The Unholy Alliance episode 3 recap

Someone threw a knife at the immigrants and asked Ruco to get out. Oscar asked Ruco what is his offense. Oscar told Ruco he doesn’t care what he did as long as he didn’t commit sex crime. Ruco took pictures of a camera. Ruco saw his pic being messed up and suspect someone has went to his room. Ruco looked at photos of models on his laptop an idea and told Oscar to be an internet celebrity. Ruco jumped on the other side of the building and went in the room and fought with Nancy. Oscar eavesdrop on Ruco having fun with Nancy then he barged in. Ruco drove Oscar out and asked Nancy who she is. Nancy warned Ruco if he doesn’t want to be kill then stop investigating who killed Auntie Mei. Ruco asked Nancy how much she knows about Auntie Mei’s murder and who killed her. Nancy grabbed Ruco and warned him to be nice to her and she won’t tell him who killed Auntie Mei. Oscar teased Ruco he has an exciting preference. Ruco checked in his laptop and put his face in front of Nancy. Nancy turns on the other camera and watch Ruco.

The next morning, Ruco got out of a man’s way in the restaurant and he pushed Ruco toward Nancy’s seat. Nancy tasted Ruco’s noodle and found it so good and grabbed his bowl. Oscar told Ruco that Ling Hung’s group work for Dai Tsat. Stephen Huyhn and Kwok Fung watches Dai Tsat at the conference. Ruco sneaks in and took pictures of Kwok Fung and Dai Tsat. While Dai Tsat is speaking, Miss Ling enters the room. Ruco stared at Miss Ling and found her looking like Auntie Mei. Ruco watches Miss Ling made her speech and left. Kwok Fung asked Miss Ling for dinner. Miss Ling rejected it and ached her hands. Elaine put a coat on her. Ruco saw Miss Ling in the elevator and tried to reach to her but she closes. Miss Ling told Yik she doesn’t want to put Ruco in danger. Dai Tsat complained to Kwok Fung about Miss Ling came in and humiliated him. Kwok Fung and his two sons discuss about letting Dai Tsat do all the work for them. Kwok Fung asked Elaine how is Miss Ling. Elaine told Kwok Fung that Miss Ling is fine and even more excited than her. Elaine told Kwok Fung to not take down Miss Ling. Kwok Fung asked Elaine if she see sees him in a bad light. Elaine kissed her father Kwok Fung. Kwok Fung told Elaine to tell him when she and Joel will get married.

Stephen Wong and Lau Kong came and told Miss Ling he suspects she is related to the gunfight. Miss Ling told Stephen she is busy and can choose not to reveal. Stephen asked Miss Ling if it is private or improper. Ruco followed Joel and Miss Ling’s car. Yik stopped Ruco and shot his wheel and and was about to shoot Ruco. Nancy dragged Ruco in the car. Nancy told Oscar she bumped into Ruco down the stairs. Oscar asked Ruco to give him five hundred dollars that it wasn’t a coincidence. Nancy told Yik that his shot were sharp, she has spycam in Ruco’s house and can check up on him. Miss Ling and Joel discuss how to take Dai Tsat down. Joel and Elaine had a dinner date and rescheduled their meetings with other people. Joel and Elaine kisses each other and made out in the elevator. KK told Miss Ling hat Sunny took their mother to Oldie Golden Concert despite the danger. Dai Tsat plans a shooter to shoot the grandma. Miss Ling told her family to stay home while she go find her mom alone.

The Unholy Alliance episode 2 recap

Ruco asked Nancy where is she taking him. He wants to call the police. Nancy told Ruco that it’s no use since the gangster would have cleaned up the scene. The radio said the driver got drunk and left the car. Nancy told Ruco to not trust anyone even the cops. She’s the only one who will protect him. Ruco jumped out of the car and returned to his burnt house and saw photo of auntie Mei and him. The cops told him to put his hands up. Ruco put his hands up and beat up the police. Mrs. Ling stayed in coma. Joel vowed he will investigate the gangster. Ruco showed a piece of paper his aunt left him, to a man. The man showed Ruco a suitcase of money. Ruco looked at some stuff that auntie mei left him. Ruco successfully passed by the airport gate.

