Smart Kid episode 29 recap

The monk told Nie Yuan that Dicky won’t fight with him for the throne which is why he decided to leave the palace. Nie Yuan visits Dicky. Dicky asked Nie Yuan to not call him his bro. Nie Yuan rather give the reign to Dicky. Dicky said this world belong to Nie Yuan and whoever tries to rebel against, him he will go against that person. Nie Yuan said whoever hurt Dicky, he will get rid of him. Dicky said his parents die and now all of a sudden he found out his brother is a king. He doesn’t want to fight with his brother. He never had a situation where h should runaway. He just wants to be a normal person. Dicky left. Dicky and Li Bing Bing saw Shen Xiao Hai’s troop coming. Li Bing Bing tried to persuade Dicky to come back. Dicky told Li Bing Bing he wants to kiss her. Dicky kisses Li Bing Bing. Dicky kissed Li Bing Bing again and said they will return.


Dicky sneaked in the sedan chair and told Nie Yuan he has to rebel against Shen Xiao Hai. Shen Xiao Hai told his servant that tonight is a long night. Dicky told Nie Yuan he knows who murdered the prince but he must have evidence. Dicky pick up a butterfly bracelet on the floor for Li Bing Bing. Dicky told the magistrate he believes the maid shot at the prince. Dicky find it strange that when the prince died, he closed his hand. Shen Xiao Hai gets ready to attack. Nie Yuan held Feng Jie’s hand and told him to wait for him. Feng Jie told Nie Yuan even if he’s a king or a commoner, dead or alive she will still follow him and won’t part him. Li Bing Bing served Dicky some tea and accidentally spilled and said it is lucky that the tea didn’t have the smell. Dicky thought of an idea of how to deal with the war.


Shen Xiao Hai and the guards forced Nie Yuan to take down the throne. Nie Yuan said he needs more time to find the murderer. Shen Xiao Hai asked Nie Yuan to give up his throne. Dicky told the prince’s guard he found out who killed the prince’s brother and that’s the dog. Dicky showed the black blood on the prince’s shirt. Dicky used water and ink on the prince’s shirt. Dicky said that when the prince got shot his blood was black instead of red which means that he died before he got shot. Dicky showed the prince’s brother the finger of the prince that got poisoned. Someone has put poison in the harp and the prince played the harp. Dicky said the murderer is even worse than the dog since he is not loyal to his owner. Dicky said the murderer is the person who can visit the prince. Nie Yuan and the troops called the prince’s brother. Dicky put his leg on the prince’s brother and said the plan was created by Shen Xiao Hai. Dicky kicked the sword on the prince’s brother. Nie Yuan and Drink arrived in front of Shen Xiao Hai and accused him of rebel. Shen Xiao Hai laughed that he has many troops and ordered the troops to fight The scholars came and sat in front of the troops and said they support Nie Yuan. The monks arrived and sat and refused to have a war. Dicky told the troops they want to be a hero in front of their children. They don’t want to kill the majesty and kill innocent people that don’t have power. Dicky asked the troops to kill everyone here so they can be promoted. The troops and Shen Xiao Hai surrender.


The other king settled with Nie Yuan. Dicky visits Shen Xiao Hai and said he admires him for being confident in jail. Shen Xiao Hai said his plan was good but he couldn’t understand why would Dicky help Nie Yuan. Withe Dicky’s intelligence he can go against Shen Xiao Hai one on one. Shen Xiao Hai doesn’t understand why would Dicky sacrifice himself. Dicky told Shen Xiao Hai he fail because he doesn’t have conscience and doesn’t care for his troop. Shen Xiao Hai said there are two kinds of people. One who is smart and controls other and one who is dumb and is a servers. If he had another chance, he won’t lose. Dicky told Shen Xiao Hai he will lose again if there’s another chance because he doesn’t have conscience. Shen Xiao Hai told Dicky that it is good to have a strong enemy like him. Dicky told Shne Xiao Hai to not think they are friends; he killed his mother. Shen Xiao Hai asked Dicky if he will leave. Shen Xiao Hai told Dicky to leave as far as possible. He is very emotional and he doesn’t have confidence to defeat him. Dicky told Shen Xiao Hai he will visit him when he is free.

The maid told Li Bing Bing she enjoys solving riddle with Dicky and she told her all his good qualities. Dicky got mad. The magistrate’s son told Dicky that Shen Xiao Hai died in the cellar. Dicky is anxious doubt the death of the confidence Shen Xiao Hai. Nie Yuan looked at his majesty chair. Nie Yuan heard the farmers gossiped that Shen Xiao Hai farmed faster than him but Nie Yuan is a good emperor.



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