Smart Kid episode 27 recap

Dicky and Li Bing Bing looked at the people talk about Shen Xiao Hai dealing with the enermies. Shen Xiao Hai should have been the emperor. Feng Jie hugged Nie Yuan. Nie Yuan told Feng Jie he didn’t lie to her but she was naive. Feng Jie hit Nie Yuan. The eunuch told Feng Jie she has to respect the majesty. Feng Jie bowed in front of Nie Yuan. Nie Yuan told Feng Jie she is officially the empress and he has to learn the rules. Dicky said it’s so cheesy and he needs to poke eyes. Nie Yuan told Dicky before he poke eyes, he needs to cute his tongue. Dicky teased FengJie that her husband is creepy and she needs to beware. Feng Jie told Nie Yuan that no only she needs to learn the rules of the palace. Dicky told Nie Yuan that girls dn’t have conscience and he shouldn’t marry. Nie Yuan said after the settlement of the war, he will marry Feng Jie. Dicky took Nie Yuan to a place.

Dicky took Nie Yuan to the brothel. The two prostitute flirted with Nie Yuan. Dicky told the prostitutes he’s nervous because he’s engaged. The prostitute massaged Dicky. Nie Yuan said he doesn’t worry because he has three thousand concubines. Dicky told Feng Jie that her mother said girls look prettiest before their wedding. The prostitute asked Nie Yuan if he is Dicky’s brother. Nie Yuan told Dicky he wanted a brother like him. Feng Jie plans to live with Nie Yuan for life. If she has a lover it’s alright; if she doesn’t have it it’s alright. Nie Yuan drinks and gives Dicky a stick for beating his concubines. Li Bing Bing rather be alone than not living with her lover. Nie Yuan told Dicky that his happiest time was hanging out with him and the students but now it is different. Dicky dropped his jade from the previous majesty and told Nie Yuan he has a feeling this is the last time they will drink and meet together.



The prince deals with Nie Yuan for settlement but he has to give him hundred thousand horses. The prince gave Nie Yuan another option by giving him a brush from his father and requesting him to make it shorter without breaking it. Nie Yuan said he can just bring a bigger brush then this brush will be smaller. The prince asked Nie Yuan to ask two servants which box the settlement document. One of them will tell the truth while the other one will lie. Dicky interrupted and said he can ask one of them where’s the document. The other person will tell. The majesty can ask a question that contradicts them. He is sure the settlement document is in both boxes. Nie Yuan said if he asked the person on the right where’s the document, the person on the left will give the opposite answer. So both of those documents are in the boxes. The prince is impressed at Dicky’s intelligence of solving his riddle. The prince settled the war with Nie Yuan. Dicky asked the prince a riddle about why the prince wouldn’t use one of his finger to play the harp. Nie Yuan invited the prince to the ceremony tonight. The prince promised Dicky he will solve the riddle tonight.

At the ceremony, Dicky told the prince that the riddle is simple and everyone knows it. The maid said it is because the finger belongs to the prince plays the harp and died. The prince’s brother accused Nie Yuan of murdering the prince. Dicky told Nie Yuan there’s a lot of suspicion in this case. Who would want to kill the prince or dare to kill the prince in the palace. How far can the intruder shoot an arrow? Dicky took the official and told the soldiers that he has a meeting with the prince’s brother. Dicky accused the soldier of killing the prince’s brother. Dicky and the official barged in the prince’s room. Dicky checked the prince’s body and discovered a scar on the prince’s finger and blood on the shirt. Shen Xiao Hai’s servant congratulates the prince’s brother that he almost becoming the king. Shen Xiao Hai’s maid told the prince’s brother that Shen Xiao Hai will give him the land after he becomes the king.


Nie Yuan got mad that the soldiers are being attacked. The official suggest Nie Yuan to leave the palace. Nie Yuan refuses. Dicky tells a story of a monk who haven’t taken a bath for three months. The monks feels disgusting and stayed away from him. Then there are rumors spreading. Dicky said there will be rumors of Nie Yuan running away. The palace is their home, where they could run. Lucky we still have a good emperor. If they die, then Dicky will be the first one dying in front of Nie Yuan. Nie Yuan and his troop goes to war with the prince’s brother. Shen Xiao Hai barge in the other majesty’s tent. Shen Xiao Hai pleaded the majesty to not overthrow the Ming. Shen Xiao Hai told the majesty they don’t have enough troop. Shen Xiao Hai settled with the prince’s brother. Li Bing Bing compliments Shen Xiao Hai as courageous to the monk. The prince’s brother gives Nie Yuan three days to hand out the murderer and give up his reign.



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