Rural Hero episode 15 recap

Roger pulled Fiona’s sister up from the ceiling. Jackie suggests Fiona’s mother to take her daughter to the lunatic hospital. Fiona’s mother sighed that her daugher got crazy due to studying too much. Fiona’s sister stayed in the lunatic hospital. Roger’s friend yelled at Roger’s stepbrother for harrassing Fiona’s sister. Roger’s friend teased Roger that Poon cares for him. Roger’s stepmother pray for her son after putting the fish in the sea. The villagers blamed Roger’s parents for not educating their son. Fiona’s mother told Jessica that her father was right, her daughter is already ill anyway. Roger’s stepmother told the ladyboss she shouldn’t have told Jackie stuff so he wouldn’t have gotten mad at his father. The ladyboss giggled seeing Jessica and Jackie arguing like a couple. Jessica and Jackie looked at the ladyboss photo portrait and asked her about it.


A member got beaten up by his triad brother for wanting to leave. The triad brother put a tattoo on the member and shot the tattoo artist. The triad member called someone and pretended to tell his brother he likes the squid dish. the triad member met with his brother and felt dizzy. The triad brother tied up his member and burnt him and other people will assume is him and is dead. The cops barged in the warehouse and found the body and assumed the triad brother is dead. Jackie is happy to return back to his post. Jessica found out from Roger that Jackie is returning to HK. Jessica confronted Jackie about leaving without telling him. Jackie told Jessica he haven’t alerted his boss nor confirmed his leave. Jackie teased Jessica about worrying about him. Roger told Jessica he doesn’t mind if he is dating Jackie. Jessica told Roger that she is pretty and she’s not worry about finding a boyfriend. Jessica asked Roger if there’s any girl that he likes.

Jackie’s boss told Jackie that his superintendent has a new subordinate so it’s hard for him to return. Jessica asked Jackie to help her for this journalist project. Jackie pretends to be mute and ask for help and only three people helped him. Jessica told Jackie sometimes if people are happy, they are happy too. Sometimes she finds him spiteful, but he is still a good person. Jessica’s mother asked Jessica if she has fallen for Jackie since she kept his sweater. Jackie overheard Jessica told her mother she rather tease him right now than telling him. Jackie smiled hearing Jessica said she was happy for him wanting for returning back to his post.Jackie asked the ladyboss what would she do if she found out his close friend fell for him. The ladyboss knows is Jessica and told Jackie that it depends if he has a good impression of her. The ladyboss told Jackie if he didn’t fell for Jessica, he wouldn’t be so frustrated. Jackie and Jessica helped the ladyboss fund opening her new restaurant and suggested her to open a BBQ restaurant.



Poon’s sister managed to use her chopstick to pick up food. The triad brother followed Poon and her sister. The triad brother paid the rent for the flat near Poon. The villager introduced the triad brother to Poon. The triad waved at Poon’s sister and she didn’t have any reaction. Jessica is not optimist about keeping her journalist job. The triad saw Jackie and Poon, Jackie and Jessica. The triad ordered his brother to kill Poon’s sister and spy on Jackie.



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