A few hours of frustration-My precious wuxia blog

So I woke up and got frusrated seeing my blog getting suspended I was about to host this wordpress site. I thought of archive the content and post into another blog. I contacted the wordpress admin that this wuxia blog means a lot to me and I’ve spend five years writing drama recaps for it. I’ve received a message from wordpress admin that they have put my blog back up and I can continue blogging but make sure to take off some of the porn screencap which I took of some trolls.

Oh yeah the guys from aznidentity told me to not be scared of white trolls, they are all there for me.

Now I’m happy my blog is back up again.

Thanks to the wordpress admin.

❤ Jac.

Legendary Siblings episode 17 recap

Xiao You Er threw the manuel in the river and told Yulang it is better to throw the manuel than to give it to the bad guys. Yulang can’t wait to go home. Xiao You Er told Yulang he knows he wants to kill him when he gets home. Yulang talked to his friends. Xiao You Er had a feeling that Hua Wu Que is nearby. Hua Wu Que gave Xinlan a plant he bought for her. Xin Lan asked Hua Wu Que why hasn’t he ever smiled. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan he hasn’t smiled since he was little even if he’s happy . It became a habit. Hua Wu Que remembered YaoYue forbids him to smile. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan she must follow her father. Xinlan got mad and left. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan he’s worried she may be in danger. He actually likes her a lot.

Xiao You Er pretends to vomit when the guests told Yulang he is supposed to kill him. Xiao You Er ate the chicken then threw it and said he’s full and this should given to a dog. The master treated Xiao You Er to diner. The priests surrounded Xiao You Er and said someone ordered them to kill him. The martial artist came and fought with the priest. The martial artist said whoever bully Xiao You Er has to fight with him. The martial artist grabbed Yulang’s hand and told him to bet his hand. Yulang’s father came. Yulang’s father play a game with the martial artist. Whoever spilled the water out of the bowl then he’ll lose. Yulang’s punched a hole on the table. The martial artist admit loss. Yulang’s father drinks with the martial artist and said he already did a favor by drinking with him.

Xiao You Er said he was supposed to die after the duel with Hua Wu Que but the devil said he was strong enough to be his slave so he kicked him up. Yulang told his father that he and Xiao You Er been attacked by an enemy. They tried to open this love lock but couldn’t. Yulang’s father said he can’t cut this chain with a sword unless they find a key. Xiao You Er said the key is lost. Yulang’s father invited Xiao You Er to his house. Yulang’s father told Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er to stop their conflicts. Hua Wu Que said Xiao You Er isn’t his enemy but he must die. Hua Wu Que promised Yulang’s father he won’t kill him in his mansion. During diner, Xiao You Er thanked Yulang and his father to give him a safe place to prevent Hua Wu Que from assassinating him. Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que picked up the same food. Xiao You Er mentioned about the lady. Yulang pretends to go to the toilet and dragged Xiao You Er with him. Yulang told Xiao You Er if he blabs about her again, he’s afraid he will kill him. Yulang’s father promised Xinlan he will find her father for her. Xiao You Er took his time on the baththub. Xiao You Er teased Xiao You Er he has hired a deaf and mute servant. Xiao You Er spilled water on Yulang.

Xinlan wonders why Xiao You Er is here and if he will hide here forever. Yulang’s servant served Xinlan some tea. Xinlan held the jade and thought of her father. Hua Wu Que and Xinlan watches the flower. Hua Wu Que recites a beautiful poem. Xinlan told Hua Wu Que to write the poem on the painting and give it to her. Xinlan smelled Hua Wu Que and said he has a nice odor. Xinlan asked Hua Wu Que if he knows where should she search for her father. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan that she just wants to have a conversation with him to prevent him from bothering Xiao You Er. Xinlan asked Hua Wu Que if he’s mad at her. Hua Wu Que asked why would he be mad. While Yulang is sleeping, Xiao You Er took out the key and opened the lock. Xiao You Er sneaks in Yulang’s father’s room. Xiao You Er sneaks in Yulang’s servant room to see if he has a scar. If he has a scar then he is Xinlan’s father. Xiao You Er gets back to sleep and pulled the cover from Yulang. Yulang wakes up Xiao You Er. Yulang requested to take Hua Wu Que around. Hua Wu Que said he wants to search for Xinlan’s father. Xiao You Er teased Xinlan that she wants to marry Hua Wu Que. Xinlan ran to the house and cried.

