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Apple Colada episode 4 recap

Raymond complained to Matt’s father that business is going down and he has to work overtime. A the meeting, the store owners told Tommy to settle with Alice since she did many things because she doesn’t like him. . Matt father told Tommy he’s so heartless to want to throw Alice and Eliza out. Matt’s father told Tommy to talk to Alice or buy Wo Fung store. Tommy said if he talks to her, she will increase the price. Matt’s father said the store belongs to Alice and Tommy ran it for twenty years and made enough profit. Matt’s father told Tommy to pay for Alice out of goodwill. Alice ate ice cream bar and told Raymond and Tommy that she is busy and everyone wants to buy in her store. Raymond told Alice they don’t want trouble and only want everyone to be happy. Tommy deals with Alice to give her three million dollars.

Eliza told Alice she will run the store well to return her father and her favor. Alice freaked and told Eliza she doesn’t need to return her favor. Alice asked Eliza if someone buys the store, would she will sell it. Eliza said she will consider it. Alice went shopping and found a red purse she likes but thought about saving money to pay Tommy three million dollars. She asked the sales woman to keep the purse for her for one night but she refuses. Alice thought the shop will close in two hours so no one will buy the purse. She saw a woman trying the purse. Alice paid fifty eight thousand dollars for the purse.

Eliza ordered one egg sandwich and one black coffee for takeout. Eliza told the restaurant cashier that she worked the whole night in the fruit market and needed black coffee. Eliza said she’s young and can stand working hard. Raymond said if he had three million dollars, he wouldn’t mind the hard work either. Jazz told Raymond said she must immerse her character to gain audience. Raymond told Eliza that his father agrees to pay her aunt three million dollars for the Wo Fung store but she still pretends to work so hard. Eliza told Raymond he’s making up stories. Raymond told Eliza that his father told her aunt to go to the store to get the cheque. A man told Raymond he will pay him three hundred and fifty dollars to pretend to be a Wo Fung store customer but he refuses.

Alice asked Tommy for the cheque. Tommy spit water on the cheque and picked up the phone. Alice wiped the cheque. Tommy took the cheque back and told Alice that she hired people to fool him. Tommy ate the cheque. Eliza came and asked Alice why she sold the store. Alice told Eliza she didn’t sell the store and her father worked hard on it. Tommy told Eliza that Alice sold it for three million dollars. Alice asked Tommy for evidence. Eliza asked Alice if she didn’t sell the store then why did she come back to the store. Alice said she went back to get her keys and went to the store to see how’s Tommy’s doing. Eliza asked Alice if she lied. Alice said she can vow. Eliza heard Alice talking on the phone she will pay him back. Eliza asked Alice what happened. Alice said the tv isn’t sharp enough and she should get a 4k. Alice said Uncle Man said it would take a week to pay. Eliza is about to call. Alice told Eliza it’s not good to ask people in the morning. Alice told Eliza that the customers was being hired by her, and now their boss asked her to pay him. Alice told Eliza that’s how they do sales. Eliza whined there’s no real customers. Eliza told Alice she lured Taikoon store to buy her store. Alice told Eliza she doesn’t understand and she will take a nap.

Alice came to Mr.Law’s office and asked him what supplies she could buy. Mr. Law asked Eliza how many apples and oranges she want. Eliza talked to Brother Hoi. He gave her a tea can. Eliza told Brother Hoi that the goods will arive at 8:30 pm tonight. Raymond teased Eliza of hiring a porter. Eliza said she is helping her dad and she doesn’t play tricks. Raymond told Eliza to drink the herbal tea to calm down. Eliza threw the tea at Raymond and told him to use it since she is afraid she will be mad again.

