’t have any golds in his body. The bandits told Jiang Feng that Yulang told them he is here. Yulang told Jiang Feng that he always treat him like a servant. Yuenue threw some dagger. The bandit left. Yuenue is about to give birth. Jiang Feng got injured by the bandits. Liang Xing arrived and killed the bandits with one punch. Yuenue gave birth to a twin. Jiang Feng ave each one of his baby a bell. Lian Xing told Jiang Feng if there wasn’t Yuenue, he would fall for her. She just want him to smile in front of her. Jiang Feng said he can’t smile in this state.

Yao Yue threw a dagger at Jiang Feng. Lian Xing begged Yao Yue to spare Jian Feng. Yao Yue told Lian Xing that men cant’ be trusted. Yuenue begged Yao Yu to spare her and Jiang Feng. Yao Yue killed Yuenue with one punch on her head. Jiang Feng told Yao Yue not to kill his children. Lian Xing prevented Yao Yue to kill the babies and said she has to keep them alive to suffer.Lian Xing suggests Yao Yue to give one of the twin to Nantian so he can train his martial art skills to revenge for his parents. Jiang Feng told NianTian he’s handing his son to him. Jiang Feng passed away.


Niantian arrived to a house. An elder couple served food for Nan Tian and Jiang Feng’s son. The elder couple told Nantian. The elders laughed at NanTian ate his own kin. Nantian threw up and fought with the elders. Nantian fainted. An elder member deal with other members to let him have NanTian to test his medicine. A lady member held the baby told the other members she wants to raise the baby to be their descendant. Yao Yue punished the other son for playing around by doing pull ups for ten hours. Nantian’s baby has a dream of playing with his twin. The member took the baby somewhere.




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