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Apple Colada episode 3 recap

Matt told his father he needs to tell him something. Matt asked his father if he will pay compensation for Uncle Kwong being hurt at the whole fruit sales market. Matt’s father said Uncle Kwong is not his employee so why would he do it. Matt’s father said if he asked the owner to pay compensation when the workers got sick, how would they listen to him. He’s the president he must follow the rule. Matt told his father that nowadays workers are entitled to protection and he told him to change the rule. Matt’s father said he worked in the fruit sales market his whole life and he knows what to do and don’t need his advice. Matt wants his father to have compassion and help Uncle Kwong. He worked in the fruit sales market and is old and want to suicide. Matt’s father asked Matt if he is so unhappy with the fruit sales market why he doesn’t work there. Matt told his father he just doesn’t want many problems and unfair situation happens. Matt told his father that he’s the president and something is happening and why he doesn’t do it. Matt’s father asked Matt where did he fail to address the issue. Matt told his father to help Alice and Eliza. Matt’s father said he needs the ownership document. Matt sighed there’s no document and he doesn’t want to help. Matt’s father said back then when the store owner discussed with the store owner about relocation issue, Lee gave him the ownership document. Matt asked his father where it is. Matt’s father said it’s been years and he doesn’t remember where he put it. Matt’s sister Karman prepared Papaya soup for Matt and his father. She put a lot of figs on it and it’s good for her father’s lung. Matt’s father told her what’s the used she is smart, she can’t help with the store. Matt’s dad overheard Matt talking on the phone about applying for a warrant to search for the document.

Matt’s father came in the room and saw Matt searching in his drawer. Matt’s mother said Matt is looking for his high school certificate. Matt’s mother told Matt’s father to open the drawers. Matt’s father opened each drawer. Matt took out the store’s document. At the bar, Crystal gave Matt a drink. Crystal told Matt he is so tense, he will be serious. Crystal warned Matt to be careful.

Raymond and Jazz came. Raymond told Matt he is a social worker but he committed theft. He’s a mole and help outsiders. Jazz told Matt to hand out the document. Matt said he found it. Eliza is her high school classmate and he wants to help her and the fruit market. He doesn’t want outsiders to think they are bullies. Raymond told Matt it’s crap and he won’t let anyone rob his father’s store. Don’t make him use violence. Eliza saw Matt grabbing Raymond and taking the document. Eliza told Raymond to give the document back or she’ll call the police. Raymond held the document and said his friend lend it to him. Eliza told Raymond to not think she’s afarid of him because he sticks his chest out. Eliza pinched Raymond and kept the document. Alice held the document and told Raymond that her brother owned eight percent shares of the Wo Fung store. Alice saw a rope and thought it was a rat and she screams. Alice deals with Tommy to sell her eight percent shares for three millions. Tommy showed Alice the burned room and said it is her Wo Fung store and he laughed. Tommy bet Alice she would leave in two weeks. Tommy told Alice she only knows how to sell her looks and she can forget about selling fruits. Alice said confidently she will get the Wong Fu store back and run it. Alice talks to the workers how she wants her shop to be. A worker told Alice that movies stars and reporters will be here for the opening.

Alice told Tommy there will be a show in the opening and she spent two hundred thousand dollars on it. At the Wo Fung store, opening there was a concert. Bong confronted a triad. Tommy told Alice to listen careful that this is a fruit market and they sell fruits and not lust and if she thinks this is a nightclub. Alice told Tommy he should ask around if she made a mess. Matt’s father came with the district Councillor at the cocktail party. The district councilor said this party may be noisy but the media exposure is good for whole sales fruit market. The district councilor said it will be good business. The lights are blinking. Raymond checked the electricity. Alice told Eliza to follow Raymond thinking he’s trying to sabotage their party. Raymond checked the power outage. Eliza told Raymond that Alice is right, he is messing with the power cord. Alice introduced movie star Yeung Bing Bing, the district councillor, and Matt’s father. Alice cut the ribbon and there was a power outage. The neighbor stores owner argued at the meeting about the power outage. Matt’s father yelled at Alice and Tommy to pay for the damage.

During dinner, Raymond and Jazz ate pears. Tommy sighed that there are bone demon and now spider demon. Heroes fail because of beautiful women. The maid brought stewed milk with pears. Alice announced fruit discount on the first day. Coco stole money from her mother Fiery Kuk to pay for her bill. Raymond told Fiery Kuk to not scold her daughter all the time.

Customers paid for the fruits in Alice’s store. Raymond and his father watches. The customers ate food at Alice’s store. Tommy yelled at his maid for about to eat. He yelled at Raymond and Jazz for eating. Tommy slapped Raymond and Jazz for eating congee. Alice uses pear as her face mask. Alice said she paid so much for the damage of power outage and received many fruits in return. If she doesn’t use them it will get rotten. Alice told Eliza their turnover is over hundred thousand dollars.

Raymond pees. Eliza passed by and tries to scare him. Uncle Kwong complained to Eliza that he paid two thousand dollars to live in a tight place. He has no income now so he may live in the street. Eliza told Uncle Kwong that Matt has found a good place for him in the fruit market. The loan shark bumped into the door. Eliza called the police. Eliza prevented Uncle Kwong from escaping through the window. She sees Raymond and Jazz walking. Eliza threw pants at Raymond and Jazz. Raymond and Jazz saw the loan sharks. Eliza came home and told Bong that luckily he and his colleagues came. Eliza wakes Alice up for work. Alice ate breakfast with Bong and Eliza. Alice told them that he was a happy housewife and she didn’t have to work. Eliza gave free stamps and gifts for the customers. Brother Mo and Uncle Mo complained about customers is too noisy and blocked their way. Alice told them that she is a little woman and they wouldn’t want her to fail in the market. Brother Mo and Uncle Mo left. Alice asked Tommy he he wants to. Tommy angrily left.

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