Asian Identity Self Esteem!

I find myself falling in two groups. I get along with white preppy and funny guys but I also get along with awesome asians who cares for me. My parents did tell me I’m influenced by both american and asian side. Yeah my friends think i’m funny and cool. My parents liked me after getting know me and hang out with me. I can’t really stand Fobs due to different mindset so do my asian american cousins.

Self esteem is huge. I always compare myself to other people and feel upset. Even my family and asian friends tell me to stop care about what other people think about me then i’ll be happy.

My family do think i’m pretty. I remember eating at a chinese restaurant, my mom and sister looked at me for a long time and said I am so pretty. My dad said I am the prettiest out of his children but just need to dress up more to look more classy. That one time when my sister looked at a pic of my pretty cousin who is a flight attendant, my sister asked me if I think I can do it since I’m pretty. I remember hanging out with my mom, and she told me privately in the car that she really thinks I am pretty, it’s not only my dad and sister’s opinion, it is truly her opinion but I need to dress up more.

But even though my family thinks I’m pretty I always have some self esteem about working hard and getting better at what I do. My asian family always compare me to other asians and it made me feel upset. I remember my uncle told my family that my cousin (his daughter) told him that I am not dumb and am really intelligent and street smart and lead her during the vacation in Canada. My grandma said she doesn’t sees me as dumb, I helped many grandmas at the airport translating documents from viet to english. My sister did say to not worry about me I am really good at making friends and interacting with other people. My dad did say I am the best at making friends but I am kinda shy toward some people I’m scared. I have this shy personality, I can be outgoing and talk to people I like but then I tend to shy away toward some people.

Yeah one of my high school friends is the prettiest blonde hair girl in high school but I don’t talk a lot. But she always support me. I don’t feel inferior cause I’ve never compared myself to other whites. She thinks i’m cool so it’s fair. I don’t need to feel inferior nor compare.

Yeah those times I chat with many asians from California and wished I was in California due to the high population of asians.

So I fall into two categories, I hang out with white preppy friends but I also hang out with awesome asians as an asian american girl.

So why i’m upset due to always being compared to other asians. Yeah I shouldn’t cause everyone is unique.

Rant over. Hope this make me feel better after I finish this rant.

This is my personal ran but I do wonder why I feel upset and compare myself to other asian girls when there’s no need.

I’m not sure how you asians feel about our asian american identity.

❤ Jac!

Old Time Buddy episode 2 recap

Yan Gwan took Tse Yuen and Lei Kei to the film studio. Lei Kei and Tse Yuen saw some of their favourite actors. Kiu Fung talked to Lei Kei and Tse Yuen and said he has a villa but they thought he was crazy. A person told Lei Kei and Tse Yuen look like robbers and will fit the role. In the dressing room, a lady told them they are sitting in other people’s seat. They read Cheung Po Chu and Siu Fong Fong. Chun Po Chu came. The fans asked her what series is she filming. She said The World’s Finest. Siu Fong Fong came. Lei Kei found Chu Po Chu and Siu Fong Fong so pretty. A man put powder on Tse Yuen and Lei Kei and told them to dress up. He puts white powders on their faces. Siu Fong Fong ached her stomach and went in the men’s room. Tse Yuen got out of the toilet. Siu Fong Fong yelled for help. Tse Yuen ran through the window and borrowed Lei Kei’s tissue and covered his face. Fong Fong’s friends went in the restroom and followed Tse Yuen and searched for him.

The producer told Tse Yuen and Lei Kei to jump from the top of the house. The producer counted to three, Tse Yuen jumped but Lei Kei dind’t. The producer gave Lei Kei a new role of pretending t be a tree. Tse Yuen asked Lei Kei why he didn;t jump. Lei Kei sai he said they would jump at one two, three but he jumped at two. Tse Yuen covered his face seeing Fong Fong and Po Chu. Fong Fong stare at Tse Yuen while the producer is talking. While practicing swordfights, Fong Fong chased Tse Yuen and tries to chop him. Lei Kei hugged Po Chu and covered her ears. The wall of the thouse falls. The producer yelled and asked who brought those two silly guys. Yan Gwan told told Lei Kei and Tse Yuen that their salary will be two hundred dollars per month and deduct one hundred and twenty dollars for a contract of ten months. Lei Kei and Tse Yuen works thirteen hours each day. Lei Kei explains to Tse Tsuen that they are young and have to work hard.

