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A bit busy lately! Blog Update!

Hi guys, I’m a bit busy in real life and need to take care of real life and work though I have enough time to relax and take my time to take care of things I need to take care of. About this drama blog, I’ve been blogging for more than 5 years and a half and will turn six in a few upcoming months. I love my asian dramas too much especially old dramas that I do recaps for them. I like blogging in my personal space. Throughout the drama blogging world journey I’ve chatted and met man awesome likedminded asians but also some white guys and girls who are interested in asian culture and blogs about asian dramas and wuxia. Yeah some of the whites tell me “Though I love wuxia series but I understand I am not as knowledgeable in asian culture and dramas as you or other asians who grew up with them”. A Virtual Voyage and NancyDramaland are two awesome asian girls who blogs about cdramas who I chat with. Zoekpoptv, DapowerZ, and YamHelen are asian girls who found me through DramaFever. Wuxia Rocks is an asian guy who is a big fan of wuxia. Deathblade from Wuxia World and Brendan from Bedrock Games are two white guys who are married to an asian females who loves wuxia series. I’m also good at connecting my asian friends to other asian friends. Some found me and then found my other asian friends due to me tweeting and tagging them altogether. They are all awesome.

I have a mixed feeling sometimes. Some asian drama bloggers agreed with aznidentity reddit and gave me some of their perspectives but some don’t and sided with asian feminists. Here are some of the quotes from asian drama bloggers who are asians who don’t have a reddit account but gave me their opinions on it. You can see how asians outside of reddit views.

One of the insightful quotes that a korean american guy who is a kdrama blogger and asian movie reviewer gave me.

Everyone looks after their own interests, don’t read too much into it. I’m especially suspicious of anyone that uses the word “incel”, because it’s rooted in sexism.The problem with some Asian guys is that they are actually practicing a mix of sexism and ethnocentrism disguised as anti-racism. They’ve been put down by the world, but bought into patriarchal power structures and basically would rather that Asian men come out on top of the male-dominated power structure.

From an hk tvb blogger who is a chinese girl

I am asian. I dont hate. I just wonder if there will be pure chinese left. Doesn’t make me a racist. Same way i view gay couple.

It is racism but like black people they think Racisms is against them and not from them. Utter rubbish. And just because I don’t date black guys doesn’t mean I am a racist or if I think some Asians as shady means I am racist. Prejudiced maybe, not racist. But article like this is racist.

I dont believe in compartmentalising people. Same like criticism Farah for marrying a white woman. Love is love. So does this argument apply to gay couples? Gay chinese dude can only date gay chinese dude?

A cdrama blogger a chinese girl

I do not condone hateful language. Some issues should be pointed out, however. One thing I’ve learned that’s very true, as they frequently say in the US, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Our Asian tradition, especially Chinese, is to be modest and humble. Therefore, we are generally the quiet workers or students who work diligently without complaint, and try to excel despite adversity. Being an Asian American really requires more thoughts and careful action to balance what we want and how to achieve our goals. What I mean is, continue to nurture your self confidence and develop the ability to express your opinions on social issues. I write about Asian entertainment, so generally I don’t talk about politics and social issues in this area.

The second one you linked is troublesome. It reminds me of the rhetoric employed by the Virginia Tech killer (Korean American). Don’t mean to say this particular individual will go that direction. I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist. Maybe he’s a teenager. Maybe he is a recluse. I wish I knew what the solution is.

I watched asian dramas since I was eight, I am very dedicated to it. But lately I am busy and just blog from time to time or once a few days. Many drama bloggers have left. I kinda doubt if I will leave this asian drama blogging world since I love them so much. I’m one of those dedicated drama fan and bloggers.

Here are some of the wuxia series that I grew up and have special memories in my mind.

Justice Bao 1993

Demi God and Semi Devils 96

Cake Empress

Chess Warrior

Food Glorious Food

Bodyguard Jade Doll

War and Remembrance

Xiao Shiyilang 2003

Justice Sung

Flutes are relaxing in wuxia!

I love this wuxia romance!

A clip of ATV’s Food Glorious Food

❤ Jac.

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