Just frustrated

I have to confessed these past few weeks haven’t been really good for me. I just want some time alone for the moment. Chill and watch some asian dramas and relax. So much stuff happens in real life. Everyone have their own business to take care off. I admit for online dramas there’s different views between asian aryanism and asian reddit. I don’t have a reddit but I do support asian community. I’ll have to say though I don’t really agree with what asians on reddit do but I still support asian community because I’m asian of course. Though some of the guys are toxic, there are a lot of cool asian guys and girls too. I haven’t really met any self haters in real life except on asian reddit and twitter when the guys talk about it. Mostly because most of the asians I chat with are asians who hang out with mostly asians or support other asians.

In real life and online, it depends on the asians. I don’t get along with all asians only some asians. I basically hang out with anyone I get along with.

I’ll have to say I’m grateful of my wuxia blogger friend NancyZdramaland for caring for me and deal with me to pay me to do some graphic design for her blog and I can post it on my portfolio. I said she doesn’t have to pay me since I don’t want to use her but I’m willing to do it for free for her.

I’ll still drama blog from time to time cause I would like to cover more classic old wuxia series.

Anyway I just want to chill at the moment. Just have so much stuff to take care and go through.

❤ Jac.


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