Personal Drama Blog reflection

I had to think why I am so dedicated to asian dramas and wuxia.

So I grew up watching many wuxia and tvb series thanks to my parents. I watched asian dramas since I was eight in Viet dubbed. Justice Bao 1993 is my first asian drama with Zhan Zhao, the royal fourth bodyguard as my idol. My parents wanted me to know more vietnamese anyway. My parents could tell that I was more addicted to asian dramas than my other siblings. I would have thought it is part of my personality that I enjoy watching asian dramas a lot. So I was born in Montreal, Canada, my grandma used to buy me Haw Flakes, preserved plum, and dried plum. My grandma used to take me and my sister to the subway in Canada. So I was bilingual Vietnamese and French back then. My family and I moved to America when I was 10 and I had to learn English. English is my third language.

My first experience of being bullied was in American Elementary School. And even more bullying in middle school. I start to rely more and more on my asian dramas to make me happy. Thanks to wuxia series or I won’t be who I am today. So I chat with a few tvb fans and admins on myspace in 2007. I guest blog to one of my tvb blogger buddies Justtvb blog. Then I created a TVB facebok fanpage called TVB Fanatics Club with 5000 fans but it got deleted. Then a tvb fan recommended me some kdramas My Girl, Full House, and You’re Beautiful in 2011 to watch. My first kdrama was Gong 2005 which my aunt sent me the dvds but I didn’t like it and thought it was boring. I found DramaFever through watching My Girl. I started to get into more kdramas and became connected to DramaFever as I actively commented on their facebook fanpage. I decided to create a drama blog about TVB and Korean Dramas in May 2012 and created my twitter then got to connect with more tvb bloggers and some kdrama bloggers from DramaFever. DramaFever followed me the first week I created my twitter. I then got to connect with more drama bloggers and fans as I do drama recaps.

My sister and some drama fans suggested me in creating a drama blog and be a drama blog cause they think I’m a potential drama blogger. As I drama blog, I got to be affiliates with awesome drama bloggers. Sometimes my sister is not sure why I’m so dedicated to my asian dramas. I think it’s part of my personality that I’m dedicated to something and being bullied also did pushed me into watching more asian dramas. Heck yeah, due to my loyal personality, I got awesome drama blogger friends and followers and my love for wuxia and asian dramas.

Doing drama recaps makes me happy and it’s part of my life and an escape from reality. As a blog more, some fans checked my blog due to some wuxia series and requested me to do more wuxia series so I decided to blog more wuxia. I’m very dedicated to my drama blog and asian dramas. Asian Media went down but I do need to watch some asian dramas from time to time to relieve my stress.

I personally don’t really care about hits or followers cause I treat this as my personal blog since asian dramas is part of my life but it’s nice to know some wuxia fans and bloggers.

There are still amazing wuxia series I haven’t yet to watch and want to cover. This blog is not going to end yet. I’m currently in love with Wuxia Legendary Siblings 1999 with Eye Cnady Jimmy Lin and Alec Su. Some things some fans noticed about me that I mostly always rewatch old and watch old dramas and I’m not onto Historical Dramas.

❤ Jac.


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