Experience of being asian observation!

I always felt I was a lucky asian girl. The asians always wanted to be my friend seeing I was asian.

So in high school is where I started to notice there were many different high school asian cliques. When I was a freshman in high school. The American Asians wanted to be my friend and get to know me and wanted me to join their clique. I had no clique and just hang out with anyone I feel comfortable with. There was one main asian guy (Chinese) who hang out with many asians and pretty much into asian. He was a junior and he looked at me whenever he sees me. He tell his girlfriends (Asians, we’re all asians). During lunch, he and his two guy friends came up to me and asked me “Hey What’s your name?”. Some of my non-asian acquaintance would ask him “Hey are you guys harassing her?”. He was teasing me. Some of the asians would tell me “I do not like them. Some of them are very cool and everything but some of them are annoying that I want to beat them up”.

I saw the non-asian would cringe seeing a large group of asians.

There was this FOB viet guy who spoke Vietnamese and just migrated from Vietnam. He told me that those Asian American don’t know much of their native language. He was singing the theme song of Perish in the name of Love and we chat a bit about tvb series.

I had a huge crush on a whitewashed Vietnamese guy but he turns out to be gay but I was in denial. He didn’t like the asians. The asian american clique asked me “Why do you like him? He’s rude”. There was another vietnamese guy who is not whitewashed but fell in love with me. He was so shy that he couldn’t talk to me. I always had to come up to him and talk to him. But his parents didn’t let him date. So we just stay friends.

There were always several asians who started at me who wanted to be my friends and talk to me in high shool and college.

Even in the drama blogging world and on twitter: Asian Foodies and Asian Drama Bloggers (who are asians) wanted to be my friend. Yeah I got some privilege of being asian.

❤ Jac


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