Smart Kid episode 25 recap

The servant told the monk’s son that the captain and his son failed during the war. The monk’s son plans to sacrifice one of his officials then promote him in a few months. The officials trembled and left. The monk told his son that it is karma. The monk told his son if he is brave, he should admit this mistake. The monk told his son it is his fault he didn’t take care of him to be a courageous person. The monk gave Dicky a jade to him and his son. The monk told Dicky that if he finds a girlfriend, he needs to be loyal. The official accused the monk’s son for using the wrong troops and showed Dicky a letter from the captain. Dicky said he needs some time to think. Nie Yuan came and said the the monk son is the one behind this and he locked him in prison. The monk begged Nie Yuan to spare his son’s life. Nie Yuan told Dicky that many troops are under the monk’s son. The monk sacrifice to be in prison for his son. Dicky and Li Bing Bing visited the monk. Dicky told the monk he will think of a way.


Li Bing Bing looked at the bill and thought of money could buy her good food and clothes. Dicky brought the monks to the other country’s general and gave them nine hundred golds to buy their trust. Dicky ate with the monk’s son and told him about the general who was the head of his father. The monk’s father took the blame for his head. Dicky told the monk’s son that is bravery. Li Bing Bing gave the monk a bowl of medicine. The monk’s son drinks with the monk. The monk’s son kneeled and apologized.


Ha Sang and the soldiers plan to rebel. The magistrate got mad and told his son the gambler to not see Dicky again. The gambler told his father he used to care for his father but has changed due to power of greed. He used to be spoiled but Dicky helped him. The magistrate slapped him. The gambler drinks with Dicky and Li Bing Bing. Dicky picked on the gambler’s father and the magistrates to dig the rock. The villagers picked on the magistrates.The magistrate carried some poop and dropped it. Dicky told him he will deduct his salary cut his post. Dicky told he maids to farm.

The magistrates begged Nie Yuan to let them leave. Dicky requested Nie Yuan to let the magistrates do chores with him for a few months to see how the commoners are suffering. Dicky borrowed Nie Yuan’s sword. Nie Yuan gave the four princes ten thousand taels. The magistrate ordered his magistrate to confront Dicky. Dicky used Nie Yuan’s sword and pushed off the magistrate’s hat and demoted him and told him to come tomorrow.



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