Ah Jan gave Lei Kei a bottle of sugar cane. Ah Jan’s father yelled at her for being lazy. Ah Jan stared at Tse Yuen. The restaurant owner charged twice for the milk tea then tripled. Lei Kei ordered three sweet breads for them and Kiu Fung. The restaurant owner called three poor breads. The restaurant owner told Fong Fong and her mother they have a new dish. Tse Yuen stared at Fong Fong and told Lei Kei and Kiu Fong that those movie stars only eat two pieces and stopped. It is a waste. Lei Kei said he won’t be like that when he becomes a star. The boss told the server to wrap Fong Fong’s food and then serve it to others.

While filming, the actor bumped into a microphone and the producer blamed it on Tse Yuen. While filming, Bo Chu accidentally threw a tea cup at Lei Kei and he bled his head. Fong Fong looked at Tse Yuen and called him cheap. Fong Fong drops her glasses and searches for it. Fong Fong’s maid picked up her glasses for her. Fong Fong ate abalones and fishes for dinner. Fong Fong ate food at her uncle’s stall and asked him why didn’t he find someone to help him since he only has one arm. Fong Fong saw Lei Kei and Tse Yuen. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong to clean the table. Fong Fong heard Tse Yuen called her ugly. Tse Yuen asked Fong Fong if she likes Bo Chu or Fong Fong. Lei Kei ordered two bowls of noddles with meatballs. Fong Fong mixes leftover water with the noodles and gave Tse Yuen and Lei Kei. An old lady asked Tsuen for his bowl. He gave it to her. She ate it and has a stomach ache. Lei Kei and Tse Yuen carried her to the hospital. Tse Yuen bumped into Ah Jan. Lei Kei told Ah Jan that tomorrow is Tse Yuen’s birthday and he would like to invite her to his party.

Ah Jan said tomorrow is her sister’s birthday. Lei Kei said she can invite her also. Ah Jan said seven o clock tomorrow at the restaurant. Kiu Fong invited Lei Kei and Tse Yuen to eat with him. Tse Yuen said he is waiting for his girlfriend. Tse Yuen asked Lei Kei if he noticed Kiu Fung eat bird nest’s and fishes that’s why they can’t look on the outside. Ah Jan brought her sister the fat lady which Tse Yuen’s dumped. Ah Jan introduced the fat lady as her sister. The fat lady ordered the most expensive food. In the restroom, Lei Kei calculated the total of the expensive food and he and Tse Yuen don’t have enough money. Lei Kei invited Kiu Fong to eat together. Kiu Fong ordered red bean dessert with bird’s nest. Kiu Fung found the price of the food cheap but he lost his wallet. Kiu Fong told the servant he knows the boss. The new boss told Ku Fong the old boss got fired last night. Kiu Fong wash dishes with Tse Yuen and Lei Kei. Ah Jan paid the bills for them. Lei Kei told Kiu Fung he will go with him picking up his parents leaving Tse Yuen and Ah Jan alone. Tse Yuen asked Ah Jan what happened to her hands. Ah Jan said she injured herself while opening her father’s box of money. Tse Yuen told Ah Jan he will repay for her. Ah Jan said her father doesn’t know, if he knows, he will hit her. Tse Yuen apologized he will repay her when he receives his salary. Ah Jan said the restaurant is not their type and she is happy eating at the food stall with him. Tse Yuan called Ah Jan and held her hands. They walk together.

Lei Kei asked Tse Yuen to listen to music after work. Tse Yuen said he is hanging out with Ah Jan tonight. Lei Kei is happy for Tse Yuen but doubts if Ah Jan’s father would let him date her. Tse Yuen said Ah Jan lied to him about hanging out with her old friends. Kiu Fung said his parents sent him a thousand dollars and he invited Tse Yuen and Lei Kei to go out to eat at that restaurant. Tse Yuan joked to Lei Kei that last time Kiu Fung caused them to wash dishes, maybe this time they may have to be in jail. In the dressing room, Fong Fong told the reporter she’s filming Ru Lai Shen Zhang. Kin Wai came and the reporter said he heard she will film Hua Mulan. Tse Yuen, Lei Kei, and Kiu Fung felt tired after filming and the producer told them to do it again.

