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Old Time Buddy episode 8 recap

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Tse Yuen showed Fong Fong his cheque and thanked her for supporting him. Tse Yuen ordered some food. A waiter recognized him and Fong Fong but Fong Fong denied her identity. Tse Yuen ordered fishes and abalones. Tse Yeun said he will use his money to buy gifts for his father to eat. Fong Fong suggests Tse Yuen to buy a house. Tse Yuen measures Fong Fong’s waist to sew an outfit for Ah Jan. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong to try the outfit. Fong Fong refused. Tse Yuen bought Fong Fong a ring in exchange. Tse Yuen bought two rings one for her and Ah Jan. Fong Fong said the ring is kinda big. Tse Yuen changed it to a big one. Tse Yeun wondered what size fits Ah Jan. He told Fong Fong he will give those two rings for Ah Jan then buy her another one. Yuk Wah bumped into Tse Yuen.

Tse Yuen reads the paper that Yuk Wah’s family in her hometown is not doing well. Yuk Wah said her mother is ill and needs money. Tse Yuen told Yuk Wah he has money to give her to find a good doctor. Yuk Wah thanked him but rejected. Tse Yuen said he has twenty thousand dollars. Fong Fong laughed and told Tse Yuen that he was so firm when talking to Yuk Wah and she would have thought he is a great actor. He is a good person and cares for others. Tse Yuen said his father taught him to help others and not harassing women. Tse Yuen wants to go to Fong Fong’s house to use the restroom. Fong Fong said the restroom in her house is broken. Fong Fong accidentally blurted to Tse Yuen to meet him tomorrow then she said she meant to meet him next time.

Tse Yuen brought fruits to his parents and told them he plans to buy a house. Tse Yuen’s mother wants to use the money to buy a gold. Kid Cheung came home and slept. A tenant couple got upset and argued about losing their flat. The wife threw a pot at her husband. Tse Yuen told the tenant he can live in his new house. The food stall owners told Tse Yuen to eat at their stalls. The food stall owner drove them away. Kid Cheung told Tse Yuen that he puts his name and Ah Jan as his parents to register for school. Fong Fong and Tse Yue came to register Kid Cheung for school. The registrant asked Tse Yuen why did he marry so soon and had a big kid. Tse Yuen told her that he and Fong Fong got engaged during birth by their parents. She asked him if he is dating Fong Fong. Fong Fong said it’s a rumor. The registrant told Tse Yuen that he matches with Fong Fong and she told him to give her a ticket to his movie. Tse Yuen told the registrant that his son wants to go to school. The registrant said it’s filled. Kid Cheung cried. Tse Yuen said he feels poor for Kid Cheung for working hard and wanting to go to school but it’s filled up. Fong Fong saw the principal and he recognizes her as Fong Fong and she dealt with him. Kid Cheung saw Fong Fong and Fong Fong told Kid Cheung to promise her to pretend this conversation has never happened. Tse Yuen paid one thousand two hundred for Kid Cheung’s school bills. Tse Yeun gave Kid Cheung some money to buy uniforms and book and encourage him to work hard to be a doctor.

Fong Fong dresses up. Tse Yuen believes Ah Jan will look pretty in that dress. Tse Yuen sings and told Fong Fong he will introduces Ah Jan to her when she comes back. Fong Fong went to the restroom. The food stall owner told Tse Yuen he won’t understand since he isn’t a woman. A staff make a makeover for Fong Fon and put on a wig and a pair of glasses. Tse Yuen looked at Fong Fong and thought she was her friend. Tse Yuen asked Fong Fong if she has twin. Fong Fong said she comes from a higher class family and doesn’t have a sibling. Tse Suen eat with the tenants for the last time. Tse Tsuen said he bought a house for fifteen thousand dollars from his boss. Tse Yuen drinks. Tse Yuen told his father he doesn’t have the money to buy a house. He gave three thousand dollars to Yuk Wah and Kid Cheung and his friends. Tse Yuen heard and told her mother that she already told neighbors they are going to move. Lei Kei told Tse Yuen to ask his boss to borrow money. Tse Yuen came to the office but told Lee Kei that his boss is out of town. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei that his mother is ashamed of going out and she may be sick. Fong Fong heard it. Fong Fong asked Lei Kei to give her the two pages scripts. Fong Fong asked Lei Kei if he is arguing with Tse Yuen. Lei Kei told Fong Fong that Tse Yuen needs money to move out. Lei Kei got touched Fong Fong cares for him. Fong Fong told Lei Kei they are friends. Lei Kei went filming and apologized to Fong Fong and said next time they will chat again.

Fong Fong told her uncle, the food stall owner to lend money to Tse Yuen with a reason. The Food stall owner borrowed two hundred dollars from Tse Yuen and said he will bid in a horserace. Tse Suen went home in his room to hide. The food stall owner gave Tse Yuen the money he won ten thousand dollars from the horserace. Po Chu’s maid told Po Chu she noticed Lei Kei uses her red handkerchief. Po Chu told her maid to not tell her mom about Lei Kei.

Fei Yin gave Lei Kei a bowl of soup. Fei Yin got mad at Lei Kei using Po Chu’s red handkerchief to sneeze. Fei Yin forbids Lei Kei to not use Po Chu’s handkerchief and don’t meet her. Lei Kei said he will see her at work. Fei Yin told Lei Kei he eats and sing karaoke with Po Chu everyday and will easily fall for each other. Fei Yin asked Lei Kei if he is the main lead. Lei Kei asked how can he be the lead so easily since Tse Yuen is being promoted as lead. Lei Kei used the red handkerchief and sneeze and told Fei Yin not to use it. Po Chu and her maid eavesdrop on Lei Kei pulling his chair and sneeze.

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