Legendary Siblings episode 3 recap

The member gave the kid a sword and said if he doesn’t kill others, others will kill him. The member put the boy in a room withe a wild animal and told him to kill it with a knife or it will kill him. The boy woke up from his nightmare and hugged Lian Xing. The doctor rubbed the medicine on the boy. The boy hugged the other sect member. Yao Yue pushed the boy and told him to practice martial arts. The boy confidently said he will practice martial arts. Yao Yue transferred energy to the boy and he bled. Lian Xiang said if she hate him so much, she should kill her. Lian Xiang was about to kill the boy. Yao Yu said she doesn’t want to kill him but only want to teach him.


Yao Yue looked in the mirror and thought of Yan Natian. Yao Yu wrote a word on her arm using a knife. The doctor transferred energy for NanTian and grived he couldn’t heal hm. A woman wearing the mask and barged in the house. Zhang Jing appears. Yao Yu appears and touched NanTian’s hand and said he can’t die. If he dies, he has to die under her hand. Yao Yue put the boy and breathe on him on the rock and hopes he revenge for his parents and learn martial arts from Yan NanTian. The boy wakes up from the nightmare.

The boy wakes up as Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er ate an apple and teased a guy of afraid of his master. Xiao You Er told the guy to give him his bag of treasures of he wants to let him go. The guy pull out his sword Xiao You Er told the guy he can have it. The guy freely gave Xiao You Er the treasure. Hua Wu Que thought of his dream meeting his twin. Yao Yu yelled at Hua Wu Que to not daydreaming while practicing swordfights; and if it happens again next time she will kill him. Hua Wu Que told Lian Xing he got distracted by a weird dream. Xiao You Er asked the doctor if there’s that kind of guy. He had a dream of a masked woman told him to find Yan NianTian to revenge for his parents.


The doctor pours a bowl of medicine to Yan NianTian and asked him who is the person in the mask. Xiao You Er eavesdrop in the prison and asked the doctor what’s in there. The doctor said there’s only medicine. Xiao You Er sneaked in the prison and waved at NanTian. The members requested the doctor to let him see NanTian. A member told the doctor he will be happy once he sees his patient in the prison. The doctor took the members to see NanTian The members looked at NanTian. A monk member wants to kill him. The doctor said it’s useless for him to kill NanTian since he is paralyzed anyway. The female sect member said The doctor tried to cure NanTian for seventeen years.


NanTian asked the doctor when will he give up. The doctor told the members he can turn NanTian into an animal in three years. Xiao You Er got out of the bathub and asked the doctor who is NanTian. The doctor told Siao You Er he’s testing his medicine on NanTian. If he successfully heal him then he will become the most powerful martial artist. Xiao You Er asked a man to bow to him three times and give him his sword. Xiao You Er fought with the man. Xiao You Er told the man’s brother that the man gave him this sword to him. The man’s brother told the man he can’t bug Xiao You Er or he’ll die in three days. Ever since NanTian brought Xiao You Er to this village, no one has the luck. The member killed the man and warned the brother that no one is allowed to mention about NanTian and the boy. The member killed the man’s brother.


The doctor took Xiao You Er to see NanTian. Xiao You Er asked the doctor who is NanTian and his identity. The doctor told Xiao You Er about his identity and Yao You has a grudge on Yan NanTian. Xiao You Er practices martial arts and sighed to the member about his parent’s death. The doctor told the member that it’s not impossible to heal NanTian but just out of his skill. The doctor told Xiao You Er that the person with a mask gave him the medicine to heal NanTian. Xiao You Er visits NanTian and encouraged him to stand up. Xiao You Er promised to come to the flower palace to kill Yao Yue. NanTian unexpectedly wake up. The members eat and went to the prison and asked the doctor to unlock since they have to take NanTian out.



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