Old Time Buddy episode 1 recap

In 1964, Tse Yuen wakes up for work. Tse Yuen put the total bill of one dollar eighty cents for one dish of dumplings and one tea at the restaurants. Then he drops the chopsticks and found a few more dumpling baskets under the table. The boss confronts him if he calculated it wrong for people of four. Tse Yuen said he counted it for four dishes of dumplings and two teas. Tse Yuen threw the baskets out of the window and yelled and pointed at two customers who’s been sitting but never ordered. The boss’s order came and whined that the baskets fell down on her head and she hugged Tse Yuen. The boss yelled at Tse Yuen to go back to work. At the office, Lei Kei threw papers at the people and took the last ticket for a job. He sees a father told his children once he gets this job he can buy them bread. The father asked for the final tickets but it’s gone. Lei Kei gave the father his ticket and wish him luck.

Lei Kei saw his clothes down the stairs from his flat. He tries to open his flat but couldn’t. Lei Kei opened the door and asked the landlady if the lock is broken. The landlady said she has changed the lock. The landlady asked Lei Kei to pay his rent one hundred eighty dollars. Lei Kei said he lend someone a few hundred dollars, he will pay her tomorrow when he receives his paycheck. The landlady said if he has money to lend to others, he should buy a house instead of renting a flat. The landlady said he if doesn’t have money he should rent the flat elsewhere. He already lend the flat to another person. Lei Kei wants to come in to pack his stuff. The landlady said he doesn’t have valuable stuff and only those torn clothes, she gave him his suitcase. Lei Kei buys a lottery ticket.

Tse Yuen hid in the closet from the boss’s daughter. Tse Yuen’s roommate told the boss’s daughter that Tse Yuen has left and she can follow him. Tse Yuen climbed down the window and went to work. Lei Kei counted his money and the lottery ticket flew. Tse Yuen saw Lei Kei and thought he was about to suicide in the sea, he held Lei Kei and they both fell in the sea. Lei Kei held his wet lottery ticket and asked Tse Yuen if he’s crazy. Tse Yuen said he pulled him up and almost caused him to drown. Tse Yuen called him names and Lei Kei pulled his hair down and asked him about his name and they recognize each other as school friends. Tse Yuen shows Lei Kei around his flat. Lei Kei borrowed some money from Tse Yuen and paid his rent for the flat. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei to iron his vest. Tse Yuen said he found hundred dollar bills in Lui Kei’s vest. Lei Kei said these papers belongs to his friends who pawn his accessories so he kept it for him. Tsui Yuen asked Lei Kei why does he always like to show off. Lei Kei said in Hongkong, they care about their outside look so he has to have a nice vest, a watch, lighter, and pen and four english words: Hello, Yes, No, Goodbye. Tse Yuen believes it is better to be honest. Tse Yuen said he learned from his father to not harass women, betraying friends, and losing conscience. Lui Kei grabbed Tse Yuen’s pajamas. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei he has to ask him first and why did he lied to his mother about letting him stay in the flat. Lui Kei said he saw he didn’t object. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei he can stay here but he has a request, he asked him to make a vow. Tse Yuen said Lei Kei can’t take other’s stuff without permission; he cannot have casual talk with his family and neighbor; he can’t think of the third request but he’ll think about it later. Lei Kei teases Tse Yuen’s siste Fei Yin as pretty. Fei Yin said hi to Lei Kei and gave him his bed. Tse Yuen said he knows the third request for Lui Fei is to not harass his sister. Lei Kei told Tse Yuen that his sister approached him. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei that he caused her to approach him.

Fei Yin gave Lei Kei his bowl of Congee. Tse Yuen asked if they are eating plan congee. Lei Kei said they are having congee with mean and black duck eggs today. Tse Yuen complained that he has plain congee and he asked his sister why is she so nice to Lei Kei. Fei Yin told Tse Yuen she cooked for him but he is so nosy. Tse Yuen’s parents told them to stop arguing and Lei Kei became is mature and became an accountant when he is in his twenties. Lei Kei said he traveled to US last year and resigned. Tse Yuen told Lui Hark he is very honest. Tse Yuen gave Lui Kei a newspaper to look for a job. Lui Kei said everyone wants to hire a talent like him but he is picky on what job he wants. Lei Kei said women are scared of marrying the wrong man but men are scared of taking the wrong career. Tse Yuen looked at the lady in the store. Lei Kei told Tse Yeun he is courting Ah Jan and how long has he been dating her. Tse Yeun said he has never talked to her. Lei Kei asked if she is mute. Tse Yuen said he is mute and she is mature and quiet. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei he has never seen her smile. Lei Kei came to Ah Jan and she laughed. Tse Yuen asked Lei Kei what did she say to her and why did she laugh. Lei Kei said he didn’t say anything to her, he only drank tea and it made her laugh. Lei Kei asked Tse Yuen why is he sneaky as if someone is trying to kill him.

