Types of asians

Was thinking of writing different types of asians from my high school. I went to a high school that is pretty diverse and have plenty of asian cliques. Not all asians get along. I didn’t have much asian friends back in high school. I have mostly white friends but some asians would like to be friends since I’m asian too. So I’ll list the different asian cliques. I would call myself a good asian girl but also a loner and kinda preppy. Loner in a sense I don’t belong to any asian cliques since I hang out with whoever I get along with.

-Whitewashed asians: Asians who hang out with mostly whites and have and have a few asian friends.

-Asians who dye their hair: Asians who dye their hair and acted like non-asians.

-The good asian girls: Asian girls who studies a lot. Oh yea, in my high school, the good asian girls hang out with mostly indians which makes it indians and asians together.

-Asian girls with one token white guy: There was a group of asian girls with one token white guy or a few white guys who are interested in asian girls.

-FOB: FOB who hang out with mostly in their ethnic cliques: Korean groups, Vietnamese Groups, and Chinese Groups.

-American Asians: Asian Americans who hang out with each other.

What more asian cliques can you add to the list?

Oh yea, there was an asian who said there are two groups of asians: The good groups and the bad groups of asians but he just hang out with both.

I didn’t belong to any clique. Somehow the leader of the good asian groups who hang out with mostly asians tried to be my friend and his asian american clique which he belonged.


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