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Old Time Buddy episode 4 recap

Lei Kei told Tse Yuen to pretend to be crazy and not know what happened. Tse Yuen’s mother told Tse Suen that when Tse Yue makes money, he will make fifty thousand dollars. Tse Suen said he isn’t mad at Tse Yuen but he’s mad at himself. Tse Suen said if Tse Yuen loves Ah Jan he should work hard and make money instead of borrowing money from other people even if he’s a monk. Tse Yuen said he taught him that and he invited him to eat biscuits. Tse Yuen visited Ah Jan in the restaurant. Tse Suen told Ah Jan to come back in the room. Lei Kei ordered two teas. Tse Yuen looked at his watch and sighed about a way to get five thousand dollars to marry Ah Jan. Lei Kei said he can con others.

At the film studio, Siu Fong Fong asked Lei Kei where’s Tse Yuen. Fong Fong asked Tse Yuen where does he want to go. Tsui Gei told the producer it is hard to court Po Chu, she isn’t flirty nor greed fame. The producer said he can give up. Tsui Gei said Po Chu is his chewing gum, after he got bored of chewing it, he will throw it in the trash. Tsui Gei played a love song in his guitar in front of Po Chu. Po Chu told Tsui Gei to play quietly since she is reading a script. Po Chu told Tsui Gei it’s kinda hard to hear. Tsui Gei ate a chocolate bar. Po Chu tried the chocolate bar and found it good. Fong Fong filmed with Tsui Yuen and Tsui Yuen picked up his watch. Tsui Yuen sighed that his watch got broken and he can’t see Ah Jan. Tse Yuen waits for Ah Jan outside her house. Ah Jan dried her clothes and watches Tse Yuen. Ah Jan’s father slapped Ah Jan and told her to come in. Fei Yin yelled there’s a mosquito. Tse Yuen got out of the kitchen and thought he called Ah Jan. Po Chu’s mother told Po Chu she will play mahjong with Fong Fong’s mother. Tsui Gei ordered dishes for Po Chu. Po Chu ate less than five minutes. Po Chu said she has never eaten so great as today. Tsui Gei puts some drugs in Po Chu’s orange juice while she’s in the restroom. Po Chu was about to drink the orange juice and watches her watch that it’s time to go home and she spilled the drink on Tsui Gei.

Po Chu weighed eight hundred more grams. Po Chu jumped on her rope. In the hospital, Tse Yuen is sleeping and Lei Kei yelled to his ear that there is a mosquito. Fong Fong gave Tse Yuen a new watch. Lei Kei told Fong Fong that his girlfriend gave him the watch. Tse Yuen gave the wrong noodle dishes for Lei Kei and Kiu Fung. The food stall owner yelled at Tse Yeun and asked him how did his mother give birth to him. Lei Kei told the food stall owner that he doesn’t need to yell at his mother too. The food stall owner gave Tse Yuen five thousand dollars but Tse Yuen refused and said Ah Jan will wait for him. The food stall owner told him to not be naive he lost his girlfriend due to missing two hundred dollars. Fong Fong gave the food stall owner his birthday cake. The food stall owner introduced Tse Yuen to Fong Fong. Tsui Yuen drove Fong Fong to her home.

Fong Fong asked Tse Yuen he must have known many stars while working in the film. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong, other stars won’t recognize him but Fong Fong will. He has never seen someone so spoil. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong she called him a pervert and broke his watch. Fong Fong ran from a dog. Tse Yuen led the dog out.

While playing Mahjong, Kiu Fung asked Tse Yuen where’s his sister. He plans to invite him and Lei Kei to watch the musical. A debt owner searched for Yan Gwan. Yan Gwan told Lei Kei he owes five hundred dollars from the nightclub. Lei Kei, Tse Yuen, and Kiu Fung impersonate a band. Tsui Gei and Po Chu watches them performing in the musical. Po Chu ate and drank and fainted Lei Kei, Tse Yuen, and Kiu Fung left the concert. Tsui Gei was about to rape Po Chu in the room. They went in the room and hit Tsui Gei.Po Chu wakes up. Kiu Fung told Po Chu that everyone knows that Tsui Gei is a pervert. Tse Yuen told her to be careful when making friends. Lei Kei told Po Chu she should be call dumb as a goat. Po Chu said she kows she is dumb and useless. She worries this incident is going to be on the news and she wants to jump in the sea. They promised her they won’t tell. Po Chu vowed if this incident gets leaked, she will jump in the sea and won’t forgive them when she turns into a ghost. Lei Kei, Tse Yuen, and Kiu Fong sings a song to cheer Po Chu up.

Yan Gwan told them they almost caused his arm to get chopped. They told him they left to rescue someone. They disguise into golden iron men and let Tsui Gei punched them while filming. They kicked him and left. The Wong Fei Hung song played. A gang came toward Kiu Fong, Lei Gei, Tse Yuen, and Fong Fong at the food stall. Kiu Fung punched the gang. Tse Yuen, Lei Kei, and Fong Fong wants Kiu Fung to teach them martial arts. Kiu Fung accepts them as their disciples. After filming, Po Chu asked Lei Kei, Tse Yuen, and Kiu Fung if they are laughing at her. Lei Kei told Po Chu to leave or else he will have to sing for her. Tse Yuen and Kiu Fong told Lei Kei to not bully Po Chu. They hid in the restaurant worried Tsui Gei will bully them. Yan Gwan told them that Tsui Gei got spilled acid on his butt by someone and is in the hospital. Po Chu told them she didn’t do it. They sworn they didn’t tell her secret or else they will work in the restaurant. They ate chickens. Po Chu crave and wants to eat at the food stall. Po Chu told Lei Kei to eat.

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