Embrace the innocent wuxia characters!

Sometimes there are certain wuxia characters that we can relate to and feel sorry for them for being framed by other bad guys with an ulterior motive. What you see many not always be the truth. Some characters framed other characters for some reasons of jealousy or they are selfish and have an ulterior motive.

Jackie Lui as Ling Wu Chung in State of Divinity 96 has been framed by his master Dong Fong Bat Bai for stealing the manuel. Dong Fong Bat Bai was jealous of Ling Wu Chung and he was afraid Ling Wu Chung would beat him in status so he stole the manuel and learned dirty martial arts. Ling Wu Chung’s playful personality made it fun to watch and how other characters was willing to help him despite being framed by his master.


Jimmy Lin as Xiao You Er in Legendary Siblings 1999 puts some diarrhea powder in the boiling pot for fun but got accused for poisoning the people at the Mu Rong feast. The dark sect poisoned the people and had a big motive. Xiao You Er got confused it was just a diarrhea powder and couldn’t have that much of an effect.


Zhao Min in Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2000 being framed by Chow Chi Yuek many times for stealing the saber and harming the sect members. She also used her innocence in front of Cheung Mo Kei.


Which wuxia characters can you relate to seeing them being framed by other characters many times?


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