Tse Yuen came home and hid in the closet. The boss’s sister asked the roommate where’s Tse Yuen. The roommate said he left. Tse Yuen sneaked down the window and the boss’s daughter came up to him. The boss’s daughter pulled Tse Yuen’s tie and told him to hang out with her or she’ll report him for harassment. The boss’s daughter hung out with Tse Yuen and invited him for barbecue next time. Tse Yuen said he only learned english up to the letter b. The boss’s daughter kisses him and said she has to pick up her father. Tse Yuen threw up. Tse Yuen went home. Lei Kei made the Ah Jan laugh. Lei Kei asked Tse Yeun why did he come home late. Tse Yuen said it’s none of his business, he can come home anytime he wants. Lei Kei asked Tse Yuen why he isn’t happy. Tse Yuen pushed him and asked him to leave, he hates people who don’t keep their promises. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei he has broken his first vow which is to take someone else’s stuff. Tse Yuen said he stole Ah Yan. Lei Kei said he thought he has committed a death crime. Though he is handsome, he isn’t that flirty. Lei Kei told Tse Yuen he sees he doesn’t dare to court her so he is trying to help him. He has invited her to come to their home to eat for the Mid Autumn Festival. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei he doesn’t know if he is telling the truth, why did Ah Yan look humble when he saw him. Lei Kei told Tse Yuen that she smiles at everyone but him which means she notices him. Lei Kei asked Tse Yuen why is his hair messy. Tse Yuen said the boss’s daughter dragged him to hang out with him. Tse Yuen explains to Lei Kei. Lei Kei suggests Tse Yuen to tell the boss’s daughter his feeling in a crowded place, hide heavy objects, and then confidently end the relationship with her. In the restaurant, Tse Yuen held on to the boss’s daughter shoulder and yelled “I don’t like you fat woman”.

Lei Kei ordered red bean coconut drink and looked at the newspaper for job. Yang Kwan made a square finger and asked Lei Kei to look to his upper left and he is the one. Lui Kei asked Yang Gwan who he is and why must he listen to him. Yang Gwan said he can’t let a talented man go, he has the aura and voice of actors. He is a director and wants him to be the lead but he has to give him ten dollars so he can give him a ticket to set up for the film. Lei Kei asked him if he has to give him ten dollars, how would he know if he is real or fake. Yang Gwan showed him the script and said it looks like he doesn’t’ want to do it, and there are still plenty of people who wants the role. Yang Gwan gave him ten dollars. He told him to read the script while he set up for him. Lei Kei opened the book and has blank pages. Yuk Wah gave Tse Suen a box of mooncake. While eating dinner, Yuk Wah’s wife said he hear his son’s acquaintance courted his boss’s daughter and got fired. Tse Suen told his son Tse Yuen he taught him to always be honest and he should remember. Tse Yuen choked and and went to drink water. The tenant told Tse Suen that the person that got fired was Tse Yuen not the coworker. Tse Suen told his son on the balcony that Lei Kei already told him about the story of the fat woman an he doesn’t blame him, not everyone love fats. Small Kid Cheung showed Tse Suen the candlelight he made. Fei Yin told Tse Yuen is father is not mad at him. Tse Yuen said his father love him the most and wouldn’t be mad at him. Lei Kei and Fei Yin pretends to leave so Tse Yuen can spend time alone with Ah Jan. Tse Yuen made a move and said the moon if full tonight. Tse Yuen puts a chair for Ah Jan to sit. Tse Yuen tries to hug her but tripped. Ah Yan said it’s late and she should go home. Lei Kei calls him useless.

In the room, Lei Kei told Tse Yuen that he is holding a lantern not Ah Yan and if Ah Yan is that good. Tse Yuen sai if she marries him, he is willing to die ten years younger. Lei Kei said he should focus on his career like him. When he gets in the film industry, he will be rich and people will know him. Tse Yuen asked Lei Kei why didn’t he ask his uncle who works in the film industry. Lei Kei said his uncle is known as strict and selfish or else he wouldn’t have been conned ten dollars of advertisement. Tse Yuen said the tenant next door also work in the film industry he can ask introduce him. Lei Kei said he will work hard to be a famous producer. Tse Yuen sleeps and dream of Ah Yan.

