Happy 5 Year Anniversary Year Anniversary HKOREANDRAMAISLAND

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to my blog. Can’t believe I’ve been doing drama recaps for five years. I’ve been doing many wuxia recaps recently to revive my good childhood memories! There’s not much drama bloggers left but there’s still a few awesome drama blogs around. There used to many great drama blogs around but now there’s still a few good ones e.g A Virtual Voyage.

I used to follow SPCNET, TVB Musing, K For TVB back in 2007 and when the asianfanatic forum were active. Now there are rarely tvb blogs around. Yeah it was good memories of tvb blogging world. I remember when I first created this blog back in 2012, I got to connect with many tvb bloggers. All of us tvb bloggers are asians and have similar interests.

I’ll still be still drama blogging and sticking around when I’m free or motivated to blog. 🙂

Anyway. Hope you guys are doing great and have a good day.

❤ Jac!


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