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Old Time Buddy episode 5 recap

Lei Kei told Po Chu to eat faster then they can go home. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei that Po Chu is a good girl. Tse Yuen and Lei Kei saw Ah Jan’s store is closed. Lei Kei had diarrhea for eating too much. Po Chu told Lei Kei that she had stomach ache but felt better after drinking medicine. Po Chu gave Lei Kei a bowl of medicine. A lamp fell on Lei Kei but Po Chu fell under the lamp for him. The restaurant owner told the chef that Tsui Gei and Po Chu are both in the hospital and Lei Kei brought them bad luck. Lei Kei yelled at the restaurant owner. Kiu Fung asked the restaurant owner if he wants him to buy this restaurant.

Lei Kei brought a bouquet of flowers of stood in front of Po Chu’s hospital. Po Chu’s dad watches Po Chu eat and told her seeing her eating chicken soup he would like to be in the hospital. Po Chu told her father that the pleasure of living is eating and sleeping. She must thank the person who caused her to be injured. Po Chu told her father she haven’t told her mother who has injured her. He didn’t meant to and we shouldn’t make it big. Lei Kei knocked on the door and placed the bouquet of flowers on the floor.

Fong Fong eats and reads a book. She watches Ah Jan’s father yelled at Ah Jan. Someone interviewed Ah Jan. Fong Fong saw Ah Jan crying asked her if she’s Tse Yuen’s friend. Fong Fong told Ah Jan that she knows Tse Yuen misses her. Ah Jan said she also misses Tse Yuen and will see him. Ah Jan said she has to leave or her father will hit her.

Tse Yuen waits for Ah Jan and told Lei Kei he has a feeling something bad is coming up. Tse Yuen came home and saw Ah Jan. Ah Jan said she stayed at her cousin’s house for the past three days. Tse Yuen’s family congratulates Tse Yuen and Ah Jan. Ah Jan hangs wout with Tse Yuen at six flags. Tse Yuen said he can swear he truly loves her. Tse Yuen bought two ice creams. He came back and lost her and waited for her. Ah Jan came. Tse Yuen told Ah Jan next time they should buy a red knot to tie their hands up so they won’t separate. Tse Yuen took Ah Jan home. Ah Jan gave Tse Yuen a paper bag and told him to close his eyes. She kisses him. Tse Yuen’s family teased Tse Yuen of wearing the sweater. Tse Yuen read a letter from Ah Jan she is leaving Hongkong. Ah Jan’s father married Ah Jan off to pay his gambling debt.

Fong Fong told Tse Yuen that she saw Ah Jan crying at the drink shop with her father. Tse Yuen asked Fong Fong why didn’t she tell him. If she told him, then Ah Jan would not leave. Tse Yuen stands in front of Ah Jan’s house and said it’s done. He stared at the watch. Tse Yuen dropped his watch. Tse Yuen doesn’t have the appetite to eat dinner. Tse Yuen’s family cheers Tse Yuen up. Tse Suen told Tse Yuen about his firs love with a french woman. The whole family listened to his story. Po Chu thanked Lei Kei for the flowers. Lei Kei denied.

The producer watches Lei Kei acting with Fong Fong. Kiu Fong believes Lei Kei may get the role since he’s been there more than fifteen minutes. Tse Yuen fainted. Lei Kei called Ah Jan. Tse Yuen ran and saw another guy dressed up as a girl who’s name is Ah Jan. The restaurant owner heard Lei Kei is the main lead. Fei Yin gave Lei Kei a letter. Tse Yuen held on to the paper. Lei Kei reads the paper that the film industry wanted to sign contract with him.

Lei Kei daydream of ladies run into him asking him for an autograph. A motorcycle passed by him. Po Chu asked Lei Kei if he is waiting to sign the contract and she wants to come up with him. Lei Kei said they have different fate and should keep a distance. Lei Kei signed the contract for two years. The secretary told Lei Kei he will take up a big supporting role. A motorcycle was about to crash on Lei Kei. Po Chu asked Lei Kei if he knows who is the main lead. Kiu Fung said Tse Yuen is the main lead. The producer told Tse Yuen’s family that Tse Yuen is good at crying and falling in love. Tse Yuen got drunk and rejected the role and said he’s so tired. Tse Yuen fell asleep. Lei Kei looked at the bed and wondered why he isn’t the main lead. Fong Fong asked Lei Kei if he knows why he isn’t the lead. Fong Fong told Lei Kei he has potential but he overacts.

Lei Kei told his friends at the food stall that Fong Fong complimented him and said someday he will be the lead. Fong Fong got an idea. Lei Kei took Ah Jan’s love letter from Tse Yuen while he’s sleeping. Fong Fong wrote a letter to Tse Yuen that she will return after one year. Tse Yuen decides to work hard. Tse Yuen gave the watch for the store owner to fix. Tse Yuen ate an apple.

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