Legendary Siblings episode 16 recap

The martial artist won the fight using tricks on the Emei Sect master. The martial artist asked the Emei Sect leader to hand out the badge. Xiao You Er cane amd told the martial artist he also wants to play with him seeing him so thrilled. Xiao You Er deals with the martial artist if the martial artist win, then he belongs to him but if he wins then the martial artist will give him the badge. Xiao You Er plays a guessing game with the martial artist. Xiao You Er asked the martial artist what is his last name. Xiao You Er told the martial artist his sect background. The martial artist said he’s also from this background. Xiao You Er told the martial artist if he can’t guess his last name then he loses. The martial artist asked Xiao You Er how many hair string does he have. Xiao You Er said it’s full of hair. The martial artist gave Xiao You Er the badge. Xiao You Er gave the Emei Sect his badge back. The Emei Sect leader told Xiao You Er he won’t forget this deed. The martial artist said the Emei Sect leader didn’t even sayd thanks. Xiao You Er told the martial artist he wast just having fun. No need to thank. The martial artist told Xiao You Er he likes him and he asked why did he get locked with Yulang. Xiao You Er told the martial artist that this is the chain of love and the person who has the key to chis chan has become a ghost. The martial artist asked Xiao You Er if he has to go to the bathroom with Yulang too. Too bad he doesn’t have luck. Xiao You Er told the martial artist his name. Yulang told Xiao You Er next time he play he should tell him. He doesn’t want to risk his life. Xiao You Er teased Yulang if they can’t open this lock, they have to go to the toilet together. Xiao You Er told Yulang if he makes him mad he will tell the lady Murong Jiu about him and the lady sleeping together.

Hua Wu Que followed Xinlan to protect her. The maid told Hua Wu Que that LianXing told him not to be blind by love. Hua Wu Que told hte maid he will leave Xinlan after she reunite with her father. Xinlan thought of Hua Wu Que. Xinlan went to the brother and ate and drink. Xin Lan felt drowsy. The two servent took out his disguise and wanted to rape her. They fought. Hua Wu Que punched the two guys and hugged Xinlan. Xinlan wakes up. Hua Wu Que asked Xinlan if she’s fine. Hua Wu Que told Xin Lan he worries about her going alone so he finished his task fast and find her. Xin Lan tahnked Hua Wu Que for caring for her. Hua wu Que told Xin Lan he will go with her to JiangNan until she finds her father.

Xin Lan watches the moon and told Hua Hua Wu Que she misses her father and her hometown. Her parents love her. Her father hired someone to teach her martial artists and how to write. If before her foster father die, she wouldn’t have know that he isn’t her birth father. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan she will find her father and will have a new family. Xinlan asked Hua Wu Que about his childhood life. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan that he was raised by his two mothers, his birth parents have died since he was born. Xinlan told Hua Wu Que he has never smiles. Is he sad? Hua Wu Que said there’s no sad thing but no happy thing.

Black Spider asked Murong Jiu if she is faking illness. Black Spider told Murong Jiu he will wait for her even if she’s crazy or not. Even if she becomes Yulang’s bride he will also want for her. Yulang touched Murong Jiu’s pulse and told the maids that Murong Jiu is hypnotized by a spell. Yulang’s father told Murong Jiu’s father Yulang will take care of Murong Jiu even in the afterlife.

Xiao You Er and Yulang walked in different direction and tripped. Xiao You Er said he is hungry and wants to eat while he’s busy worrying about girls. A servant gave Yulang and Xiao You Er some silvers. A servant invited them to the brothel. Xiao You Er and Yulang found it weird there’s no ladies around. Xiao You Er ate the food. Yu lang hesitate to eat. The servant started at Xiao You Er and Yulang. Xiao You Er talks about the chain and Yu Lang as a gentleman. Xiao You Er laid down and wants to sleep. Yulang told Xiao You Er to read the manuel together. Xiao You Er skimmed through the manuel and closed. While they sleep, Yulang put his arm on Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er told Yulang he had a dream last night of him using this needle to kill him. He knows the needle box is blank since they can only throw two needles each time. Yulang told Xiao You Er he doesn’t plan to use the needle on him. A fish stall owner accused Xiao You Er of stealing his silver. Xiao You Er asked the fist stall owner why would he still his silver instead of his wife. Xiao You Er told the fish stall owner he only passed by and what evidence does he have that the silver belongs to him. Xiao You Er asked the fish stall owner how he could see he stole the silver while turning his back. Every silver smells. The servant told the fish stall that Xiao You Er is a constable arresting the prisoner. The commoners gossipped Yulang looks good but is a bandit. Xiao You Er suggests Yulang to disguise into a lady. A woman accused Xiao You Er of molesting her. Yulang pretends to nag Xiao You Er and they ran. Xiao You Er closed the manuel and told Yulang he had to go to the toilet. Xiao You Er reads the manuel in the toilet. Xiao You Er told Yulang that the manuel has fallen in the toilet. Xiao You Er picked up the manuel and showed it to Yulang.