Favourite asian twitter messages

Some of my favourite messages from my twitter friends. ❤ those responses I've received from you guys about asian culture and stuff.

Self Hater Chat

” But I think for her personally this is dangerous behavior. And I believe anytime a woman offers easy sex like that, whether it is to white guys exclusively or any other group, a lot of men will sign up no matter what it entails (so guys who aren’t into BDSM or whatever she is into will be contacting her I am sure). I think there is always going to be guys like that unfortunately. I don’t think it stems from people like her writing though. I think it already kind of exists and she is just tapping into it.”

“The internet flattens everything. Imagine if there is a serial killer out there for example. Someone like her would be an easy target. so I think her personal safety is worth considering. What she is writing is terrible. I don’t know why she is doing it. But I think there is a real danger when someone presents themselves like that on the internet in this day and age.

“One thing that does trouble me a lot is that the stereotype of the asian women as anything from super submissive wife to sex slave has persisted in the US for too long. Sometimes when I introduce my wife to people I get that vibe from certain men (like they think having an asian wife is all about that or something) and it creeps me out.

“Those books are strange. She is either deranged or a troll. “The Romantic Rape of Nanking: War Crimes of Love”? That is one of the single most horrific events in recent history. That is truly atrocious. It would be like saying the holocaust was a love fest or something.”

Asian Chat:

“Yeah the thing about interracial couples is that there is a world of difference that you have to look past in order to love the other person, yes everyone’s should be given the chance to be treated equally but not everyone is equal and I mean that in the sense that people are differnt there are specific traits for each race that may be stereotype but it does have some validation to it…i feel like when Asian date whites it’s basically saying that they accept all the white folks customs or practices and one main example I know old school Asians say is that white folks date around and divorce too much

“I think the culture makes it easier to bash Asian because people aren’t as afraid of the consequences”

“Yea and I feel when people. Think of diversity they just think of white and black and now latinos are getting in the mix as well

Like I don’t want to throw a fit but I feel Asians are really underrepresented as far as when people talk about more diversity

I do not condone hateful language. Some issues should be pointed out, however. One thing I’ve learned that’s very true, as they frequently say in the US, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Our Asian tradition, especially Chinese, is to be modest and humble. Therefore, we are generally the quiet workers or students who work diligently without complaint, and try to excel despite adversity. Being an Asian American really requires more thoughts and careful action to balance what we want and how to achieve our goals.”


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