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Bewared of Divide and Conquer in Asian Community

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As asians are familiar with these statement by white trolls to divide asian men and women and happy seeing them fight each other. White trolls are white men with yellow fever who see asian women as sex objects. They get really triggered seeing asian men and asian women unite in asian community. Whenever they see asian men bashing asian women, they are happy and will take the chance to defend asian women and say they love them. But unfortunately, there are some bitchy asian women or hapas who self hate and will be submissive to those white trolls and have no asian pride. When there are white trolls pretending to be asian women on asian reddit. White trolls enjoy pretending to be an asian women or hapa to make asian men look bad. Here are some divide and conquer tactic white trolls will use on asians. (But some asian women will be gullible or self hate and side with white trolls).
Here are some quotes white trolls will use:

“That’s why asian women turn to whites” because asian men bash asian women.

“Toxic Masculinity Boys”. As you know trolls enjoy using this word to label asian men. Actually anyone who uses this word would be a suspect of a white troll and should be banned.

“I love asian women” Well that quote make white trolls look misogynistic when they see asian men and women fight each other. It’s not cool though submissive asian women will believe in it!

If you have other quotes that white trolls can use to divide asian men and women, you can state it!

I’ll list my opinion here how I view asian men on reddit. Yeah I do not agree with harassment or bashing of asian women and some can be extreme but there are some asian guys I enjoy supporting on there. Plus we are asians after all.

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