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Legendary Siblings episode 38 recap

Zhang Jing threw a rock at Xiao You Er at the beach. Xiao You Er threw a rock at Zhang Jing and Xinlan. They chased Xiao You Er. Xinlan and Zhang Jing threw water at Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que held his fan and smiled and told them to stop playing and he asked them if they are kids.Xinlan and Zhang Jing pulled Hua Wu Que in the beach. Xiao You Er shares the green apple with Hua Wu Que. Zhang Jing asked Xinlan if shes noticed they’ve been walking three days but only been gone this far. Xinlan told Zhang Jing if they walked a bit slower, they can spend more time together. Xiao You Er asked them why do women always talk, they should go faster.

Yulang followed Xiao You Er and his friends. Yulang blew sleeping drugs and sneaked in Xiao You Er’s room. Yulang was about to stab Xiao You Er with a knife, but Hua Wu Que’s maid stopped him. Yulang pushed Hua Wu Que’s maid and about to stab Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er wakes up and his friends came. The maid begs them to spare Yulang. Yulang pointed a knife at Hua Wu Que’s maid’s neck. Hua Wu Que’s maid asked them to forget about her. Hua Wu Que used his power on Yulang. The maid took the stab for Yulang. Hua Wu Que asked his maid why she’s so naive. The maid asked Hua Wu Que to not kill Yulang. Yulang told Hua Wu Que’s maid to believe him, he didn’t mean to hurt her. Hua Wu Que’s maid said she believes him. The maid begged Hua Wu Que to forgive Yulang if she dies. Yulang told the maid she can’t die, his mother already die and he cannot lose her also. Hua Wu Que promises his maid he will spare Yulang. The maid asked Yulang to promise her after she dies, he will be good and stop harming others. Yulang promises the maid but beg her to not leave him. The maid told Yulang to not be sad, she feels really happy dying under his arm. The maid dies. Yulang carries the maid in the street. Yulang yelled at the people that the maid isn’t dying but is only sleeping. The people surrounded Yulang. Yulang said his wife isn’t dying but is only tired and will wake up. Yulang promises the maid he will leave the sect and won’t greed but she has to promise him to wake up. Once she wakes up, they will find his mother. They won’t part each other again.

Xiao You Er looked at the pearl and thought of the girl. Hua Wu Que sighed with Xiao You Er about the sachet his made gave him and inside it is the flowers of the sect but too bad now the floral sect has no more flowers and his maid has gone. Xiao You Er said at least the maid has found happiness and love and die under the person she loves. Though she’s been attacked by Yulang but Hua Wu Que thinks she never regret it. Xiao You Er said when the girl died, she must have wanted to see him. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er to not think about her, he still have Zhang Jing. Xiao You Er said the girl died and he regrets it, how could he fall for Zhang Jing again. Zhang Jing went in Xinlan’s room and hugged her and cried. Xinlan wonder if Zhang Jing is fine or just pretending. Zhang Jing sat in her bed holding the bell. Xiao You Er and Zhang Jing part with Hua Wu Que and Xinlan. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que next time they meet, they might have a duel. Xinlan told Hua Wu Que that he and Xiao You Er are friends but why do they have to have a duel due to previous generation feud? Xinlan told Hua Wu Que to not left fate control him, if he hangs on, they can escape this incident. They can leave and forget about the conflicts in the martial arts world. Xinlan asked Hua Wu Que what would he do if Yao Yue told him to kill Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que said if he doesn’t fight with Xiao You Er, Yao Yue will kill him. Xinlan asked Hua Wu Que if he has a way for Yao Yue to not kill Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que said he learn it from Xiao You Er. He cares for both Xiao You Er and Yao Yue, and this revenge can be solve with love.

Hua Wu Que told Yao Yue that Xiao You Er will meet Yan Nantian on the eight. Hua Wu Que asked Yao Yue a request to let her bring Xinlan with him. Hua Wu Que wants to make his own decision. Yao Yue let Hua Wu Que take Xinlan with him. Lian Xing knows that Yao Yue wants to see Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er have a duel. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan to not be scared, if Yao Yue kills both of them, they will never be separated. Xinlan thanked Hua Wu Que for being brave.

