Rural Hero episode 16 recap

The construction worker asked the triad member to help him with the renovation of the ladyboss restaurant. Jackie’s colleague’s girlfriend gave his friend a sweather she knit for him. Jackie’s colleague told his colleague to focus on his work. Roger’s father asked Roger and his friend why the goods price got reduced from two dollars. Roger teaches Poon’s sister to play the harmonica. The triad saw Roger’s friend taking up the screwd on the ladder. Jackie’s friend told Roger he messed up the ladder. Jackie stood up the ladder and tripped and jumped own. Roger arrived and asked Jackie to watch out. Roger yelled at his friend for playing tricks on Jackie. Jessica brought congee for Jackie. Jackie gave the ladyboss a tape. The ladyboss asked Jackie if he likes Jessica. The ladyboss told Jackie to cherish his chance with Jessica. Jackie’s colleague’s girlfriend meet up with Jackie’s colleague friend at the theater. Jackie told his friend privately that he doesn’t want he and his colleague personal life affects his work. Jackie’s friend told Jackie that they were pretending to date to test his colleague.

Jackie picked up Jessica from work. Jackie’s car didn’t work. Jessica pushed the car or Jackie. Jackie held an umbrella and told Jessica he hopes to have a chance to sacrifice for her. Jackie hugged Jessica. Jackie’s grandma told Jackie to cherish Jessica. Jessica apologized to Jessica’s father and assure him she will be honest as a journalist. Jackie and Jessica looked in his album. Jackie told Jessica that one time his grandma hid a picture of his mother. Jackie wanted to see. His dad got mad and tore the photo. He drew his mother using his imagination. A villager asked Jessica’s parents if Jessica is dating Jackie. Jackie held Jessica’s hand and greet Jessica’s parents. Jessica’s mother is happy for Jessica having a good boyfriend. During diner, Roger’s stepbrother asked Jackie if he can be a cop using connection. Roger’s friend told Roger he has Jackie protecting him. Roger told his friend he will help him. Roger worries because of him, Jessica and him will break up.

Poon fainted after cooking for her sister. Poon’s sister held her watch and freaked out. Poon’s sister ran down the stairs. Roger came and saw Poon’s sister. Poon’ sister called Poon as her sister. Poon hugged her sister. The villager brought the triad to Poon’s house. The village told the triad to take care of Poon’s sister. The triad asked Poon’s sister if he recognizes him. Poon’s sister walked away. The ladyboss asked the triad to be her server. Poon’s sister had a nightmare and screamed. Poon asked the triad to help her sister. The trida threw the pack of lucky stars on the sea. Poon’s sister jumped in the sea.


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