Consolidation messages

You know when I get trolls a few times online for various reasons and I can’t endure it. Got some of my fellow online friends cheering me up. Here are some of the messages. Those were messages from some asian drama bloggers who cheered me up when I get troll online by both asians and non-asians. Some of these messages are about toxic asian men but some of these messages are also about white nationalist trolling me.

Some asian men who bash asian women trolling me and also white nationalist who bash asian men also troll me. Yep yep. But besides asians from reddit, I also have other asians who support me.

Isstblade is a white guy in a relationship with an asian female. Kappy, Funn Lim, and Nancyzdramaland are asian girls. Lam Dinh is an asian guy.

Some asian guys are extremist and toxic but some white nationalist are toxic too. So Yeah these are the messages.

You know I rant a lot and there’s some online friends who cheer me up.

“People like that don’t listen to reason anyway. Let them be gone from your life and don’t be affected by what they say. Stand high and tall for what you believe in. =)” -Kappy from A Virtual Voyage

“People need to live their life for their own. Stop bashing others.”-Kappy from A Virtual Voyage

“Don’t read his posts no more! Let’s start the new year refreshed and strong against trolls. :)”. – Kappy from A Virtual Voyage.

“wow, be careful, but stand up for your rights”- NancyZDramaland

“The second one you linked is troublesome. It reminds me of the rhetoric employed by the Virginia Tech killer (Korean American). Don’t mean to say this particular individual will go that direction. I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist. Maybe he’s a teenager. Maybe he is a recluse. I wish I knew what the solution is.”- NancyZDramaland

“Yeah, it’s better to focus on real life than the online world. people are worse online when they can hid behind their computer keyboard”- Issthblade

“yeah. sometimes another tool to use on trolls is just ignore them. they want you to react, to get a rise. if you just ignore them sometimes it drives them crazy”- Issthblade

“Not racist. Just fed up. Racist was one who called be white whore something something thinking I’m white. When I said Chinese thinks I’m from China. That’s racist.Stop reading these stuff. Bad for you.”-Funn Lim

“Yea like we talked about before race will always be the cornerstone of everything”- Lam Dinh

“As you get more and more followers over time, there will be more and more trolls. You definitely have to ignore or even block them. Just be confident in yourself and ignore people like that who are so negative”- Isstblade.

“I don’t know why people like to spread hate so much! Just remove them from your life! =)”- Kappy from A Virtual Voyage

So Thank You my friends for cheering me up with these messages!

❤ Jac

2 thoughts on “Consolidation messages

  1. Hi I was pointed your way by a friend….I like some of your rants. I’ll introduce myself as a fairly normal guy. I’m in a AFWM relationship. I’ve seen some really disturbing things online with toxic Asian masculinity… And the white supremacist stuff as well. I was hoping I could get some of your input. On the impact that this is having… Especially among Asians who are subscribing to this racist line of thinking.

    • Hi, and thanks for reading!

      And I understand where you’re coming from. I had a few white men in a healthy wmaf relationship who had that same views as you do but I’ll answer you based on my view as an asian girl who support asians.

      Well on one hand, I sympathize with them. Since in my perspective as an asian and other asian’s perspective dating white equal to accepting all white even the racist one and knowing they have white privilege. I’m just talking about in asian’s view. But on the other hand, I believe that everyone can date whoever they want. It’s not all this is racist or not or it’s black and white . I realize that only a few asian men who bash asian women for dating white. Everyone is different. We must understand asian men have it hard in the media but I’m not sure if it justify them for bashing asian women like that. I know a few healthy afwm.

      The thing I’m bothered with is asian men who worship white women but bash asian women. I had an indian guy who fetishes asian girl and bash me “You look like 1/10 anyway, and no asian guys would like you!”. Some people thought that was really mean and manipulative.

      Sometimes some asian guys get offensive easily and bash the wrong asian girls who don’t date white men. it’s so unfortunate. She could have reword it better. But it’s online and there may be some misunderstanding what one said. But i’m not an asian man so sometimes some jokes may not be racist or offensive to me but be really offensive to them.

      But as I said it’s not all black and white and there’s a lot of grey area in this so I won’t put anyone as racist yet until I understand what they have gone through. I think instead of calling other people racist, we have to understand the situation more.

      But my view is like anyone can date whoever they want. Asian girls dating white guys doesn’t mean they hate asian men. But I do acknowledge there are a few asian girls who self hate and put down asian men and there are creepy white guys out there who harass asian women too but we should be careful to brush all white men and asian women as racist. But one thing I’m against is bashing asians and asian community!

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