Legendary Siblings episode 31 recap

Hua Wu Que knocked on Xinlan’s door and said he had a nightmare of falling down the cliff and screaming. Hua Wu Que doubts Xiao You Er fell down in the sea.

Xiao You Er wakes up. The girl told Xiao You Er she found him on the sea. The girl asked Xiao You Er his name. Xiao You Er told the girl his name is fish. The girl said he’s a fish who got lost in the sea. Xiao You Er told the girl and his mother he remembered he fell down the sea and forgot everything that happened. Xiao You Er couldn’t hold a bowl of food. The girl pour the bowl on Xiao You Er’s mouth. Xiao You Er tried to walk and tripped. Xiao You Er wonders if his arms and legs have been broken. Xiao You Er tries to generate energy. Xiao You Er wonders why his martial arts didn’t work. Xiao You Er denies of his martial arts have been removed and his arms and legs been crippled. Xiao You Er grieved why doesn’t Yulang’s father have karma. There’s no justice in this world. Xiao You Er asked why didn’t they let him die but they let him suffer. Some kids played with each other and bumped into Xiao You Er and he fell. The villagers gave some medicine and clothes for Xiao You Er. A boy gave Xiao You Er is lucky charm. He asked the villagers if Xiao You Er is mute. The girl gave Xiao You Er a bowl of medicine.The girl’s mother told Xiao You Er that the villagers care for him but he just lay here like he is dead. Xiao You Er said even if he’s well, he is still crippled. Why did she saved him. The girl’s mother said it is useless to save him, let her throw him in the sea. Xiao You Er asked the lady why does his life matters to them. Xiao You Er sat in the rain and grieved he can’t revenge for his parents and Xinlan’s father. While Hua Wu Que is generating energy, he had a dream of he told Xiao You Er to stand up. Xiao You Er held the charm and remembered the kid told him he used to fall down when he walk but he keeps on trying and wasn’t scared of falling anymore.

Hua Wu Que told Xinlan that he has a feeling Xiao You Er is in danger and is somewhere farawaraway. They are lost and they will search for him on their way. Xiao You Er ate next to the girl.

A kid told Xiao You Er to play with him on the lake. The kid introduced villagers to Xiao You Er. The kid asked Xiao You Er about his name. The kid said the villagers like to eat fish. The girl and the villagers told Xiao You Er, after he came here, luck came in the farm. Xiao You Er tried to walk. The girl shouted in the well wishing Xiao You Er getting well soon. The girl told Xiao You Er there was a god who drink the water in the well. He got drunk and fell down the well. People drank the water in the well and was ill due to the water was dry. The god was punish to be locked in the well to help the villagers to repent his mistake. The villagers shouted in the well because god’s ear isn’t good. Zhang Jing wished for Xiao You Er’s wellness at the temple. Zhang Jing thought of Xiao You Er. The martial artist told Zhang Jing he found a hotel with good food. Zhang Jing wants to stay at the temple and told the martial artist to cook. The martial artist said he will cook fish soup. Zhang Jing nagged the martial artist if he wants to kill Xiao You Er. Zhang Jing told the martial artist to repeat after her that Xiao You Er is fine. The martial artist pray in front of Buddha wishing Xiao You Er healthy. The martial artist told Zhang Jing that Xiao You Er may be playing in the brothel. Zhang Jing got mad and said if Xiao You Er has another woman, she will confront him.

Yulang’s father gather the sect to discuss to defeat Yao Yue’s sect to revenge for Murong Master and he nominated the Emei Sect leader to lead them. Yulang’s father told the Emei Sect leader that he has found a maid from Yao Yue’s sect who has escaped and will tell them the secret of Yao Yue’s martial arts. Zhang Jing held Xiao You Er’s bell and watches the moon and wondered where’s Xiao You Er. Yulang hatches some roses for the maid and about to kiss her but said only if everyone was happy like them. Yulang told the maid that he and his father need to destroy Yao Yue and Lian Xing but needs her help. Yulang told the maid to tell him the secret of Yao Yue’s martial arts. The maid hesitated and said but that means she is rebelling against her sect. Yulang told the maid that the floral sect been manipulating her, she doesn’t need to protect them. Yulang told the maid she still has him and the sect. Lian Xing stared at Yao Yue in the tomb. Hua Wu Que and Xinlan heard some customers at the restaurant said Yulang’s father is having a reunion with the sects. Hua Wu Que wants to go back to the floral sect to save Yao Yue and Lian Xing. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan that they may never come back after they come back to the palace. Xinlan suggests Hua Wu Que to go to the Emei Mountain and kill Yulang’s father.

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