Legendary Siblings episode 19 recap

Yulang’s father noticed two different types of fingerprints on the book. Yulang’s father froze Xiao You Er during the night and looked at the drawing of him. He used his sword to unlock Yulang’s lock. Yulang’s father said Xiao You Er has opened the lock and sneaked in his room. He was Jiang Feng’s servant who betrayed him. He didn’t want to make friends with people who doesn’t have a goal. Yulang told his father to not worry about what other people say and continue his path. Even if other people don’t understand him, he will support him. If he didn’t work hard, then he would still be Xiao You Er’s servant. In five years, they will rule the world. Yulang’s father showed Yulang two fingerprints. During diner, Xiao You Er’s father uses the knife to open the lock for Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er told Yulang’s father he can’t than him because he doesn’t know if he’s helping him or harming him. Yulang’s father told Xiao You Er he can stay as long as he wants. Hua Wu Que bids farewell to Yulang’s father he will move to a house near his. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que it’s not possible for him to stay in Yulang’s house forever unless he marries Yulang. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que he won’t forget the day they became friends and hung out at the beach. Hua Wu Qu told Xinlan he likes being friends wih Xiao You Er. He worries if this continues he can’t kill him. Hua Wu Que asked Xinlan if she is willing to go with him. Xinlan said she can’t. Hua Wu Qu told Xinlan he won’t be with her for her own good but he will stay in a hotel near her. Hua Wu Que begs Yulang’s father to take care of Xinlan and help her find her father. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que he will miss him. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er it’s better if he never sees him again or he will kill him. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que to visit him then he can’t kill him. Hua Wu Que said he won’t return anymore.

Hua Wu Que wonders where should he go and where does he belong and who does he live for. Hua Wu Que drink wines. Hua Wu Que wonders why everyone loves wines. Hua Wu Que cries he wants to make friends with Xiao You Er. Liang Xing touched Hua Wu Que and thought of Jiang Feng. Lian Xing told Hua Wu Que he is drunk. When she’s upset she also drink. She understands his lover Xinlan is with Xiao You Er but he wants to make friends with him. He doesn’t want to hurt Xiao You Er or Xinlan so he’s hurting himself. Hua Wu Que feels like himself. Hua Wu Que asked Lian Xing if his parents were killed by Xiao You Er’s parents. Hua Wu Que asked Lian Xing if he has a bell when he was little. He had a dream Xiao You Er wore a bell. Lian Xing gave Hua Wu Que is bell back.

Hua Wu Que doubts why in his dream, he and Xiao You Er switch identity. Yulang’s servant told Xiao You Er to take the chance to kill Yulang’s father. Yulang made tea for Xinlan. Xinlan hung out with Yulang in the garden. Xinlan held a sunflower and recited Hua Wu Que’s poem. Yulang recited a poem. Xiao You Er said the poem is boring and can’t court Xinlan. Yulang told Xiao You Er to recite a poem. Xiao You Er made a joke about Yulang being a wolf. Xiao You Er told Yulang to not touch Xinlan. Xiao You Er visits Xinlan during the night and told Xinlan that he and her father are scheming against Yulang’s father and she should leave tomorrow for her safety. Xinlan refused to leave worrying about her father and wanted to stay by Xiao You Er. Xinlan told Xiao You Er she was worried about him when Hua Wu Que wanted to kill him. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan this is why she shouldn’t stay here. Xiao You Er told Xinlan to wait till he and her father kills Yulang’s father and they will leave town. Xinlan leaned on Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er apologized to Xinlan for always bullying her. Xiao You Er told Xinlan they will leave tomorrow. Yulang wants to kill Xiao You Er right now. Yulang’s father said Xiao You Er has to die under Hua Wu Que’s hand. Yulang’s father told Yulang he suspects the mute guy is Xinlans’ father. Yulang’s father told Yulang that Xinlan’s father worked for him to find Xiao You Er’s father. Yulang’s father plans to use Xinlan’s dead for his plan.

Yulang’s father told Xinlan he has found her father and is over at his friend’s house. Yulang pretends to knock his servant. The servant made a signal for him to leave. Xinlan yelled for help. Yulang told Xiao You Er that Xinlan has been kidnaped by a person wearing a black suit. Xiao You Er and Yulang’s servant search for Xinlan. Yulang’s servant pretends to sleep. Yulang told his father that his servant is still sleeping unaware Xinlan is missing. Yulang’s servant wonder what plans they have. Yulang planned to find Hua Wu Que and tricked him. Hua Wu Que has a dream that Xinlan has been kidnapped. Yulang told Hua Wu Que that a person with a black suit kidnapped Xinlan. Yulang’s servant carried Xinlan. Yulang’s father laughed and came.


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