Lei Kei borrows ten dollars from Tse Yuen and bought a one dollar and dollar and a half lottery ticket for him and Tse Yuen. Tse Yuen asked Lei Kei if he knows how two dollars can buy them a bowl of char siu. Lei Kei said they can finish bowl of Cha Siu but if they can win a lottery ticket for one million and then two million and become millionaires. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei that daydreaming too much may be harmful for his health. Ah Jan smiled and wished Lei Kei and Tse Yuen luck. Tse Yuen asked Lei Kei if he noticed Ah Jan smiled at him. Lei Kei told Tse Yuen to stop thinking about it, it is unhealthy. Tse Yuen tripped down to the store owner. The store owner asked him why is he standing in front of his store and if he’s trying to prevent him being rich.

Lei Kei searches for a job. Lei Kei wears his sunglasses and buy a soda. Yan Gwan made a square finger and asked Lei Kei to stare on his left and told him he has never seen someone with an aura like actors. Lei Kei told Yan Gwan and have a great voice and would like to ask him to be the lead actor to his new movie. Lei Kei took off his sunglasses and told Yan Gwan to repay him ten bucks. Lei Kei chases Yan Gwan to Tse Yuen’s flat and drank a glass of water. Lei Kei searches Yan Gwan in his room. Yan Gwan sat on the top of the shelves and put his finger signaling small kid Cheung to not tell. Small Kid Cheung nodded. Lei Kei stood on the top of the table and pulled him down. Yan Gwan injured his leg and said he lost Lei Kei’s ten dollars due to gambling. He doesn’t have money but he can introduce him to the film industry. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei to sign up. Lei Kei told Tse Yuen to sign up too. Tse Suen is okay with it as long as Tse Yuen doesn’t learn bad habit.

Legendary Siblings episode 38 recap

Zhang Jing threw a rock at Xiao You Er at the beach. Xiao You Er threw a rock at Zhang Jing and Xinlan. They chased Xiao You Er. Xinlan and Zhang Jing threw water at Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que held his fan and smiled and told them to stop playing and he asked them if they are kids.Xinlan and Zhang Jing pulled Hua Wu Que in the beach. Xiao You Er shares the green apple with Hua Wu Que. Zhang Jing asked Xinlan if shes noticed they’ve been walking three days but only been gone this far. Xinlan told Zhang Jing if they walked a bit slower, they can spend more time together. Xiao You Er asked them why do women always talk, they should go faster.

Yulang followed Xiao You Er and his friends. Yulang blew sleeping drugs and sneaked in Xiao You Er’s room. Yulang was about to stab Xiao You Er with a knife, but Hua Wu Que’s maid stopped him. Yulang pushed Hua Wu Que’s maid and about to stab Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er wakes up and his friends came. The maid begs them to spare Yulang. Yulang pointed a knife at Hua Wu Que’s maid’s neck. Hua Wu Que’s maid asked them to forget about her. Hua Wu Que used his power on Yulang. The maid took the stab for Yulang. Hua Wu Que asked his maid why she’s so naive. The maid asked Hua Wu Que to not kill Yulang. Yulang told Hua Wu Que’s maid to believe him, he didn’t mean to hurt her. Hua Wu Que’s maid said she believes him. The maid begged Hua Wu Que to forgive Yulang if she dies. Yulang told the maid she can’t die, his mother already die and he cannot lose her also. Hua Wu Que promises his maid he will spare Yulang. The maid asked Yulang to promise her after she dies, he will be good and stop harming others. Yulang promises the maid but beg her to not leave him. The maid told Yulang to not be sad, she feels really happy dying under his arm. The maid dies. Yulang carries the maid in the street. Yulang yelled at the people that the maid isn’t dying but is only sleeping. The people surrounded Yulang. Yulang said his wife isn’t dying but is only tired and will wake up. Yulang promises the maid he will leave the sect and won’t greed but she has to promise him to wake up. Once she wakes up, they will find his mother. They won’t part each other again.