Joel told Miss Ling that the gangsters must have been trained. Yik said Joel noticed one man had a viet tiger head tattoo on his hand. Miss Ling said it’s Dai Tsak’s doing. She used to turned down the Viet Tiger Gang.

KK ate dinner with his family and haven’t heard news of Miss Ling yet. Elaine came home and asked her uncle and aunt KK and Mary about what should she do when Miss Ling is not at the press conference tomorrow. Elaine and her father and the members discuss who should lead the conference tomorrow. Dai Tsai’s members voted for Dai Tsat to lead the conference. KK and Mary and Ricky meet up with Joel on his office. Elaine asked Joel why didn’t he pick up the phone. Joel kisses and hug Elaine. Elaine told Joel to tell her where he was so she doesn’t have to worry about him. Joel told Elaine that Miss Ling is fine and they know who was behind it but they need her help.

Ruco met his friend Oscar in HK. A car tailgated Ruco and Oscar. Ruco took out his paint gun and shot the tailgater. A man got out of the van and gave Oscar fifteen grand for giving him a ride on the trunk. During lunch, Oscaor called a waitress pretty. The loan shark came and grabbed Oscar. Oscar gave him fifteen grand. The loan shark said that was for last month’s debt. This month’s debt is seventy grand. The loan shark beat up Oscar. Ruco threw a pack of money to the loan shark. Oscar let Ruco stay in his house. Ruco told Oscar to investigate Vietnamese Tiger Gang. Dai Tsat’s men followed Joel’s car but got lost. Oscar brought a Vietnamese guy Shui meeting with Ruco but didn’t find out anything about Vietnamese Tiger Gang. Ruco suspects a Vietnamese food takeaway. Joel beat up a gangster. The Vietnamese takeway shot the gangsters and Ruco saw his tattoo on his arm. Ruco beat up the Vitnamese Takeway. Ruco fainted down the stairs. Joel and his gang beat up the Vietnamese Takeaway.

Elaine discuss with DaiTsat about the press conference tomorrow. Joel uses the Vietnamese takeaway’s phone and uses his girlfriend’s Rose Vietnamese password and told him if his boss knew he leaked, he would be dead. Joel told the Vietnamese Takeaway to make a call to Dai Tsi. Dai Tsai put dowwn his phone and told Elaine is an unknown call. Nancy told Miss Ling they lost their target and Ruco went to Hongkong to look for clues. Nancy practices fighting with Yik. Nancy held put a box of pizza and gave one to Yik. Ruco asked someone in the reastaurant about Head Nguyen. Some gangsters came. The police asked them an ID.

Legendary Siblings episode 25 recap

Yulang’s father told Yulang that Murong Jiu suddently changed her attitude and he needs to watch out. Yulang said she can’t do anything to them. Xinlan is ill so there’s no need to watch out. Yulang’s father told Yulang to kill Xinlan before Hua Wu Que arrive and say she died from poison. When Xinlan die, Hua Wu Que will kill Xiao You Er. Yulang hesite to kill Xinlan. Yulang told his father that Xinlan is pretty and it’s Hua Wu Que’s lady. Yulang’s father told Yulang to not let women be his distraction. Yulang’s father give Yulang the mission to kill Xinlan to test him. Yulang enterend the room and sat next to Xinlan in bed. Murong Jiu asked Yulang what he’s doing. Murong Jiu warned Yulang to not see another woman. Yulang told Murong Jiu he won’t notice Xinlan. Yulang told Murong Jiu to watch the moon with him. Yulang was about to kiss Murong Jiu. She was about to insert a needle behind his back. Yulang grabbed the needle. Murong Jiu told Yulang she just wanted to punish him. Next time she may kill him. Yulang said he already suspected Murong Jiu to be good to him, whatever moves she does, she won’t fool him.

