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Old Time Buddy episode 6 recap

Tse Yuen films with Fong Fong a crying scene. The producer told Tse Yuen to speak louder. Tse Yuen drinks tea and told the servant to serve two teas for his buddies Lee Kei and Kiu Fung. Kiu Fung said this tea only taste normal, the tea he has at home is better. Yan Gwan invited Tse Yuen to a businessman’s house. Fong Fong asked Tse Yuen to lend him some money to play mahjong with Fong Fong’s family. Fong Fong’s father told Fong Fong to socialize with Tse Yuen. During dinner, Fong Fong’s father had tofu dish. Tse Yuen said he really likes tofu. Fong Fong’s father said he likes Tse Yuen’s honesty. Fong Fong’s mother said don’t be a con like Tsui Gei. Fong Fong’s father said he found a way to promote Tse Yuen and Fong Fong by telling a journalist to write a newspaper about them and promote them in a romance movie the theater. Fong Fong’s mother told Fong Fong to memorize the script. Fong Fong told her mother she’s kinda nervous because Tse Yuen doesn’t have the motivation to film and only filmed two scenes in three days. Tse Yuen told Lee Kei and his friends he’s worried Ah Jan will read the news of his new film. Fei Yin said he makes a good couple with Fong Fong. Tse Yuen said Ah Jan is ten times better than her. She is nice and pretty whereas Fong Fong is arrogant and skinny and said he has a motive to harm him. Fong Fong left early.

While dressing up, the paparazzi interviewed Fong Fong and Tse Yuen if they are dating. Fong Fong asked she acted with thousand of actors and does it mean she has dated them. The paparazzi took a picture of Tse Yuen put his arm around Fong Fong. The producer told Fong Fong to slap Tse Yuen on the face while filming. Fong Fong slapped Tse Yuen very hard and left. Tse Yuen told Kiu Fung that Fong Fong is such a good actress. The reporters saw Tse Yuen and Fong Fong drink with each other and asked how long have they been dating. Tse Yuen laughed and said they’ve been dating for a couple of months.

Po Chu reads the news that Tse Yuen and Fong Fong are dating and asked her mom about it while she plays mahjong. Fong Fong’s mother said it is a bait for the movie to get more fame. Po Chu’s mother said Po Chu doesn’t need those men. Kin Wai suggest Po Chu to find someone to marry. Lee Kei wants to go peeing but the producer told him it’s time to film. During filming in the beach, Po Chu messed up one time and redit the scene. After filming, Lei Kei went peeing. When he returns, everyone left. Lee Kei told Po Chu to let him go to her car. Po Chu said her car is not working. Po Chu told her driver Lee Kei can stay with her.


Po Chu found the beach beautiful. She kicked the sand on the water during the night a hundred times. Lee Kei is tired of counting and told her if she wants to turn into water ghost. Po Chu teased Lee Kei that there’s a breeze. Po Chu said she has never been afraid of the dark. Po Chu told Lee Kei she used to film with the main lead at the beach and it’s very romantic and they kicked the sand on the water and it’s very fun. Lee Kei said he thinks it’s crazy. Lee Kei asked Po Chu if she does crazy things with her boyfriend at the beach. Po Chu hesitate that she still doesn’t have a boyfriend. Po Chu mumbled she is a loser and Fong Fong and Tse Yuen are dating. Lee Kei said those are rumors. Po Chu said it’s better to have one. Po Chu shouted at a shooting star. Lee Kei said he heard that if they wish on the shooting star, their wish will come true. Po Chu asked Lee Kei if his dream is to be an actor. Lee Kei said his childhood dream is to be a producer and produce a great film. Po Chu wishes to have a boyfriend while Lee Kei wishes to be a producer on the shooting star. Lee Kei and Po Chu misses the ride. The police came and Po Chu’s servant told the cops that Lee Kei kidnapped her. The police beat up Lee Kei.

Fei Yin rubbed Lee Kei’s arm. Tse Yuen’s mother said he always act as a robber so the cops mistaken him for one. Lee Kei said Tse Yuen rode a nice car and have a nice house whereas he has to ride on a police car and put on some ointment. Fei Yin got mad hearing him watching the stars with Po Chu on the beach. Kid Cheung found some ripped photos of Po Chu on the street and he told Fei Yin. Fei Yin she not only wants to rip Po Chu’s photos but also chop and eat him. Fei Yin said it’s because Po Chu likes Lee Kei. Kid Chung asked Fei Yin if Po Chu an actress would fall for Lee Kei. Fei Yin said even actors aren’t handsome as Lee Kei. Kid Cheung teased Fei Yin for being jealous of Lee Kei. Kid Cheung ran and said she likes Lee Kei but it doesn’t mean Lee Kei likes her.

Tse Yuen’s mother wears sunglasses in the restaurant. two old ladies asked her to come in her bread shop and signed and autograph if she has time. They asked her when Tse Yuen and Fong Fong are going to get married. Tse Yuen’s mother said she would feel good if Tse Yuen and Fong Fong are really dating so he would forget Ah Jan. Tse Yuen’s mom said Tse Yuen and Fon Fong always argue and will eventually fall in love. Fei Yin wonders about Lee Kei and Po Chu. Fei Yin whined to her friends she refused to see Po Chu’s new films.

Kiu Fung brought flowers for Po Chu. Fei Yin asked Kiu Fung why he’s going to the funeral. Kiu Fung said his parents are still alive. Fei Yin asked why he brought flowers. Kiu Fung said it’s for her. Kiu Fung told Fei Yin he likes her. Fei Yin told him she doesn’t like him. She told him to leave. Kiu Fung told her he can bring her happiness. Fei Yin told him they are not fated to be together. Fei Yin counted the flowers he likes me he likes me not and happily screamed he likes her. Fei Yin asked Lee Kei if he hates Po Chu when he sees her everyday. Lee Kei said he really despite her. Fei Yin asked Lee Kei if he will treat her like he treats Po Chu. Fei Yin pushed Lee Kei and wants to watch the shooting stars with him. Lee Kei fall asleeps on her while she wishes on the star.

Tse Yuen practices filming an hour early and told Lee Kei he has so much pressure in filming. If he doesn’t memorize the lines, his coworkers will be mad at him for staying up late. Kiu Fung told Tse Yuen that he only has two lines while sitting on the bed. Kiu Fung bet twenty thousand dollars that Tse Yuen will finish filming that Tse Yuen wil film less than ninteen times while the restaurant owner bid he will film twenty time. Lee Kei drove Kiu Fung out and told him to drink tea with him. Tse Yuen films a scene with Fong Fong more than twenty times. Kiu Fung said those people greed money but luckily he didn’t bid or else he would have lost twenty thousand dollars. Tse Yuen apologizes to Fong Fong in the dressing room causing her to stay late. He asked her if he doesn’t have the skills to act. Fong Fong told Tse Yuen he doesn’t have the skills but many actors also don’t have the skills but work hard to act. Tse Yuen thanked Fong Fong for cheering her up. Lee Kei gave Fei Yin a new pair of shoes she found at the film industries. Fei Yin cooked pig soup for Tse Yuen.

Tse Yuen went home tired and told Lee Kei he doesn’t want to eat. If he doesn’t read the script, he won’t be able to eat. He ca’t memorize the script and may get fired. If he can’t finish filming the scene tomorrow he will quit. The producer told Tse Yuen to follow as he said. While filming, he told him what to do. Tse Yuen stared at the painting and fell down the sofa and choke himself.

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