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Apple Colada episode 1 recap

Kwan Sun went to the restroom. Alice told her servant to get a glass of honey water and banana for Kwan Sun. A robber chased Kwan Sun to the elevator. Madam Lu sprayed water on the robber. Alice stepped on the robber on her high heels. Alice told Kwan Sun she was so scared. She never fought with anyone before and it’s so exciting. She’s never immerse in the role when shooting. Kwan Sun and Alice celebrates Alice’s birthday. He gave her a model of Tioman Island. Alice came in and saw Kwan Sun with his mistress, and she whined about him calling her baby. Kwan Sun said it’s hard for Mei Mei. Kwan Sun when he was saying baby he wasn’t referring the her mistress but to her baby. Alice whined that Kwan Sun said it was alright they don’t have a baby. Alice told Kwan Sun and his mistress she wants a divorce. The mistress high five with Kwan Sun Yin that ow Madam Lu seriously wants a divorce.Yee called Alice and wishes her a happy birthday and asked her when she will return to Hongkong. Madam Lu told Kwan Sun she will return to her hometown.

In the classroom, the kids complained to Eliza Sam they don’t want too much homework. Eliza said it’s irresponsible not to do their homework and she wants them to be responsible. A kid asked Eliza that the bell run but the classroom isn’t over tso the bell is irresponsible. Eliza said the class is over. Eliza asked Mok Chi Long why doesn’t he eat his apple. Fruits is health and farmers work hard to grow them. The kids covered their ears.

Raymond Wong played Avigotchi and came late to work. Raymond told Jazz to stack the good. The girls massaged Raymond’s shoulder. Raymond won the cart race of whoever gets first in the pit. In Shiutung store Tommy ate a pear from Japan and didn’t find it taste good. Tommy who is Raymond’s dad saw Raymond played on the phone and he knocked his head. Raymond told his dad he got eight stacks done. Jazz came with four stacks. Raymond thanked him. Raymond’s father told Raymond he did such a sloppy work, how could he manage the store. Raymond told his dad that his strength is better than Uncle Tong. Raymond told his dad they need a power cow. His dad told him that he just wants an electric stacker. The wooden stacker is still good. Raymond’s father told the staff to sell the grapes.

Someone is about to jump down the building. Raymond and his friends put the stock in the van which blocked Alice’s way. The police arrived and told Alice she is blocking the road. Raymond shaked his butt in front of Alice and called her auntie. Alice told Raymond she’s a pretty girl and not an auntie. Some guys teased Alice. Alice told Raymond he’s a jinx. Alice asked Raymond if he’s not a jinx, he thinks he’s a hottie? Tommy told Alice it was his fault, he will take her suitcase while she goes to the taxi. Alice told Raymond to hold her suitcase using a tissue since his hands are dirty but her suitcases are expensive. Tommy pushed the suitcases and the suitcases dropped off. The men looked at the bras. Alice told Raymond and his father that they are so mean. Raymond told his dad that they can’t count on the wooden cart and that won’t happen with the power stacker. Raymond told his father they cane replace one stack that his silly brother Keung own a second handed power stacker and it looks like new.

Eliza talks told Alice about her cousin Bong. He’s a cop and ever since his parents moved to Canada he moved to Hk. Alice gave gifts to Bong. Alice looked around the house and found the furniture old and she told Eliza she will give her money to renovate the flat. Eliza asked Alice why didn’t she come with Uncle Yin. Alice said she wants him to stay in Malaysia. If she doesn’t cheer her up, she won’t return to Malaysia. Eliza brought boiled milk to Alice and said she doesn’t have bird’s nest. Alice sit and chat with Eliza on the bed. Alice asked Eliza if she was mad she left her when she was a kid. Alice asked Eliza if she found her cold for leaving her for marrying her husband when her father was gone. Eliza told Alice don’t worry she got a job she love and she’s happy. Alice told Eliza it is good she is a nurse, it is a professional job. Eliza said she’s a primary school teacher. Alice gave Eliza a pink pearl bracelet as a gift. Eliza said she gave her the same bracelet last year when she was in hk. Alice told Eliza that her suitcase got broken by the wholesale fruit workers. Eliza recalled her dad took her to the wholefruit sales market. Alice recalled Eliza’s dad yelled at her for wanting to be an artiste.

During breakfast, Raymond gave fried chicken to his grandma. Raymond played on the power stacker. Eliza took the kids to the whole fruit sales market. The kids saw some guy put the trash on the floor and a guy arguing with a woman. A kid told Eliza that the guy wants to beat up his friend. Eliza told the kids that beating can show friendship. The kids looked at Raymond and the guys gambled. They asked Eliza why don’t the guys sell fruits but earn money with red underperants. The kids saw Raymond peeing. Eliza told the kids to get into the bus. Eliza asked Raymond if he feels shameful. Eliza came home and told Alice and Bong that the kids saw many bad thing. Alice came home and saw Kwan Sun with his mistress.

Kwan Sun told Alice to sign a document he bought the share under her name. Alice sighed Fuck you and left. Raymond and his stacker blocked the taxi. Alice got out the taxi and ran. Alice ran to the whole sales fruit market and told Tommmy he wants to buy fruits. Tommy locked the store. Alice accidentally bumped into the power stacker. The power stacker burned.

Comment: Hey guys! This is the first tvb series in 2018 i’m watching. I watched it for Alice Chan, Raymond Wong, and Eliza Sam. I’m liking Alice so far. I loved her in Friendly Fire and I also like her confidence in Apple Colada. Not so keen about Raymond’s lazy character but we’ll see how it goes. This is the first time i’ve seen a drama centered around food stall.

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