Hua Wu Que arrived at Murong mansion. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que he won’t come in. Xiao You Er said if he believes he poisoned Xinlan, then he can find him to revenge. If he found out Yulang and his father poisoned Xinlan then he can come to him and apologized to him. If he wants to kill him, he will wait for him. Hua Wu Que put the pill in Xinlan’s mouth. Murong Jiu stared at Yulang and said she’s not the only one who took care of Xinlan. Hua Wu Que promises Xinlan if she wakes up, he won’t leave her. Hua Wu Que transfer energy for Xinlan. Xiao You Er went to the temple. Xiao You Er yelled at Zhang Jing and told her to leave and said he’s feeling frustrated. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er Que that he’s heartless. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing that the person he doesn’t want to see is the person he wants to see the most. Zhang Jing smiled and told Hua Wu Que she won’t leave him even if he told her to leave. Xinlan wankes up. Hua Wu Que smiled for the first time. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan he was so scared he wouldn’t be able to take the medicine and the medicine won’t work. He was afraid she will leave him. Xinlan told Hua Wu Que she is really happy he smiled for her. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan he smiled because she is back to him. Xinlan cried and thanked Hua Wu Que.

Xiao You Er drinks and told Black Spider this is the first time he suffers. He wants to drink to forget everything. He feels so useless he can’t revenge for his parents. Black Spider told Xiao You Er his enemy is powerful. Xiao You Er told Black Spider he is useless and can’t revenge. Xiao You Er said love and hate is a twin. If there’s love then there’s hate. Black Spider worries for Murong Jiu being harmed by Yulang’s father. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er to wake up. Xiao You Er called Xinlan’s name. Zhang Jing hit Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er went back to sleep with Black Spider. Hua Wu Que kisses Xinlan in front of the tower. Yao Yue wonder where’s Yan Nantian. Lian Xing said maybe Yan Nantian have thought of given up revenge. Yao Yue told Lian Xing to find Hua Wu Que and order him to marry Murong Jiu so they can rule the world. She wants to break him and Xinlan so they can be heartbroken. Hua Que Que transfer energy for Xinlan. Xinlan spit blood.

Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing he thought of being a coward but no coward is handsome like him so he decided to practice martial arts to revenge his enemy. Xinlan told Hua Wu Que she learned to cherish life, there’s colorful flowers,bird chirping,the sun and there’s also he loving her. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan he fels good when she’s happy. Xinlan told Hua Wu Que she only love him. Lian Xing’s maid told Hua Wu Que to return to the floral palace. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan to find Xiao You Er to take care of her. Xinlan said she will take care of her self. Hua Wu Que told Lian Xing he not only like Xinlan but he also loves her. Hua Wu Que told Lian Xing’s maid that love is when he sees her he feels happy but when he doesn’t see her he misses her. Hua Wu Que hopes Lian Xing’s servant will feel the love someday and there’s laugh and tears.

Yao Yue told Hua Wu Que to bow in front of her and she asked her why didn’t he kill Xiao You Er. Yao Yue asked Hua Wu Que if he knows that rebelling against her he will die. Hua Wu Que said if Xiao You Er’s parents kill his parents then his enemy is his parents. Plus Xiao You Er’s parents got killed by the floral sect. He doesn’t want a cycle of revenge. Xiao You Er’s master got killed but he didn’t seek revenge from him. he hopes he could be friend with Xiao You Er. He didn’t mean to offend her but he just wanted to say how he feels. Yao Yue said he only left the palace for one month and rebelled against her, if he spent more time outside he will probably have forgotten her. Yao Yue said it must have been Xinlan who has persuaded her. Lian Xing told Hua Wu Que to apologized to Yao Yue. Lian Xing told Yao Yue to forgive Hua Wu Que. Yao Yue ordered Hua Wu Que to not leave his room. Hua Wu Que told Lian Xing he already tried to forget Xinlan but he couldn’t. Hua Wu Que asked Lian Xing why can’t he be with the one who love and why does he has to kill the one who deson’t want to. Why can’t he decide for himself. Lian Xing told Hua Wu Que to be patient or it will do no good for him and Xinlan.

Lian Xing asked Yao Yue if she knows why she loves combing her hair. It is because it is soft and a lot and it is black. When she was a child, she wanted to comb her hair and hoped that her hair would become as beautiful as her. But when she grow up, she realized she can’t be cause she has more hair. Yao Yue understand Lian Xing’s hand has a lot of pain and she has fought for her which is why it got injured. Flashbacks of Yao Yue climbed the tree and tripped and bumped into Lian Xing and Lian Xing hurt her arm. Yao Yue said ever since Yan Nantian left her, she only has hatred in mind. Lian Xing knows Xinlan cares for her and Hua Wu Que. Lian Xing told Yao Yue to let Hua Wu Que be with Xinlan before he has a duel with Xiao You Er. The floral palace already got a good rank and don’t need to rely on Murong palace. Yao Yue said she has to control Hua Wu Que’s fate.

