My experience of calling out a self hater asian girl

So recently I did a good deed calling out an asian girl self hater for the guys on twitter. She is half white and half asian. So you know how I used to rant with some of you drama bloggers about being called a white worshipper. Forget that. There are some extremist asian guys who call all asian girls white worshipper or who couldn’t tell the difference of what is a white worshipper. But things has settled and it was kinda of a misunderstanding. And now I have about a little more than 10 asian guys from aznidentity reddit following me. There are extremist asian guys but there are also vocal asian girl self haters out there.

So what made me calling out a self hater was I saw a few blogs running around about asiangirl white god and asian girls are slaves to white and should worship white. I felt disgusted and it was an insult for asian girls to bash asian guys that much despite they like white guys. They hate themselves to the point of bleaching their hair blonde and changing their eye colors to blue and whiten their skin to be white. What annoyed me is they said they represent how asian girls feel.

What annoys me is they said “A nice white man told me to blog about white worship”. So thanks to asian subs I got to know some of the racial stuff happening and I kinda research some of the I don’t date asian guys blog out there and found out there are those types of asian girls.

The debate was intriguing, the asian girl would blame the asian sub for banning her and not being nice to her when she promotes her whiteworship blog. She kept on bashing the asians and asian sub so I pointed out her whiteworship. And what I’ve noticed is a bunch of white guys or people with white pride supporting her. She has a lot of white pride supporters. I felt kinda scared but I felt good inside because I did a good thing for you asian guys. Plus the asian guys told me it’s better for me to call them out. There are self hater asian girls who seek statuses to be white but the asian guys are just coping it and hoping it is a white troll.

Those asian girls don’t represent asian girls! And Asian girls out there, I hope you guys could be vocal in supporting asians and asian men too!

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❤ Jac.


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