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Old Time Buddy episode 2 recap

Yan Gwan took Tse Yuen and Lei Kei to the film studio. Lei Kei and Tse Yuen saw some of their favourite actors. Kiu Fung talked to Lei Kei and Tse Yuen and said he has a villa but they thought he was crazy. A person told Lei Kei and Tse Yuen look like robbers and will fit the role. In the dressing room, a lady told them they are sitting in other people’s seat. They read Cheung Po Chu and Siu Fong Fong. Chun Po Chu came. The fans asked her what series is she filming. She said The World’s Finest. Siu Fong Fong came. Lei Kei found Chu Po Chu and Siu Fong Fong so pretty. A man put powder on Tse Yuen and Lei Kei and told them to dress up. He puts white powders on their faces. Siu Fong Fong ached her stomach and went in the men’s room. Tse Yuen got out of the toilet. Siu Fong Fong yelled for help. Tse Yuen ran through the window and borrowed Lei Kei’s tissue and covered his face. Fong Fong’s friends went in the restroom and followed Tse Yuen and searched for him.

The producer told Tse Yuen and Lei Kei to jump from the top of the house. The producer counted to three, Tse Yuen jumped but Lei Kei dind’t. The producer gave Lei Kei a new role of pretending t be a tree. Tse Yuen asked Lei Kei why he didn;t jump. Lei Kei sai he said they would jump at one two, three but he jumped at two. Tse Yuen covered his face seeing Fong Fong and Po Chu. Fong Fong stare at Tse Yuen while the producer is talking. While practicing swordfights, Fong Fong chased Tse Yuen and tries to chop him. Lei Kei hugged Po Chu and covered her ears. The wall of the thouse falls. The producer yelled and asked who brought those two silly guys. Yan Gwan told told Lei Kei and Tse Yuen that their salary will be two hundred dollars per month and deduct one hundred and twenty dollars for a contract of ten months. Lei Kei and Tse Yuen works thirteen hours each day. Lei Kei explains to Tse Tsuen that they are young and have to work hard.

Ah Jan gave Lei Kei a bottle of sugar cane. Ah Jan’s father yelled at her for being lazy. Ah Jan stared at Tse Yuen. The restaurant owner charged twice for the milk tea then tripled. Lei Kei ordered three sweet breads for them and Kiu Fung. The restaurant owner called three poor breads. The restaurant owner told Fong Fong and her mother they have a new dish. Tse Yuen stared at Fong Fong and told Lei Kei and Kiu Fong that those movie stars only eat two pieces and stopped. It is a waste. Lei Kei said he won’t be like that when he becomes a star. The boss told the server to wrap Fong Fong’s food and then serve it to others.

While filming, the actor bumped into a microphone and the producer blamed it on Tse Yuen. While filming, Bo Chu accidentally threw a tea cup at Lei Kei and he bled his head. Fong Fong looked at Tse Yuen and called him cheap. Fong Fong drops her glasses and searches for it. Fong Fong’s maid picked up her glasses for her. Fong Fong ate abalones and fishes for dinner. Fong Fong ate food at her uncle’s stall and asked him why didn’t he find someone to help him since he only has one arm. Fong Fong saw Lei Kei and Tse Yuen. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong to clean the table. Fong Fong heard Tse Yuen called her ugly. Tse Yuen asked Fong Fong if she likes Bo Chu or Fong Fong. Lei Kei ordered two bowls of noddles with meatballs. Fong Fong mixes leftover water with the noodles and gave Tse Yuen and Lei Kei. An old lady asked Tsuen for his bowl. He gave it to her. She ate it and has a stomach ache. Lei Kei and Tse Yuen carried her to the hospital. Tse Yuen bumped into Ah Jan. Lei Kei told Ah Jan that tomorrow is Tse Yuen’s birthday and he would like to invite her to his party.

Ah Jan said tomorrow is her sister’s birthday. Lei Kei said she can invite her also. Ah Jan said seven o clock tomorrow at the restaurant. Kiu Fong invited Lei Kei and Tse Yuen to eat with him. Tse Yuen said he is waiting for his girlfriend. Tse Yuen asked Lei Kei if he noticed Kiu Fung eat bird nest’s and fishes that’s why they can’t look on the outside. Ah Jan brought her sister the fat lady which Tse Yuen’s dumped. Ah Jan introduced the fat lady as her sister. The fat lady ordered the most expensive food. In the restroom, Lei Kei calculated the total of the expensive food and he and Tse Yuen don’t have enough money. Lei Kei invited Kiu Fong to eat together. Kiu Fong ordered red bean dessert with bird’s nest. Kiu Fung found the price of the food cheap but he lost his wallet. Kiu Fong told the servant he knows the boss. The new boss told Ku Fong the old boss got fired last night. Kiu Fong wash dishes with Tse Yuen and Lei Kei. Ah Jan paid the bills for them. Lei Kei told Kiu Fung he will go with him picking up his parents leaving Tse Yuen and Ah Jan alone. Tse Yuen asked Ah Jan what happened to her hands. Ah Jan said she injured herself while opening her father’s box of money. Tse Yuen told Ah Jan he will repay for her. Ah Jan said her father doesn’t know, if he knows, he will hit her. Tse Yuen apologized he will repay her when he receives his salary. Ah Jan said the restaurant is not their type and she is happy eating at the food stall with him. Tse Yuan called Ah Jan and held her hands. They walk together.

Lei Kei asked Tse Yuen to listen to music after work. Tse Yuen said he is hanging out with Ah Jan tonight. Lei Kei is happy for Tse Yuen but doubts if Ah Jan’s father would let him date her. Tse Yuen said Ah Jan lied to him about hanging out with her old friends. Kiu Fung said his parents sent him a thousand dollars and he invited Tse Yuen and Lei Kei to go out to eat at that restaurant. Tse Yuan joked to Lei Kei that last time Kiu Fung caused them to wash dishes, maybe this time they may have to be in jail. In the dressing room, Fong Fong told the reporter she’s filming Ru Lai Shen Zhang. Kin Wai came and the reporter said he heard she will film Hua Mulan. Tse Yuen, Lei Kei, and Kiu Fung felt tired after filming and the producer told them to do it again.

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