Panang Curry

Have a great day you guys!

I had Banh Mi for lunch!

I have cooked Panang Curry for dinner!

Also Chris Lu from Masterchef tweeted me his photo with FoodNetwork Contestant Charles Chen. Just like how I wanted those two asian chefs to meet and cook together. 🙂

❤ Jackie

Chill and relax!

Asian Reddit can be a bit to much for me and crazy though I just lurk. I’ve been just observing as i’m not familiar with politics. Let’s just chill and relax and take a break!

Here’s a song I’ve been onto! It’s an mv of ATV’s Heroine of Yang II.

❤ Jac

Friday Night Dining Out!

Funday Dining out with a friend in California Pizza Kitchen! As you know I enjoy dining out a lot and I love food. I think it’s the joy of life!

I ordered the California Club Pizza and my friend ordered the Thai Crunch Salad.

Have a wonderful night everyone!

❤ Jackie!

The Unholy Alliance episode 1 recap

Hey guys! I’m back with recapping new tvb series. It’s been a while I’ve started a new tvb series but yet I want to watch one. I gotta admit these past few weeks haven’t been really good for me. TVB Series are my escape from real life when I need it.

The series starts with Ruco surfing in Taiwan. A lady brought some women and told Ruco to teach them surfing. The women hugged him and took his suit’s zipper down. The lady took pictures of him. Nancy looked at Ruco using a binocular. Ruco’s auntie sang karaoke. Nancy rode bike and races with Ruco. Some guys harassed Nancy on the beach. Nancy pushed them. Ruco’s auntie told Nancy if she teach women to surf, she will give her a room discount.

In Hongkong, Miss Ling spoke about charity. A reporter asked her about what she thinks about her group harming society with drug trafficking. Miss Ling looked at her phone said it was fake news. Mrs Ling’s son Joel Chen arrested some drug traffickers. Joel Cheng directed the bullets toward the gang. Joel put in the gang in the truck. Stephen Wong wrote a car and followed Joel. Kwok Fung slapped NT Tung and killed him for doing drug trafficking.

Ruco and Nancy watch the news of a young man Lung who died from Ketamine. While driving motorbike with Nancy, Ruco saw police stopping a car for drug, Ruco realized that they sold the drug to Lung. Joel shoots some gangster. A knife threw into the kitchen, Nancy took out her gun and shot the gangsters. Joel shot the gangsters. Ruco asked his auntie if he’s really his Auntie Mei and how long has she been lying to her. Auntie said the less he know the better. Ruco asked Auntie about his true identity. The car crashed on the road. Auntie Mei got injured. The gangster shot the car. Nancy shot the gangster. Auntie Mei told Ruco not to revenge for her. Auntie Mei dies. Ruco cries. Nancy drags Ruco out of the car. The car burns.

Zhan Zhao Eye Candy!

So as you know I grew up with wuxia and asian dramas and have been addicted to it since I was a child. I’m in the mood of posting one of my favourite Eye Candy character Zhan Zhao from Justice Bao. I just fell in love watching him onscreen! As you know I’m a big fan of wuxia swordfighting series! This will be a fun post to relax! If you have any favourite asian actor and actress Eye Candy, you can share it too. But I’ll make this post dedicated to my favourite Zhan Zhao. 🙂

Legendary Siblings episode 24 recap

Black Spider and Xiao You Er spied on Xinlan. Xinlan threw up blood. Xinlan told Hua Wu Que she ate longans. Yulang said he saw Xiao You Er. Xinlan fainted. Xiao You Er wanted to check on Xinlan but Hua Wu Que prevented him. Xiao You Er said he poisoned Yulang’s longans. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er he even poisoned Xinlan. Hua Wu Que punched Xiao You Er. Yulang said Xiao You Er was jealous and wanted to poison Hua Wu Que and Xinlan. Black Spider came and told Xiao You Er that saving Xinlan is more important. Yulang stole Xiao You Er’s medicine behind the Buddha Statue. Hua Wu Que punched Xiao You Er. Black Spider told Hua Wu Que even if he kills Xiao You Er, there’s no medicine. Murong Jiu told Hua Wu Que she will take care of Xinlan while he and Xiao You Er goes to the sect to take the medicine.

