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Old Time Buddy episode 1 recap

In 1964, Tse Yuen wakes up for work. Tse Yuen put the total bill of one dollar eighty cents for one dish of dumplings and one tea at the restaurants. Then he drops the chopsticks and found a few more dumpling baskets under the table. The boss confronts him if he calculated it wrong for people of four. Tse Yuen said he counted it for four dishes of dumplings and two teas. Tse Yuen threw the baskets out of the window and yelled and pointed at two customers who’s been sitting but never ordered. The boss’s order came and whined that the baskets fell down on her head and she hugged Tse Yuen. The boss yelled at Tse Yuen to go back to work. At the office, Lei Kei threw papers at the people and took the last ticket for a job. He sees a father told his children once he gets this job he can buy them bread. The father asked for the final tickets but it’s gone. Lei Kei gave the father his ticket and wish him luck.

Lei Kei saw his clothes down the stairs from his flat. He tries to open his flat but couldn’t. Lei Kei opened the door and asked the landlady if the lock is broken. The landlady said she has changed the lock. The landlady asked Lei Kei to pay his rent one hundred eighty dollars. Lei Kei said he lend someone a few hundred dollars, he will pay her tomorrow when he receives his paycheck. The landlady said if he has money to lend to others, he should buy a house instead of renting a flat. The landlady said he if doesn’t have money he should rent the flat elsewhere. He already lend the flat to another person. Lei Kei wants to come in to pack his stuff. The landlady said he doesn’t have valuable stuff and only those torn clothes, she gave him his suitcase. Lei Kei buys a lottery ticket.

Tse Yuen hid in the closet from the boss’s daughter. Tse Yuen’s roommate told the boss’s daughter that Tse Yuen has left and she can follow him. Tse Yuen climbed down the window and went to work. Lei Kei counted his money and the lottery ticket flew. Tse Yuen saw Lei Kei and thought he was about to suicide in the sea, he held Lei Kei and they both fell in the sea. Lei Kei held his wet lottery ticket and asked Tse Yuen if he’s crazy. Tse Yuen said he pulled him up and almost caused him to drown. Tse Yuen called him names and Lei Kei pulled his hair down and asked him about his name and they recognize each other as school friends. Tse Yuen shows Lei Kei around his flat. Lei Kei borrowed some money from Tse Yuen and paid his rent for the flat. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei to iron his vest. Tse Yuen said he found hundred dollar bills in Lui Kei’s vest. Lei Kei said these papers belongs to his friends who pawn his accessories so he kept it for him. Tsui Yuen asked Lei Kei why does he always like to show off. Lei Kei said in Hongkong, they care about their outside look so he has to have a nice vest, a watch, lighter, and pen and four english words: Hello, Yes, No, Goodbye. Tse Yuen believes it is better to be honest. Tse Yuen said he learned from his father to not harass women, betraying friends, and losing conscience. Lui Kei grabbed Tse Yuen’s pajamas. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei he has to ask him first and why did he lied to his mother about letting him stay in the flat. Lui Kei said he saw he didn’t object. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei he can stay here but he has a request, he asked him to make a vow. Tse Yuen said Lei Kei can’t take other’s stuff without permission; he cannot have casual talk with his family and neighbor; he can’t think of the third request but he’ll think about it later. Lei Kei teases Tse Yuen’s siste Fei Yin as pretty. Fei Yin said hi to Lei Kei and gave him his bed. Tse Yuen said he knows the third request for Lui Fei is to not harass his sister. Lei Kei told Tse Yuen that his sister approached him. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei that he caused her to approach him.

Fei Yin gave Lei Kei his bowl of Congee. Tse Yuen asked if they are eating plan congee. Lei Kei said they are having congee with mean and black duck eggs today. Tse Yuen complained that he has plain congee and he asked his sister why is she so nice to Lei Kei. Fei Yin told Tse Yuen she cooked for him but he is so nosy. Tse Yuen’s parents told them to stop arguing and Lei Kei became is mature and became an accountant when he is in his twenties. Lei Kei said he traveled to US last year and resigned. Tse Yuen told Lui Hark he is very honest. Tse Yuen gave Lui Kei a newspaper to look for a job. Lui Kei said everyone wants to hire a talent like him but he is picky on what job he wants. Lei Kei said women are scared of marrying the wrong man but men are scared of taking the wrong career. Tse Yuen looked at the lady in the store. Lei Kei told Tse Yeun he is courting Ah Jan and how long has he been dating her. Tse Yeun said he has never talked to her. Lei Kei asked if she is mute. Tse Yuen said he is mute and she is mature and quiet. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei he has never seen her smile. Lei Kei came to Ah Jan and she laughed. Tse Yuen asked Lei Kei what did she say to her and why did she laugh. Lei Kei said he didn’t say anything to her, he only drank tea and it made her laugh. Lei Kei asked Tse Yuen why is he sneaky as if someone is trying to kill him.

