Smart Kid episode 30 recap (End)

Nie Yuan told Dicky he’s thinking of how to deal with Shen Xiao Hai. He’s a good emperor. If he’s good to the people, they will be loyal to him. Shen Xiao Hai’s maid fought with Nie Yuan’s guard as Dicky leads him. Dicky got injured. Nie Yuan teased Dicky to rest and fight with Li Bing Bing. People spread rumors Dicky is the previous majesty son. Shen Xiao Hai killed the messenger and died. Nie Yuan told the eunuch, the more he’s anxious, the more people will believe it’s the truth. The official discuss about Dicky and Nie Yuan going to fight for the throne. The monk told Dicky that there’s a rumor that he wants to steal the throne. Dicky said he doesn’t have the motive. Li Bing Bing said all it matters is what others think. Dicky said Nie Yuan doesn’t believe it. Nie Yuan sent an edict inviting Dicky for diner.


Nie Yuan told the eunuch to bring the wine of death. Feng Jie came and asked Nie Yuan if he planned to sentenced Dicky to death. Is the reign more important than his brother. Dicky’s his teacher, and without him he wouldn’t have confidence and have been killed. She feels really hurt why he became arrogant. Nie Yuan said he’s more hurt. Being a king is not easy. He’s an emperor, he can’t make a misstep. Sometimes being nice can be a setback. He has to sacrifice some people for the world. Feng Jie cried and told Nie Yuan she rather take his old self though he wasn’t confident but has conscience. Flashbacks of Dicky and Nie Yuan.


Feng Jie’s maid sent Dicky a letter to leave the palace with Li Bing Bing. Dicky persist to go to the palace. Dicky told Li Bing Bing he loves her and she should wait for him. Dicky eat and drink with Nie Yuan. Nie Yuan gave Dicky a drink and told him he can build a temple for him to rest but he must promise him to not leave the palace. Dicky said he’s a fish and will die if he will stay in one place. He rather go outside. Nie Yuan told Dicky the more he owes him, he has to get rid of him. if he lets him stay here, then he will always accept his favors. He is the majesty and can’t do it. The majesty handed him the throne because he would do a god job. Nie Yuan said he has to make a choice and promised he will be a good majesty. Dicky drinks with Nie Yuan. Dicky got drowsy and wakes up. Nie Yuan apologized that he already threw the poisonous wine before he arrived. Killing him makes him a good emperor but doesn’t make him a human. Dicky couldn’t believe he won the gamble. But Nie Yuan keeping him here is dangerous because he can threaten him. Nie Yuan said he doesn’t regret because he doesn’t want to do anything he will regret. Dicky told Nie Yuan it is not fated to be an emperor because he knows he doesn’t like to fight. Dicky said he can’t be an emperor because he is emotional. Dicky bids farewell to Nie Yuan. Feng Jie hugged Nie Yuan and said she’s really happy. She thought if she made mistake for Dicky, she will suicide. Feng Jie hugged Nie Yuan. Li Bing Bing hugged Dicky and said he’s so evil.



Twenty years later, the scholars reunite at school. Da Guan gave each other a pear. Dicky returned to school and told them to teach the tough female scholars. The female scholars threw paint at the scholars. Dicky laughed that he revenged them. The scholar chased Dicky and Li Bing Bing. Dicky and Li Bing Bing run.



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