Smart Kid episode 24 recap

Dicky told the magistrates that he doesn’t have a uniform which means he’s a first ranked magistrate. Nie Yuan told Dicky to help him persuade the magistrates to be on his side. Dicky told the magistrates to gamble with him. Dicky brought the poor maids and asked them if they should supply the food for the soldiers. Dicky told the magistrates that the maid is poor but still agreed to supply food for the soldiers.


A guy tricked Li Bing Bing and the monk where the paint house is. The thief demanded some money from Li Bing Bing and the monk. The monk fought with the thief and fainted. The monk tried to rape Li Bing Bing. Li Bing Bing pushed the knife toward him .The thief asked Li Bing Bing if she’s Dicky’s friend. Li Bing Bing said they just know each other and not that close. The thief apologized and told Li Bing Bing he will lead her to Dicky. At the brothel, the ladies massaged Dicky. Dicky told Li Bing Bing they arrived so slow. The thief forced the edler man to tell him where’s Dicky’s parents. The thief said the elder man owes them money.The elder man wrote the direction to of Dicky’s parents. Dicky gambled with the magistrate to rank their post.

Li Bing Bing, the monk, and Dicky went to the monk’s son grave. Dicky took the monk to the magistrate and asked hi mto bring out the son of the monk. The monk teared up reuniting with his son. The monk criticizes the monk was a coward during the war but luckily the majesty spare his life. From then on, the monk drank and left his family. He’s been picked on by other people. The monk’s son showed the monk the scar on his arm due to his bravery during the war. The monk is a chicken and doesn’t deserve to be his father. The monk sighed if he is worthy of being a father. The monk’s son told the two magistrates that Dicky is just a commoner with no allies. The monk’s son ordered the two magistrates to tell the captains to go to another city. Six months later, Dicky won’t be fine.


Shen Xiao Hai plans to help the monk’s son against Nie Yuan. Then he’ll steal the throne from Nie Yuan. The next morning ,the soldiers told the two magistrate got diarrhea .The other two magistrates got into a cargo accident during the rain and went home resting. Dicky told Nie Yuan that he will let the magistrate beg him to let them come in three days.


The thief and Li Bing Bing spread rumors of the six magistrates owed Dicky money so they ran away from the palace. Li Bing Bing pretends to cry that Dicky has a plan to save the people but the magistrates left. The monk’s son took the guards to arrest Dicky. Li Bing Bing told the monk’s son that he didn’t accept Dicky’s help so there are plenty of victims. The people threw food at the monk’s son. The monk’s son told the monk not to appear in front of him again or he will behead him. Li Bing Bing got mad at Dicky for calling her dumb. Dicky asked Li Bing Bing why did the majesty sent him to find his son. Li Bing Bing said because he is handsome. Dicky wonder why the majesty trust him. Dicky told Li Bing Bing to eat diner with him so they can think. The monk showed his son the badge that Dicky gave him permission to have a high ranked captain. Dicky told the monk’s son that the monk was smart to retreat since he couldn’t win the war. Dicky told the monk’s son he wins arguments not because he’s a first ranked official but because he previously lost to him.



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