Xiao You Er looked at the pearl and thought of the girl. Hua Wu Que sighed with Xiao You Er about the sachet his made gave him and inside it is the flowers of the sect but too bad now the floral sect has no more flowers and his maid has gone. Xiao You Er said at least the maid has found happiness and love and die under the person she loves. Though she’s been attacked by Yulang but Hua Wu Que thinks she never regret it. Xiao You Er said when the girl died, she must have wanted to see him. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er to not think about her, he still have Zhang Jing. Xiao You Er said the girl died and he regrets it, how could he fall for Zhang Jing again. Zhang Jing went in Xinlan’s room and hugged her and cried. Xinlan wonder if Zhang Jing is fine or just pretending. Zhang Jing sat in her bed holding the bell. Xiao You Er and Zhang Jing part with Hua Wu Que and Xinlan. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que next time they meet, they might have a duel. Xinlan told Hua Wu Que that he and Xiao You Er are friends but why do they have to have a duel due to previous generation feud? Xinlan told Hua Wu Que to not left fate control him, if he hangs on, they can escape this incident. They can leave and forget about the conflicts in the martial arts world. Xinlan asked Hua Wu Que what would he do if Yao Yue told him to kill Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que said if he doesn’t fight with Xiao You Er, Yao Yue will kill him. Xinlan asked Hua Wu Que if he has a way for Yao Yue to not kill Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que said he learn it from Xiao You Er. He cares for both Xiao You Er and Yao Yue, and this revenge can be solve with love.

Hua Wu Que told Yao Yue that Xiao You Er will meet Yan Nantian on the eight. Hua Wu Que asked Yao Yue a request to let her bring Xinlan with him. Hua Wu Que wants to make his own decision. Yao Yue let Hua Wu Que take Xinlan with him. Lian Xing knows that Yao Yue wants to see Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er have a duel. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan to not be scared, if Yao Yue kills both of them, they will never be separated. Xinlan thanked Hua Wu Que for being brave.

Xiao You Er asked Zhang Jing if she has heard the strange doctor. Xiao You Er thinks Zhang Jing should stop following him. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing he knows she cares for him but he doesn’t one the person who cares for him will suffer for him. Anyone who cares for him has been dead. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er it’s okay, Yan Nantian is waiting for him and he will protect her. A sect fought with Zhang Jing and Xiao You Er and kidnapped Zhang Jing. The doctor laughed and told Xiao You Er that Zhang Jing is in the cave and he should go and save her. Zhang Jing told the doctor there are many places to hide but he hides in this cave, he is an old turtle. Some drugs blew out of the dragon sculpture.

Zhang Jing and Xiao You Er slept together in the bedroom. Xiao You Er looked around the room and assumes it’s a wedding room. The doctor wants them to get married or they will die. The doctor said this room doesn’t have a door. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er to pretends to get married in front of the doctor. Xiao You Er poured wine for Zhang Jing and opened the veil. Zhang Jing said if this is a dream, she hopes she will never wake up. Xiao You Er turned off the light and slept with Zhang Jing. The doctor said he feels so touched. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er that tonight is the happiest night she ever had. Xiao You Er apologized he can’t make this turn into reality. Zhang Jing said she understands but she is very happy. Zhang Jing said their feelings are true and she will be the happiest girl who die in this world. Xiao You Er thought of the girl and let go of Zhang Jing’s hand. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing he told her that she shouldn’t go with him since she may be in danger. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er they won’t die, if they get married then the doctor will let them go. Zhang Jing pretends to make the sex sound so the doctor will believe it.

The next morning, the doctor asked them if they think that he knows they’ve been faking. Xiao You Er said they were having fun in bed together. The doctor said he’s seen many happy couples, and they can’t joke with love. The doctor said marriage is the most precious event but they play with it, he has to kill them. The doctor said whoever betray love must die, they must die terribly. Xiao You Er told the doctor to not kill Zhang Jing, she was willing to marry him, if he wants to kill then kill him. Zhang Jing said if he know what love is, he married a girl who loves him but she died because of him. He can’t marry her because he can’t betray his wife and that is true love. Xiao You Er asked the doctor if he thinks he is incredible, he’s just an old man who is crazy. The doctor blew sleeping powders on them and they fainted.

Xiao You Er and Zhang Jing woke up in an ice cave. The doctor told them they got to see his trap, and won’t regret dying. The doctor asked them to try and leave. The doctor said he just wants them to get married but they don’t cooperate and want to die. The doctor said they want to die but he won’t let them die. Seeing them defending each other, he has to make them get married. Xiao You Er’s wife already died, and Zhang Jing is by his side. The doctor won’t release them nor feed them until they get married. Xiao You Er said he understands he used to want to marry Yao Yue but got beaten by her so he turned crazy and force others to get married. The doctor asked Xiao You Er how did he know his secret. Xiao You Er said the doctor is heartbroken so he hid in this cave for the past thirty years and don’t want to see others. The doctor said he is using this trap to lure Yao Yue to be his wife. Xiao You Er told the doctor he is old and ugly and wants to marry Yao Yue. This is the most evil tactic. Xiao You Er told the doctor to look at him then himself then he’ll know what is good looking. The doctor said though he is ugly, he truly loves Yao Yue but Yao Yue loves Yan Nantian. The doctor said Yao Yue and Yan Nantian truly love each other but Yan Nantian left her for his face. Yao Yue then despite Yan Nantian and harm other men. Xiao You Er said he is Jiang Feng’s son. The doctor asked Xiao You Er if he is really Yulang Jiang Feng and Yeunu’s son. Zhang Jing told the doctor to look at Xiao You Er’s handsome face. The doctor said Xiao You Er is handsome like his father. Yao Yue is waiting for Yan Nantian and told Lian Xing she isn’t scare of the doctor nor care for him.

