Asian men are toxic: Think about it again!

As an asian girl, of course I have to care for asian guys too for asian community. So I was thinking of asian reddit and how it’s hard to achieve asian unity between asian men and women. I am an asian woman and sometimes I do get turned off by the bashing of asian women but we must also understand that asian guys have gone through tough times in their life. Put in your shoes of asian guys and you’ll see how tough it is when there are stereotypes of asian men. Esther Ku spreading those stereotypes doesn’t help asian community either though some asians do support her.

So I received a few messages from some asian girls that they sometimes don’t agree with the asian guys on reddit or scared of sharing their opinions because they support some of those asian women that the guys bash. Me too, I don’t agree with some of the asians on reddit but that doesn’t mean what they are doing is bad. They are fighting for asians aand against racism. Besides of the relationship topics, there are also other important topics about racism against asians. Asian reddits tend to focus a lot on the relationship topics and that can alienate us asians.

What i’ve noticed about asian men who bashes asian women is

-They misinterpreted the tweet of the asian women and the situation. Everyone have different situations during the day that made them angry or say that kind of tweet.

– They saw a tweet of asian women dating white men and misunderstood that they are white worshipers, I mean maybe the asian woman may just casually date a white guy or truly love that man.

-Extremist who hate all asian women.

What I’ve noticed about asian women who bashes asian men is

-Got bashed by a few asian men and put the blame on all asian men.

-Family was too strict so they hate asian men.

-Don’t let asian men control them or just don’t like asian men.

I feel like it’s hard to achieve asian unity with asian men and asian women bashing each other back and forth.

I have a few suggestions:

-Asian men and women should understand each other more.

– Asian women should support asian men but asian men should also support asian women.

-Asian men be careful of generalization of all asian women and be careful of which asian woman you bash.

-Asian women don’t put all the blame for asian men. There are good and bad asian men out there.

I don’t have an asian reddit but just want to give some suggestions of asian unity.

Asians you can ignore other asians you don’t agree with and hang out with asians you agree with. There are different asian cliques out there. There will be one for you. That’s how there are different asian reddits.

You can comment any suggestion you want!

❤ Jac!


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