Legendary Siblings episode 4 recap

The four members went in the prison and saw NanTian. The doctor laughed that he successfully turned NanTian into a creature. The doctor asked NanTian why didn’t he kill them. NanTian said he has regain his memory long time ago but he hasn’t successfully practice this martial art. Jimmy asked the female sect member who is the strongest out of the four members. The four members meet up with Xiao You Er during the night. Xiao You Er said the monk is the strongest out of the four members. A member held a hammer and said he can use the hammer to kill them. Xiao You Er laughed at the four fighting and have diarrhea and said now they know who has the strongest abilities. The members plan to drive Xiao You Er away.

The four members cooked food for Xiao You Er. The member told Xiao You Er they served him food to farewell him. The members celebrated Xiao You Er leaving to town. Xiao You Er drinks and said he can’t bear to leave them. Xiao You Er asked the members to give him one object. Xiao You Er told the members to take off their clothes. He took their weapons.


Hua Wu Que wakes up and has a dream of him and Xiao You Er they have to kill each other. NanTian gave Xiao You Er a jade. YaoYu ordered Hua Wu Que. to go to town and kill Xiao You Er. The maid told Hua Wu Que that her family is poor and has to sell daughters. Yuenue told Hua Wu Que to be careful. Hua Wu Que asked Yuenue why does he has to kill Hua Wu Que. Yuenue said she prefers not to tell him nor let him know the reason. Hua Wu Que watches two ladies fight and interrupted. The lady confronted Hua Wu Que of using dirty martial arts from his master. The lady told Hua Wu Que to do three things for her. First he has to stand in one leg and have many people push him down. Hua Wue Que caused the people to fall down while standing in one leg. The second thing is he has to bring him a bowl of rice without using his feet but the rice has to be hot. Hua Wu Que fly and give her a bowl of rice. The third thing is he has to enter a house that is close and he can’t touch anything in it. Hua Wu Que asked someone to open the door for him. The other lady opened the door. The lady promises to forgive the other lady this time.


A lady ask around where is the sect located. The lady followed Xiao You Er and looked at him conning other stall owners for a reduced price. Xiao You Er walk in town and bought a horse with his gold and pearl necklace while dealing with the owner for a reduced price. In the restaurant, the people brought treasures for Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er said he worries the sum he gives them will be too small. Xiao You Er gave them a silver. Xiao You Er told them he is from the sect. Xiao You Er fought with the store owners. Xiao You Er happily walked in the woods with his bag of treasures he receive and threw them on the ground and about to take a bath. The lady asked Xiao You Er why did he threw away his treausres. Xiao You Er said those store owners want to sell fake jewleries so he con them back. Xiao You Er told the lady someone will pick up the treasure and will be happy. It makes him happy seeing the innocent people picking up. If the bad guys pick up, they will fight with each other. Xiao You Er teased the lady for following him because she fell for him. The lady wants Xiao You Er to bow to him as her disciple. Xiao You Er fought with the lady.



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