The Unholy Alliance

The Unholy Alliance episode 9 recap

Pierre got frustrated that Miss Ling trust Joel. Pierre slept with Jazz’s sister. Jazz’s sister told Pierre that she has a friend who has a friend who has made Chan Mai Fai her sugar daddy and he went to her gathering every tuesday in Mongkok.

Joel asked Elaine if she has checked her family villa. Elaine said she hasn’t visited there ever since her mother died. Joel suggests to take a tour there and they can stay there for the night as a date. Kwok Fung asked Elaine to hang out with him and their family but she rejected. Ruco looked at his picture of his mother carrying him. Nancy came to his room and took a picture of him. Nancy looked at Ruco’s baby picture. Ruco had a nightmare of Before Auntie Mei dies, she told him she is not Auntie Mei but she is Ling Hung. Ruco drinks some water and heard some shooting. Ruco saw a fingerprint on his laptop. He taped it and glue it and pushed the key button. The door opened. Ruco went down the basement and saw Nancy shooting. Nancy congratulates Ruco of passing his first round. Nancy showed a gun to Ruco and said she’s going to teach him how to shoot. Ruco thought of Auntie Mei and shoots the target. Ruco hugged Nancy happily that he shot two right targets. Joel and Elaine went to the villa and saw Kwok Fung and his family having a barbeque. Elaine told his father that Joel wanted her to have a break so he took her here.

Yik told Miss Ling that Chan Man Fai has a mistress and he would visit several times a month. Miss Ling thinks it’s a trap since he wouldn’t risk his life to visit a girl in this situation. Miss Ling told KK to call Pierre asking where he is. Pierre said he is watching Chan Man Kai visiting his mistress. Miss Ling asked KK if Pierre is seeing Chan Man Fai and she demanded him to tell her where he is. Miss Ling angrily asked them why didn’t they listen to her and Pierre his in danger. Miss Ling told KK to call Pierre to come back right now. KK said Pierre’s phone is turned off. Pierre’s guards got caught by Chan Man Fai and he wants to see Miss Ling. The cops watches Pierre entering Chan Man Fai’s hideout.Yik held Pierre and told him to return home and it’s Miss Ling’s order. Yik shot the gangsters. Yik hid the guns. Stephen arrested Yik.

Elaine put a scarf for his father. Kwok Fung told Elaine there were three threes. There were a snake and she insists to catch it. Her brother caught the snake but injured his knee. He didn’t scold her but he scold her brothers. Kwok Fung told Elaine he is his daughter and he wouldn’t scold her. Elaine leaned on Kwok Fung’s shoulder. Kwok Fung told Elaine that too bad her mom died or she would have seen the man she fell in love with. Elaine asked Kwok Fung why don’t he find another partner. Kwok Fung said her mom is still in his heart. Elaine said she envies her mother that he loves her so much. Kwok Fung asked Elaine if Joel has changed. Kwok Fung said he knows Joel is investigating the villa for his mom but she is his daughter and he doesn’t want her to have mistrust in him. Kwok Fung said his pride is not in business nor fortune but in a family unity. Elaine cried and apologized to her dad. Kwok Fung said no need to apologized. He got his family’s back and won’t let his family be hurt.

Elaine told Joel she trusts her father and she asks him to stop investigating. Elaine told Joel she is on her own. She will leave the villa tomorrow. Joel opened the door to a basement. Kwok Fung told Joel this is his place. Kwok Fung pointed the gun toward Joel.’s head and asked him to dare opening it. Elaine came and asked his dad to not do it. Joel told Elaine he won’t stop investigating until his mom’s name is clear. Joel opened the door. Kwok Fung told Joel he is loyal and willing to sacrifice his relationship for his mother. Elaine asked Joel why wouldn’t he believe her. Joel apologized. Kwok Fung told Joel his name is clear and they shouldn’t mistrust each other.

Miss Ling’s family speak up for Pierre. Miss Ling accepts Pierre’s resignation as he says he wants to resign. Yik stays silent at the police station. Yik told Lau Kong that police works by evidence not by scaring others, if they have evidences then charge him. Lau Kong told Yik that Miss Ling is in danger without him. He may have to attend her funeral when he gets released. Yik took down three of Chan Man Fai’s men in prison and looked a the flyer of PHAB. Miss Ling and Mary visited Chloe at her PHAB charity. Nancy took off Ruco’s sunglasses a the airport and told him he doesn’t look blessed. She wishes him luck. Yik called Nancy that Miss Ling is in danger so go to the community center. Nancy sat next to Miss Ling and told her to leave now. Ruco bumped into the gangster and told Miss Ling he has been separated from his mom for thirty years and now he is back he won’t leave. The cops arrived and the gangsters left.

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