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Old Time Buddy episode 7 recap

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During dinner, Lee Kei and Kiu Fung imitates Tse Yuen’s fainting scene and laughed. Tse Yuen threw chopsticks at them for teasing him. Fong Fong asked Tse Yuen to watch a movie with him tonight. They watch the movie. Fong Fong apologized Tse Yuen that they showed other movies. Tse Yuen thanked Fong Fong for helping him but he doesn’t think it will help him because he doesn’t have the skills to act. Fong Fong asked Tse Yuen why does he gives up so easily. There are other actors who don’t think they can act but they work hard and still act until now. Fong Fong showed Francis how to walk like a star. Fong Fong told Tse Yuen to watch more western movies to learn from it. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong she talks like Fong Fong. Fong Fong told Tse Yuen to work hard for Ah Jan. While the crew watches Fong Fong and Tse Yuen’s movie, the director and everyone fell asleep. The director yelled at the producer for producing a stupid romance movie. The producer said Tse Yuen act so wooden. The director’s wife laughed and told him that the part where Tse Yuen die is so hilarious and even his son laughed. At home, Tse Yuen told his family, he thinks he can’t show this movie because he sucks at acting, he will go back in washing dishes tomorrow.

Tse Yuen wash dishes. The food stall owner gave him a drink but he didn’t want it. The director came to Tse Yuen’s home with the paparazzi. Tse Yuen said he was washing dishes. The director said he is a comedian. Fong Fong told Tse Yuen that his movie made profit. Lee Kei and Tse Yuen films a love scene with In the dressing room, Fong Fong. Tse Yuen felt asleep. Lee Kei sighed that his fate is different. Tse Yeun asked Lee Kei if he can take a break, if he can he would. The driver told Tse Yuen that people in town sees him as an idol. When Tse Yuen returns home, everyone brought him flowers. He came home and saw many presents. Tse Yuen’s father said he couldn’t come down to work so he called his sister Fei Yin to call his day off. A boy climbed on the wall and asked Fei Yin for an autograph. Fei Yin’s coworkers stared at Tse Yuen while he’s sleeping but his mom drove them out.

Po Chu apologizes to Lee Kei for her driver accused him last time. Po Chu told Lee Kei to buy her a cotton candy. Po Chu ate cotton candy and found it good. Lee Kei said this isn’t abalones. Po Chu said he always eat it but she never eat it due to his mother didn’t let her. Po Chu told Lee Kei that their wishes in the shooting star didn’t come true. Lee Kei threw the cotton candy and told Po Chu that he needs a good script and good actors for him to agree filming. During dinner, Po Chu asked her mother how did they fell in love. Po Chu’s mother said she met her father in the film firm and found him grumpy but then found out he loved her.She said she knew his father loved her by giving her flowers. A fan told Lee Kei to give the bouquet of flowers to Po Chu. Lee Kei went to the restroom and told a lady to give the flowers to Po Chu. Po Chu received a bouquet of roses. Another lady told Po Chu that Lee Kei gave it to her.

Po Chu ate desserts and dropped her spoon. Sheut Sin and Kim Fai saw Po Chu distracted and asked her who’s her boyfriend. Po Chu said he’s Lee Kei who always act supporting roles. Sheut Sin criticizes him as poor. Kim Fai said he can work hard. Po Chu said she doesn’t know how to tell Lee Kei. Sheut Sin told her to reject him. Lee Kei acts as a Tse Yuen’s replacement. The actor stabbed Lee Kei in the wrong leg. The producer told Lee Kei luckily he didn’t stab Tse Yuen. Po Chu gave Lee Kei and handkerchief. Lee Kei went home crippled. Lee Keei told his sister the red handkerchief isn’t his but Po Chu saw him being injured and gave it to him. Fei Yin got mad and yelled at Lee Kei that Po Chu likes him. Lee Kei swears though he’s handsome he can’t be with Po Chu because they aren’t fate to be together. Lee Kei read a paper in english. Kiu Fung translated that the flat owner will sell the flat. Lee Kei didn’t believe it and told a priest to translate it. Kiu Fung told the tenants taht he asked his parents to borrow the villa but they argued. The tenants ate dinner. Tse Yuen received twenty thousand dollars as a reward for his movie being successful.

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