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Apple Colada episode 2 recap

Raymond tried to cut the lock. Raymond’s father threw a bucket of water at Alice. The firemen put bandages on Alice’s arm. Alice whined to Eliza she hid in the whole sales fruit market. Alice called Raymond’s father a jinx. Raymond and his father argued with Alice about burning their power stacker. Alice argued with Raymond and his father for causing her face to be burned. Eliza told them they are so rude. She took Alice to the hospital. During dinner, Alice complained there weren’t any sprinkler at the whole fruit sales market and she will sue them. During lunch, Bong told Alice that the whole sales fruit market isn’t regulated by the fire service ordinance. Alice looked at the news that the trading has been suspended so she lost the share.

Producer Leung asked Alice if she’s interested in appearing a film again. Alice told the producer if he needs her she won’t say no. Producer Leung told Alice he will put her in some variety shows to test the audience. Alice and Eliza talked to Uncle Man and saw how burnt the Wo Fung store is. Alice held the abacus and thought of her dad and cried. Uncle Man said her father and he worked hard to build up the whole fruit sales market. Uncle Man said she managed the store with Nagging Kin and Wing but eight percent of the share belongs to Eliza’s father. Eliza and Alice argues with Raymond and his father that the fruit sales market is Eliza’s father’s store. Alice told Raymond and his father he wants the store back. Eliza thought of his father and the abacus. Alice told Eliza to get the store back.

Alice saw one of Kwan Sun’s man down her flat. Kwan Sun knocked in Eliza’s flat. Bong opened the door. Kwan Sun came in. Bong said there’s nothing at the police station today. Kwan Sung asked Bong if he’s a cop. Eliza called Kwan Sun her uncle Yin.Uncle Yin said he came back to take Alice back to Malaysia. Alice nagged Bong to change the lock since there is loan shark. Alice asked Bong how many people can he fight. Bong said four. Eliza told Kwan Sun to console Alice as soon as possible. Kwan Sun told Alice to come back with him to Malaysia. Alice told Kwan Sun she doesn’t want to. She wants to stay with Eliza for a month. Kwan Sun said fine and they can visit him in Malaysia. Kwan Sun angrily yelled. Kwan Sun received a call someone is causing trouble in his office. He came back to Malaysia.

Raymond refuses to buy a power stacker for five hundred dollars. Raymond raced with a guy and the guy’s power stacker stopped. Eliza told Alice that her father wanted her to manage the store when she grows up. Alice said Eliza’s father wanted her to manage the store but she was busy shooting movies. Eliza said after she visited the whole fruit sales market, she owed her dad. Alice told Eliza to let’s work on building the store together. Alice said her marriage can’t be saved and she wants a divorce. Alice told Eliza she is a wealthy housewife on the outside and pretend to be strong but she is unhappy and it is so painful. She decided to stay in Hongkong and run the store with her.

Alice took a survey of the whole sales fruit market. Alice said there was a fire so they need a relocation. The staff said he heard a crazy woman caused it. The staff said the business has dropped a lot. But when it goes up, they make about two to three million dollars per year.

The principal told Eliza that they cut classes but there’s still not enough students. There are eight students in third grade. He told her the school will close down after the summer and today will be her last day. Alice asked Eliza if her father gave her a document of ownership. Alice told Eliza her dad loves her the most. Now she is unemployed, she should take the store back. She’ll carry on with her dad’s business and have a new job.

Alice and Eliza threw white papers at the store for Eliza’s father. Alice introduced Eliza as the store owner’s daughter. Alice told the people that Raymond and his father managed the store for eleven years. Last night, her brother came into her dream wanting money. She wanted to burn him but Tommy wants to throw her out. Alice said Tommy and Raymond bullied her and Eliza. Alice told Raymond and his father that her brother will revenge for her if he knows that. Tommy told Alice to pack her things and get out or he’ll call the police.

Alice and Eliza gathered with the staff. Eliza said eight percent of the shares still belongs to her. Eliza told Raymond to not blame her and see what he turned the store into. Alice told Raymond and Tommy if they don’t want to give back the store, then they’ll see them in the court. The elder man asked Alice if she has any ownnership document. Alice told the elder man there should be a record. The elder man showed Alice and Eliza a thousand stacks of documents for them to search. Eliza saw Matt up on the ceiling and told him to come down, she will buy her tea.

Matt tries to help someone to not suicide. Matt tripped and fell down the stack of boxes of fruits. Uncle Kwong told Eliza his back got hurt while carrying boxes of fruits and no one hired him. Eliza criticized the president of the whole fruit sales Wong Yiu Tong for not helping Uncle Kwong. Uncle Kwong asked Eliza if he knows how Wong Yiu Tong is. Matt said it is his father. Matt and Eliza sit and ate and chat in the restaurant that they haven’t seen each other since high school graduation. Matt told Eliza that he heard that her father used to be the work for the whole sales fruit market but an accident happened. Eliza a told Matt that she and Alice wanted to get the store back but needs the document. Matt told Eliza he will figure a way to help her.

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