Xiao You Er asked Zhang Jing if she has heard the strange doctor. Xiao You Er thinks Zhang Jing should stop following him. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing he knows she cares for him but he doesn’t one the person who cares for him will suffer for him. Anyone who cares for him has been dead. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er it’s okay, Yan Nantian is waiting for him and he will protect her. A sect fought with Zhang Jing and Xiao You Er and kidnapped Zhang Jing. The doctor laughed and told Xiao You Er that Zhang Jing is in the cave and he should go and save her. Zhang Jing told the doctor there are many places to hide but he hides in this cave, he is an old turtle. Some drugs blew out of the dragon sculpture.

Zhang Jing and Xiao You Er slept together in the bedroom. Xiao You Er looked around the room and assumes it’s a wedding room. The doctor wants them to get married or they will die. The doctor said this room doesn’t have a door. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er to pretends to get married in front of the doctor. Xiao You Er poured wine for Zhang Jing and opened the veil. Zhang Jing said if this is a dream, she hopes she will never wake up. Xiao You Er turned off the light and slept with Zhang Jing. The doctor said he feels so touched. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er that tonight is the happiest night she ever had. Xiao You Er apologized he can’t make this turn into reality. Zhang Jing said she understands but she is very happy. Zhang Jing said their feelings are true and she will be the happiest girl who die in this world. Xiao You Er thought of the girl and let go of Zhang Jing’s hand. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing he told her that she shouldn’t go with him since she may be in danger. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er they won’t die, if they get married then the doctor will let them go. Zhang Jing pretends to make the sex sound so the doctor will believe it.

The next morning, the doctor asked them if they think that he knows they’ve been faking. Xiao You Er said they were having fun in bed together. The doctor said he’s seen many happy couples, and they can’t joke with love. The doctor said marriage is the most precious event but they play with it, he has to kill them. The doctor said whoever betray love must die, they must die terribly. Xiao You Er told the doctor to not kill Zhang Jing, she was willing to marry him, if he wants to kill then kill him. Zhang Jing said if he know what love is, he married a girl who loves him but she died because of him. He can’t marry her because he can’t betray his wife and that is true love. Xiao You Er asked the doctor if he thinks he is incredible, he’s just an old man who is crazy. The doctor blew sleeping powders on them and they fainted.

Xiao You Er and Zhang Jing woke up in an ice cave. The doctor told them they got to see his trap, and won’t regret dying. The doctor asked them to try and leave. The doctor said he just wants them to get married but they don’t cooperate and want to die. The doctor said they want to die but he won’t let them die. Seeing them defending each other, he has to make them get married. Xiao You Er’s wife already died, and Zhang Jing is by his side. The doctor won’t release them nor feed them until they get married. Xiao You Er said he understands he used to want to marry Yao Yue but got beaten by her so he turned crazy and force others to get married. The doctor asked Xiao You Er how did he know his secret. Xiao You Er said the doctor is heartbroken so he hid in this cave for the past thirty years and don’t want to see others. The doctor said he is using this trap to lure Yao Yue to be his wife. Xiao You Er told the doctor he is old and ugly and wants to marry Yao Yue. This is the most evil tactic. Xiao You Er told the doctor to look at him then himself then he’ll know what is good looking. The doctor said though he is ugly, he truly loves Yao Yue but Yao Yue loves Yan Nantian. The doctor said Yao Yue and Yan Nantian truly love each other but Yan Nantian left her for his face. Yao Yue then despite Yan Nantian and harm other men. Xiao You Er said he is Jiang Feng’s son. The doctor asked Xiao You Er if he is really Yulang Jiang Feng and Yeunu’s son. Zhang Jing told the doctor to look at Xiao You Er’s handsome face. The doctor said Xiao You Er is handsome like his father. Yao Yue is waiting for Yan Nantian and told Lian Xing she isn’t scare of the doctor nor care for him.

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