Favorite Wuxia Eye Candy!

I have to say that some Jin Yong wuxia series have gorgeous Eye Candies with loveable personality and is hard to stay away from.

Male Eye Candies

Duan Yu in Demi God and Semi Devils 96

Emperor Hong Hei in Duke of Mt.Deer 98

Female Eye Candies

Wong Yung in Legend of Condor Heroes 94

Ah Or in Duke of Mt.Deer 98

Chiu Man in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000

Eye Candy Couples

Kwok Ching and Wong Yung in Legend of Condor Heroes 94

Yeung Kuo and Siu Lung Noi in Return of Condor Heroes 95

Childhood Wuxia Heroes!

I love wuxia and had two main childhood heroes idol due to my parents always rent those set of wuxia series. My parents rent many wuxia series when I was a child so I got to see a lot of wuxia heroes. I love watching them performing martial arts. Here are my favourite childhood heroes. Then later on, my parents start to rent Jin Yong and other wuxia series due to they have read wuxia novels. Those heroes save the day!

Zhan Zhao, the fourth royal bodyguard known as the royal cat. I love watching him having a duel with Bai Yutang, one of the five mice.

Wong Fei Hung, Master of Kungfu of Guangdong. His father Wong Kei Ying is one of the ten tigers.

Being a fan of other drama blogs!

Yes I used to check previous tvb blogs: TVB Musing, K4TVB, TVB Square, TVB Index, and SPCNET. There used to be so many asian drama bloggers 10 years ago. As a tvb addict who have chatted with numerous tvb fans, and having been told being a “tvb guru” or “You are the right person to talk about this”, I’ve never thought of being a drama blogger but I love blogging and choosing layouts. I always wanted to be a drama recapper due to my love of stories especially adventure stories. Reviews are fine, I like expressing my opinions but I love blogging about daily adventure so I prefer to do drama recaps and keeping memories.

But I’m a private person, I don’t like sharing my thoughts too much especially when it will offend someone. Yeah many fans have told me I’m knowledgeable about tvb series and even more than them. I watch a lot of tvb series but I’m one of those who don’t like expressing opinions in public places which is why I’ve never been a fan of forums. I prefer one on one chat where I know the person.

But the more I do wuxia and tvb recaps, I would like to review or recaps some good wuxia series that my favourite wuxia and tvb bloggers haven’t covered. I used to chat with SPCNET about wuxia series and we do watches different wuxia series. There are some wuxia series I would like to cover. There are too many asian dramas to be watched right?

With Wuxia Edge gone, there still A Virtual Voyage who covers wuxia series. 🙂

I’m planning to cover more wuxia series and asian dramas that I would like to.

❤ Jac

Legendary Siblings episode 37 recap

Xiao You Er and his friends did a funeral for the two sect members. Black Spider fained. Murong Jiu woke up and checks up on him. As Murong Jiu wiped Black Spider’s forehead, he told her not to leave him. Yulang sighed to Hua Wu Que’s servant if his father can’t be the sect leader, he will lose everything. Hua Wu Que’s servant told Yulang to listen to his mother and turn back and don’t follow his father doing evil things. She and his mother are worried about him. Yulang told Hua Wu Que’s servant to bring his mother to a safe place since if his father knows she is here, he will kill her. Yulang told his mother he will visit her and find a place for Hua Wu Que’s maid and her to stay and they will never separate again. Yulang’s father saw Yulang and said Yulang is too soft heart. Yulang told his father he was worried his mother would blab nonsense so he took her away. Yulang’s father asked Yulang where’s his mother. Yulang said she died. Yulang said he has killed his mother last night for leaving them and she deserves to die. Yulang said he gotten rid of her body. Yulang’s father told Yulang he has underestimated him and is more cruel than him. Yulang told his father he is still not as skilled as him. Xiao You Er and his friends plan carefully how to attack Yulang’s father.