Murong Jiu told Yulang’s father to bring Xinlan to his house. Xiao You Er rest in the wood. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que he’s even more hurt than him. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er if he’s hurt then he wouldn’t have poisoned Xinlan. Xiao You Er said he poisoned Yualang’s father longans but why did Xinlan eat it. Yulang and his father has used this to use him to kill him. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er he doesn’t care who he poison but he have to take the medicine to save Xinlan. Zhang Jing fought with Hua Wu Que and told him not to bother Xiao You Er. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er Hua Wu Que may kill him after taking the medicine. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er to respect Zhang Jing. Zhang Jing told Hua Wu Que not to be nosy. Xiao You Er said he’s thirsty. Zhang Jing said he will take some water for him but not for Hua Wu Que. Yulang’s father told Yao Yue that Hua Wu Que misunderstood Xiao You Er poisoning Xinlan and he will kill him. Yao Yue told Yulang’s father to let Xinlan see Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er having a duel. Yulang’s father doubt Yan Nantian isn’t dead. Yao Yue said if she kills the sect, she wants Yan Nantian to see her laughing hard. LianXing told Yao Yue she is scary. Yan Nan Tian have gotten to the eight and final step of martial arts. Yan Nan Tian told the doctor besides Jiang Feng, he is his closest friend. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er she likes him for being stubborn on the outside but kindhearted. She likes him teasing her. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er if he is in his dream, he must understand him. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que he rather believe Yulang and his father than him.

Lian Xing told Yao Yue ever since Yan Nantian left her, she’s been killing people. The person ho hates other suffer more than the person being hated. Yao You killed the sect members and told the sect to tell Yan Nantian to appear or else she will kill the sect and Xiao You Er. The sect member told Yan Nantian Yao Yue said if he doesn’t appear, she will kill Xiao You Er. Lian Xing told Yao Yue she hates and love Yan Nantian because she loves him too much. She torture herself because of him but he could calmly practice martial arts. He doesn’t have her in his heart. Is it worth it? Yao Yue asked Lian Xing what she should do. Lian Xing said to forget Yan Nantian and forgives Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er and forgive herself. Yao Yue said she has been heartbroken for thirteen years; she can’ let go. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er his sect location is as pretty as him.

Xiao told Hua Wu Que he grew up here and knows how to laugh and cry and can rebel. Hua Wu Que believes Xiao You Er is more happier than him. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que he isn’t bad, he has great martial art skills and can get a lot of girls. Girls will go crazy over him. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er he only likes him. Zhang Jing shouted that they arrived at his sect. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing she doesn’t mind because she has an illness. Zhang Jing told Hua Wu Que that Xiao You Er teases him which means he cares for her so she doesn’t mind. Xiao You Er, Hua Wu Que, and Zhang Jing found the house being ruined. Xiao You Er gave the bottle of medicine to Hua Wu Que. Xiao You Er saw the sect dead and cried and dug the ground. Xiao You Er saw a black flower on the member’s hand and asked Hua Wu Que why did his sect killed his sect. Xiao You Er cried and told Hua Wu Que to kill him too. Xiao You Er punched Hua Wu Que. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er that Hua Wu Que won’t know about it. Xiao You Er apologized to Hua Wu Que. Hua Wu Que said he should be the one who should say sorry since he is in the flower’s sect. Xiao You Er asked Hua Wu Que why is he in the flower sect. Xiao You Er vowed to revenge.

Murong Jiu told Xinlan she almost die but still look pretty and caused Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er fighting for her. It means men loses over women. Murong Jiu told Yulang she thought about it and accepted him. Yulang recites a poem while watching the moond with Murong Jiu. Yulang drinks with Murong Jiu. Yulang put Murong Jiu on the bead and about to rape her. Murong Jiu was about to insert a needle behind his back. Yulang’s father knocked on the door. Yulang’s father invited Yulang to play checker. At first Yulang denied but then his father thought someone is one his bed so he decided to play chess with him. Murong Jiu said he escaped this time but next time he won’t.