Thankful of my asian blogger friends!

Thank You for being my buddies. I wouldn’t be able to have motivation to be a drama bloggger without all you wonderful asians here. I am a sensitive person myself and emotional. ❤ having you guys around. I knew some asians for being a tvb and wuxia fan and also I knew some of those asians from DramaFever. It's nice to connect with other asians and interests. Sometimes we fight and disagreed with things but we are still friends and help each other.

Was thinking of the drama blogging world how there are different cliques. Just many groups of fans. I wouldn't have survived as a drama fan and blogger without having some drama blogger friends.

K for TVB





Funn Lim

Love of TVB


Da PowerZ

Wuxia Rocks


And some of my readers:

Lam Dinh and Mr.Vui who are both asian males and wuxia fans.

❤ Jac


Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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