Hua Wu Que’s maid picked up some water on the river for Yulang’s mother. Yulang’s father fought with Hua Wu Que’s maid and she fainted. Yulang’s father chased Yulang’s mother. Hua Wu Que’s maid got up out of the blocks and said she can’t die. Black Spider woke up in the temple and grieved that Murong Jiu left. Murong Jiu came and told Black Spider she was hatching medicine for him and he was in coma for sevan days. Murong Jiu held Black Spider’s hand and said from now on he’s her brother. Murong Jiu said the doctor told her it’s better for her to not regain her memories so they can live happily. She was naive for not listening to the doctor so he has to suffer. Murong Jiu told Black Spider she won’t part him. He is her closest person. Black Spider hugged Murong Jiu.

Zhang Jing and Xinlan found Hua Wu Que’s maid. Hua Wu Que’s maid told Hua Wu Que that Yulang’s father wanted to kill her, and she blocked him so Yulang’s mother will runaway. Xinlan said Yulang’s father martial arts is strong and it is easy for him to chase Yulang’s mother. Zhang Jing doubts Yulang’s mother died under Yulang’s father. Hua Wu Que doubts Yulang’s father will follow Yulang’s mother to the village to see how much she has suffered and he also worries that Yulang’s mother will expose him. Xiao You Er told his friends to go to the village right away because Yulang’s father may kill the villagers. Hua Wu Que’s maid begs Hua Wu Que to tell Yulang to save his mother. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er and his friends to go back to the village while he searches for Yulang. Hua Wu Que used his fan and put in by Yulang’s neck. Yulang begged him to not kill him for his maid. Hua Wu Que told Yulang he is useless, when he kills others he doens’t blink but now he blinks when he is about to to die. Yulang said he isn’t afraid of dying but if he dies, Hua Wu Que’s maid has to die after him. Hua Wu Que told Yulang to not use his maid to blackmail him. He came here not to kill him but to tell him that his mother is in danger. Hua Wu Que told Yulang he is taking him to his mother and he will know.

The girl is pregnant with Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er picked up his pearl and thought of the girl. Xiao You Er and Zhang Jing went to the village and saw many villagers dead. Xiao You Er and Zhang Jing checks up on the villagers. Xiao You Er cried and hugged the girl and touched his baby in the girl’s belly. Xiao You Er yelled in the well for the girl to return. Zhang Jing yelled in the well for Xiao You Er’s baby to return. Xiao You Er bowed three times in front of the villagers. Xiao You Er apologized to the villagers he has harmed them. Xiao You Er hugged the girl and said it was his fault. Yulang came with Hua Wu Que’s maid to the village. Yulang hugged his mother. Yulang fought with Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que’s maid stood in front of Yulang and begged Xiao You Er and his friends to forgive Yulang. Hua Wu Que told Zhang Jing he has promised his Yulang’s mother to forgive him. Zhang Jing told Yulang it isn’t Xiao You Er’s fault, his father killed his mother. Yulang carried his mother. Xiao You Er and his friends did a funeral for the villagers. Yulang’s father becomes the new sect leader. The Emei Sect leader drinks with Yulang’s father.

Yulang carries his mother and told the sects that they’ve been tricked by his father. Yulang said he can prove his father was a servant in the floral sect. Yulang said what his mother said is the truth. Yulang said when he was a child, he always see his father beating his mother. He always worry his mother will reveal this secret and attempted to kill his mother. His mother ran away from home but she died under him. Yulang said his father killed his mother. Yulang’s father told Yulang he dares to betray him. Yulang told his father he loves his mother as much as he hates him. Yulang told his father, he has the gut to kill his mother, he won’t accept him as his father anymore, he has to revenge for his mother. Xiao You Er and his friends and Yulang fought with Yulang’s father. Yulang pushed the flag pole into his father. Yulang’s father he’s fine if Hua Wu Que or Xiao You Er kills him but Yulang is the one who he loves the most and kill him. He is evil, he will die without closing his eyes. Yulang apologized he cannot not betray him. He can’t stand his motive. It’s for honor. Yulang’s father dies.

Xiao You Er told his friends the sect member told him to find Yan Nantian then go to the floral sect to revenge for his parents. Xiao You Er and his friends drinks and celebrate for revenging. Yulang had a dream of Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er chop his arms and legs and his head fell down. Yulang doubt Xiao You Er and his friends won’t forgive him. Yulang sneaks in Xiao You Er’s room holding a knife and about to kill stab him while he’s sleeping.