Tse Yuen came home and hid in the closet. The boss’s sister asked the roommate where’s Tse Yuen. The roommate said he left. Tse Yuen sneaked down the window and the boss’s daughter came up to him. The boss’s daughter pulled Tse Yuen’s tie and told him to hang out with her or she’ll report him for harassment. The boss’s daughter hung out with Tse Yuen and invited him for barbecue next time. Tse Yuen said he only learned english up to the letter b. The boss’s daughter kisses him and said she has to pick up her father. Tse Yuen threw up. Tse Yuen went home. Lei Kei made the Ah Jan laugh. Lei Kei asked Tse Yeun why did he come home late. Tse Yuen said it’s none of his business, he can come home anytime he wants. Lei Kei asked Tse Yuen why he isn’t happy. Tse Yuen pushed him and asked him to leave, he hates people who don’t keep their promises. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei he has broken his first vow which is to take someone else’s stuff. Tse Yuen said he stole Ah Yan. Lei Kei said he thought he has committed a death crime. Though he is handsome, he isn’t that flirty. Lei Kei told Tse Yuen he sees he doesn’t dare to court her so he is trying to help him. He has invited her to come to their home to eat for the Mid Autumn Festival. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei he doesn’t know if he is telling the truth, why did Ah Yan look humble when he saw him. Lei Kei told Tse Yuen that she smiles at everyone but him which means she notices him. Lei Kei asked Tse Yuen why is his hair messy. Tse Yuen said the boss’s daughter dragged him to hang out with him. Tse Yuen explains to Lei Kei. Lei Kei suggests Tse Yuen to tell the boss’s daughter his feeling in a crowded place, hide heavy objects, and then confidently end the relationship with her. In the restaurant, Tse Yuen held on to the boss’s daughter shoulder and yelled “I don’t like you fat woman”.

Lei Kei ordered red bean coconut drink and looked at the newspaper for job. Yang Kwan made a square finger and asked Lei Kei to look to his upper left and he is the one. Lui Kei asked Yang Gwan who he is and why must he listen to him. Yang Gwan said he can’t let a talented man go, he has the aura and voice of actors. He is a director and wants him to be the lead but he has to give him ten dollars so he can give him a ticket to set up for the film. Lei Kei asked him if he has to give him ten dollars, how would he know if he is real or fake. Yang Gwan showed him the script and said it looks like he doesn’t’ want to do it, and there are still plenty of people who wants the role. Yang Gwan gave him ten dollars. He told him to read the script while he set up for him. Lei Kei opened the book and has blank pages. Yuk Wah gave Tse Suen a box of mooncake. While eating dinner, Yuk Wah’s wife said he hear his son’s acquaintance courted his boss’s daughter and got fired. Tse Suen told his son Tse Yuen he taught him to always be honest and he should remember. Tse Yuen choked and and went to drink water. The tenant told Tse Suen that the person that got fired was Tse Yuen not the coworker. Tse Suen told his son on the balcony that Lei Kei already told him about the story of the fat woman an he doesn’t blame him, not everyone love fats. Small Kid Cheung showed Tse Suen the candlelight he made. Fei Yin told Tse Yuen is father is not mad at him. Tse Yuen said his father love him the most and wouldn’t be mad at him. Lei Kei and Fei Yin pretends to leave so Tse Yuen can spend time alone with Ah Jan. Tse Yuen made a move and said the moon if full tonight. Tse Yuen puts a chair for Ah Jan to sit. Tse Yuen tries to hug her but tripped. Ah Yan said it’s late and she should go home. Lei Kei calls him useless.

In the room, Lei Kei told Tse Yuen that he is holding a lantern not Ah Yan and if Ah Yan is that good. Tse Yuen sai if she marries him, he is willing to die ten years younger. Lei Kei said he should focus on his career like him. When he gets in the film industry, he will be rich and people will know him. Tse Yuen asked Lei Kei why didn’t he ask his uncle who works in the film industry. Lei Kei said his uncle is known as strict and selfish or else he wouldn’t have been conned ten dollars of advertisement. Tse Yuen said the tenant next door also work in the film industry he can ask introduce him. Lei Kei said he will work hard to be a famous producer. Tse Yuen sleeps and dream of Ah Yan.

Lei Kei borrows ten dollars from Tse Yuen and bought a one dollar and dollar and a half lottery ticket for him and Tse Yuen. Tse Yuen asked Lei Kei if he knows how two dollars can buy them a bowl of char siu. Lei Kei said they can finish bowl of Cha Siu but if they can win a lottery ticket for one million and then two million and become millionaires. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei that daydreaming too much may be harmful for his health. Ah Jan smiled and wished Lei Kei and Tse Yuen luck. Tse Yuen asked Lei Kei if he noticed Ah Jan smiled at him. Lei Kei told Tse Yuen to stop thinking about it, it is unhealthy. Tse Yuen tripped down to the store owner. The store owner asked him why is he standing in front of his store and if he’s trying to prevent him being rich.

Lei Kei searches for a job. Lei Kei wears his sunglasses and buy a soda. Yan Gwan made a square finger and asked Lei Kei to stare on his left and told him he has never seen someone with an aura like actors. Lei Kei told Yan Gwan and have a great voice and would like to ask him to be the lead actor to his new movie. Lei Kei took off his sunglasses and told Yan Gwan to repay him ten bucks. Lei Kei chases Yan Gwan to Tse Yuen’s flat and drank a glass of water. Lei Kei searches Yan Gwan in his room. Yan Gwan sat on the top of the shelves and put his finger signaling small kid Cheung to not tell. Small Kid Cheung nodded. Lei Kei stood on the top of the table and pulled him down. Yan Gwan injured his leg and said he lost Lei Kei’s ten dollars due to gambling. He doesn’t have money but he can introduce him to the film industry. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei to sign up. Lei Kei told Tse Yuen to sign up too. Tse Suen is okay with it as long as Tse Yuen doesn’t learn bad habit.

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