Eliza told Alice to clean up the trash since it will look weird if people sees it. Alice searches for the eight diagram. Eliza told Alice it’s better to focus on improving their business. Eliza came and complained to the porters that they helped Raymond carrying the good instead of her. The porter told Eliza that they helped Raymond unload his goods then his truck will leave then she will get a parking space. Tommy teased Alice of not having customers. Alice chopped the apple and made a treat for the customers but they didn’t like it. Raymond laughed and told Eliza that the fruits have expired. Eliza confronted Mr. Law on selling her bad fruits. Mr. Law told Eliza that she wanted something delivered early so he suggested her US apple. If there were three items, she would also sell US apples. She couldn’t sell because she doesn’t know how to sell them. She can only blame herself. Alice told Mr. Law that Eliza should blame herself for being naive. She thought no one would fool her and he would give her advices. Alice told Mr. Law if he wants to make money then don’t lie again. She’s watching him. Mr.Law recognized Alice as an actress and said he loves her movies and she acted so well in Lingering Love. Alice said she had small screentime in that movie and only died once. Mr.Law said he still remember that gaze. Alice high five Mr. Law and thanked him. Mr. Law asked Alice for an autograph. Alice walked with Eliza on the street and asked her if she looks like a superstar. Alice told Eliza she should have come with her last time to talk to Mr. Law then he wouldn’t have sell her bad fruits. Eliza told Alice now that Mr. Law promised to give them good fruits and they have achieved something.

Alice told Eliza to quote her name in the future, she appeared in top stations and have many fans. Eliza asked Alice if she wanted to keep a low profile. Alice told Eliza she wanted to keep a low profile but fame can’t hold her back. Alice told Eliza she can promote her store by letting customers buy five hundred cans and receiving an autograph and when they buy one thousand cans, they can take a picture with her.

The workers made a rally in front of the fruit market. Matt’s father told them to go back to work or he will send them home. Matt argues with his father to give employee protection. Matt told his father that Uncle Kwong worked for years and didn’t receive compensation. Matt’s father said the workers didn’t complain before and Matt only cause trouble. Matt’s father told the workers to either work or leave. Matt’s father wants to call the police. At the bar, Raymond consoled Matt that his father won’t change and if he changes the policy, the others in the fruit market won’t.

Matt and Raymond drank water. Crystal told them that she didn’t want them to drink without paying. Brother Kent came in the bar and ordered a whiskey. Brother Kent offer to buy Crystal dinner tonight. He gave her eighty dollars then more dollars. Crystal rejected and told him to drink his wine. She has an appointment with someone else tonight. Matt Yeung and Crystal walked out of the bar in different direction. Brother Kent drove his car and followed her. Crystal hangs on to Matt and said she’s hungry and wants to order Japanese Food.

Crystal ordered many food. Matt asked her why she ordered many food since he isn’t hungry. Matt was about to try it but Crystal stopped him and said she she thought he wasn’t hungry then she told him to go ahead and eat. Matt asked Crystal who is that guy. Crystal said Brother Kent is a gangster in Yau Ma Tei and they called him Black Dragon. Matt said he heard of him and Bong used to arrest him. Crystal said Brother Kent was a young gangster and then climbed up. Now he takes over the gang. Matt said he doesn’t think Brother Kent wants to take over the gang but he wants her. She better be careful when he’s not around. Crystal said Brother Kent thinks he’s a black dragon but people think he’s a worm only. Matt told Crystal he doesn’t care he will stick with her whether Brother Kent is a black dragon or a worm. Crystal told Matt to see if she can manage sticking with her. The workers carried the boxes of fruit and said they will receive labor insurance.

Alice told Tommy if he wants to keep the staff, he should make them feel comfortable. Eliza told Raymond and Tommy that Mr.Law saved the Snow Rabbit for Alice’s specialty. Raymond asked Alice how she got it. Alice told Tommy she will give him a discount of thirty percent if he buys fro m her. Matt’s dad yelled at Matt for adding labor insurance. Karmen showed a dish of prawns to her dad. Brother Kent went to Matt’s father office and offer to help his business. Brother Kent’s gang fought with Raymond and the workers. Eliza got stabbed and fainted.

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