Legendary Siblings episode 9 recap

Xiao You Er let go of the knife and told Zhang Jing he doesn’t have to heart to scratch her because she is pretty features. Xiao You Er kissed Zhang Jing and sit it’s so biter. Xin Lan saw them and ran and cried in the woods. Xin Lan cried why does he treat Zhang Jing this way. If he loved Zhang Jing. Black Spider teased Xiao You Er he will get killed by Zhang Jing someday. Black Spider asked Xiao You Er why is he heartless to Xin Lan. Xiao You Er said Xin Lan was with Hua Wu Que. Xiao You Er told the black spider to be loyal to the lady. Black Spider took Xiao You Er to Mu Rong mansion to find the treasure. Xiao You Er told Black Spider to alert the Mu Rong people there’s an intruder while he’s here watching out for them.

Xin Lan knocked on Hua Wu Que’s door and wants to chat with him. Hua Wu Que remembered Lianxing told her to not be too close to XinLan because Yao Yue doesn’t like it. Hua Wu Que told Xin Lan it is night and it’s better for him to sleep. Xin Lan asked Hua Wu Que why is he avoiding her. Hua Wu Que invited Xin Lan in his room. Xiao You Er eavesdrop them and said she is heartless going with Hua Wu Que.

Xiao You Er step outside of the lady’s room and frozen her. Xiao You Er told the lady he can come back alive from the death. Xiao You Er slapped the lady for being an orphan. Xiao You Er put a pill in the lady’s mouth. The lady asked Xiao You Er to take off her shirt. The lady said it is a poison pill. She fainted. Xiao You Er checked up on her. Xiao You Er punched him. The lady laughed and told Xiao You Er she’ll wait till the wolves eat him. Xin Lan told Hua Wu Que she plans to find her father. Xin Lan asked Hua Wu Que if he plans to kill Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que feels poisoned. Xiao You Er crave for water. Black Spider held Xiao You Er’s arm and told him not to drink water or he’ll die. Black Spider poured the medicine on Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que generates energy. Hua Wu Que told Xin Lan sometimes he got a headache but doesn’t know why. Xiao You Er spit blood.

Xiao You Er couldn’t believe Black Spider is willing to steal the medicine for him. Xiao You Er called Black Spider his brother. Xiao You Er asked Black Spider about Jiang Fen’s brother. Black Spider and Xiao You Er watches the two sect fight. Xiao You Er and Black Spider watch the sect fighting with fake weapons. The lady’s father came and asked the two sect to stop fighting. Hua Wu Que arrived stopping the fight. Xiao You Er smirked seeing Hua Wu Que with Xin Lan. Hua Wu Que asked the sect how did they know the treasure is here in the cave. The sect told Hua Wu Que that the map of treasure led them here. Xin Lan said she has a map of treasure and which is why the people keep on attacking her. Hua Wu Que suggests someone created the map of treasures for them to fight and for him to rule the world. Yu Lang said if the sect were innocent then they wouldn’t have fought each other for the treasure. Mu Rong asked the sect to leave. Mu Rong Master complimented Hua Wu Que as intelligent and hopes Yu Lang will learn from him. Xin Lan saw Xiao You Er leave. Black Spider told Xiao You Er he admires Hua Wu Que. Black Spider told Xiao You Er only he would listen to him. Xiao You Er is smart as Hua Wu Que but isn’t as mature and doesn’t has powerful martial arts. Xiao You Er told Black Spider that he only look on the outside. Seeing Hua Wu Que dressed nicely. Xiao You Er said he hides his feeling. Black Spider teased Xiao You Er if he was XinLan, he will choose Hua Wu Que. Xiao You Er was about to punch Black Spider.

The lady transferred energy to her father and got injured. The lady believes that the person who injured her father must be a skilled martial artist. YuLang’s father is willing to generate energy to MuRong master. The lady told Zhang Jing that she knows she’s happy that Xiao You Er is alive and kissed her. She warned her to not fall for Xiao You Er. He has sneaked in her house so she poisoned him. The lady and Zhang Jing searched for Xiao You Er’s body. The lady found her bottle of medicine. Zhang Jing laughed. The lady asked Zhang Jing if she remembered he played her. Zhang Jing said she likes being played by Xiao You Er. Zhang Jing told the lady that it is normal to fall in love. Mu Rong Master got well. Mu Rong master bowed in front of Yu Lang’s father. Mu Rong master praised Yu Lang. Mu Rong Master engaged the lady to Yu Lang.


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