Smart Kid episode 26 recap

The official got mad. Ha Sang invited the official to a party. Ha Sang feels bad for the official being under Dicky. Ha Sang encouraged the official to rebel against Nie Yuan. Shen Xiao Hai’s two female assassins fought with Ha Sang’s troop. Ha Sang laughed at Shen Xiao Hai for using two females as spies. Shen Xiao Hai killed the female assassin using his sword. Shen Xiao Hai told Ha Sang he has thousands of troops. Ha Sang told Shen Xiao Hai he already poured poison on his sword. Shen Xiao Hai has a duel with Ha Sang. Ha Sang pointed a sword at Shen Xiao Hai and said he won’t kill him right now. The eunuch told Nie Yuan that Shen Xiao Hai hasn’t returned to the court last night.


Dicky came in the official’s house and want to lead him to the court. The official told Dicky he’s ill today. Dicky told the animal doctor to check up on the official. Dicky tied up the official and ran with the horse sedan chair. The people threw lettuces at the official. Dicky slapped the official. The official punched Dicky and told him he will cause him to fall down soon. Dicky asked the official to think why the people threw food at him. Dicky took the offical to his court. Ha Sang gets ready to go to war. Flashbacks of the official eat with the guards. The people bowed and thanked the official for helping them. The other official beat up the official and called him greedy. Dicky told the official he has changed. Dicky told the official he believes he has to help other people to make his life meaningful. If Nie Yuan wasn’t his student, he wouldn’t have helped him being the majesty. Dicky asked the official if he teaches his son to step on other. The official’s son told the official he came herE to find his past generous father.


Shen Xiao Hai sneaked in the camp and fought with the general and said he is smarter than him. The general told Shen Xiao Hai it was a plan all along to lure him so he can be a spy. Shen Xiao Hai chopped ooff Ha Sang’s head and ordered the troop to follow him. Shen Xiao Hai and the troops are on the way to the palace. THe official bowed and begged Nie Yuan to give him a dead sentence because he knows Shen Xiao Hai is rebelling. Dicky told Nie Yuan that ten fingers isn’t equal in sizes. Dicky suggests Nie Yuan to open the gate for Shen Xiao Hai to come. Dicky read the edict in front of the general to settle the war and he’ll promote him. Dicky told the general that he will die while another person will be the majesty. Does he want to fight or settle. The general got off the horse and his soldiers bowed in front of Dicky.


Nie Yuan forgives the three general but asked them to retire in the palace and give them ten thousand golds. Shen Xiao Hai brought the head of Ha Sang to Nie Yuan. Shen Xiao Hai told Nie Yuan he got rid of him for the world’s sake. Dicky teased Nie Yuan that he doesn’t fight about food and girls with Shen Xiao Hai. Shen Xiao Hai got mad his troop retreat because of Dicky. A third ranked official arrived in front of FengJi proposing to her. Feng Jie said she doesn’t know where Nie Yuan is but even if he is a small ranked official, she will still wait for him. The eunuch arrived giving Feng Jie the edict in the bird. Feng Jie read the letter that her dream has come true. He is the majesty. The eunuch read the edict of appointing Feng Jie as the queen. Nie Yuan lost the war for a month. Shen Xiao Hai suggests Nie Yuan to settle the war. Shen Xiao Hai requested Nie Yuan to let him lead the troop.



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