Legendary Siblings episode 10 recap

Yu Lang drinks with Hua Wu Que. Yu Lang and his father complimented Hua Wu Que as a gentleman. Hua Wu Que asked Yu Lang’s father about a martial artist and said he is Xin Lan’s father. Hua Wu Que gave Xin Lan a sachet of flowers for her to sleep easily. Hua Wu Que told Xin Lan he will work hard to find her father. Xin Lan held the rock and and the sachet of flowers and wonder why she still thinks of Xiao You Er though he is a jerk to her. The lady requested her father to not marry her off. The lady’s father told the lady he already made an announcement to marry her off to Yu Lang. The lady refused to marry Yu Lang. The lady sighed to Zhang Jing she doesn’t like Yu Lang. Zhang Jing asked the lady if he is someone else would she marry. Zhang Jing told the lady someday she will fall in love. There will be a guy she will fall for.

Xiao You Er drinks with Black Spider and feel poor for him being lovesick. Xiao You Er told Black Spider he will die under the lady’s hand if he marries her. Black Spider punched Xiao You Er. Black Spider chased Xiao You Er. Xiao You ER looked at the piece of paper and asked told him to investigate Jiang Feng’s brother.

Xin Lan asked Hua Wu Que to go with him to the martial arts conference. Hua Wu Que refused and said he wants to take a walk. Xin Lan wonders if Hua Wu Que wants to search for Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que has a feeling that Xiao You Er is nearby. Hua Wu Que knocked on Black Spider’s door and searched for Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er sit on the roof and stares at Yu Lan and the lady. Xiao You Er and Black Spider eavesdrop on the sect leader gambling. Xiao You Er told Black Spider that Yan NanTian is crippled. Xiao You Er dressed as a gambler and played with the gambler. Xiao You Er treat food for the gambler and the wine. The sect leader drunkenly told Xiao You that his master and his wife left. He told the bandit to kill them. The bandits were cruel and kill them. He stole his master’s money to do business but he fail. He joined the sect. Xiao You Er told the sect leader he understands he did it for his kids’s future or they’ll stay as servant. Xiao You Er heard the sect leader mumbled his name as his parent’s murderer but he wasn’t sure if he he is the killer.

Yu Lang came. The lady fought with Yu Lang and asked him to leave. The lady asked Black Spider why is he with Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er said saving people isn’t a mistake. Killing others is a mistake. Black Spider apologized to the lady he stole the medicine. Black Spider said Xiao You Er is his friend. Xiao You Er teased the lady that Black Spider likes him more than her. The lady fought with Black Spider. Zhang Jing fought with the lady. The lady slapped Black Spider. Xin Lan asked Xiao You Er how will he treat her. Xiao You Er told Xin Lan he won’t use Hua Wu Que’s woman. Xin Lan slapped Xiao You Er. Zhang Jing searches for Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er his behind the bush. Zhang Jing asked Xin Lan she already have Hua Wu Que, why does she still want Hua Wu Que. Xin Lan said Hua Wu Que doesn’t belong to her, Xiao You Er doesn’t belong to her. Zhang Jing said Xiao You Er belongs to him. Xin Lan told Zhang Jing that Xiao You Er doesn’t love her. Zhang Jing said Xiao You Er have kissed her twice. Zhang Jing warned Xin Lan to not bother her Xiao You Er.

Xin Lan cried and told Hua Wu Que he is so nice to her. The lady watches Xiao You Er pray in front of the grave. The lady threw needles at Xiao You Er. The lady kidnapped Xiao You Er. The lady showed Xiao You Er his poison bottle and pour it on Xiao You Er which has the effect of itch. Hua Wu Que feels itchy. The lady kicked Xiao You Er. The lady pour more poison on him. Xiao You Er ached. Hua Wu Que generates energy. Zhang Jing went in Xin Lan’s room helping her making medicine. Hua Wu Que drinks tea and wonder if he ached his stomach because of Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er unfrozes himself.


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