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Apple Colada episode 5 recap

Jazz and Raymond visited Eliza in the hospital. Raymond gave Eliza a fruit basked. a patient teased that Eliza is only in the ER and if Raymond needed to give her a fruit basket. Alice said there’s only apples and oranges and she can’t sell them and they must be expired. Raymond told Alice that his fruits are fresh and better than her apples she sells which are sour like her heart. Eliza told Raymond he must be sincere when he apologizes. Matt asked Raymond how’s Eliza. Raymond told Matt Eliza is polite as a teacher. She is injured but an said unusual things. She’s okay. Eliza introduces Matt to Alice. Bong told Matt that Black Dragon attacked them.

At the bar, Brother Kent asked his two members about Matt’s background. He drank with a bartender Tart and slapped him and said he lost. Matt ate with Raymond. Matt asked the chef for the menu. Raymond saw Brother Kent and his members and he whispered to Raymond to run. Raymond and Matt ran and stopped in front of the fence. Raymond fought with Brother Kent and his members. Bong came. Bong took all of them to the police station. Bong asked Brother Kent why he went to the fruit market. Brother Kent said he wanted to buy durians. Brother Kent said he bought many boxes. Lam Sir came and confronted Brother Kent about his cases.

Crystal sat with Matt at the bar and asked Raymond if he knows Kungfu, what is he afraid off. If he wasn’t low key, she wouldn’t have worked hard to trap Eric and his members. Matt explained about he invited him to lunch then let Brother Kent saw them and chased them and it was time for Bong to arrest them. At least the cops knows Kent wanted to hurt Raymond.

Raymond wore a cast and told his father and the workers that he fought with Brother Kent but Brother Kent and his gang got hurt more than him. But now the police noticed this case. Raymond said he needs to do medical tests. He asked Matt’s father for money. The workers also want to give him money. Raymond thanked them and said now he knows how Uncle Kwong feels. Raymond spoke for the workers that most of them will suffer without protection. Raymond said they can give him money for medical expense and then the workers can use it when they need it. Matt told Alice that Raymond wanted to help the workers so he pretended to be injured. Tommy asked Raymond how can he cover that. Raymond said he can tell them that his limbs are fine. Eliza asked Matt and Tommy if they feel ashamed. Alice received a call that they have more new fruits.

During dinner, Jazz told his maid he wants oyster congee instead of fish congee. Tommy wondered why Mr. Law sell the fruits to Alice. Raymond told Tommy that Alice plays Mahjong with Mr.Law. Jazz told Tommy and his maid to play Mahjong with Mr.Law. Raymond’s maid came in Mr.Law’s office. Mr.Law told her that she must ordered those fruit three months earlier. The phone rang and he told her he has work to do. Raymond’s maid followed Mr.Law and Alice’s taxi. Raymond’s maid saw Alice holding Mr.Law and pretended to trip in the hotel. Raymond’s maid gave a janitor five hundred dollars to open Mr.Law’s room. The janitor knocked on Mr.Law’s room but he closed the door and said he’s doing a business. Raymond’s maid eavesdrop in the room that Alice told Mr.Law she is willing to give up everything to be with him. She knows he will give her happiness. Alice rehearses the scene to Mr.Law and his wife. Mr.Law held his wife’s hands and said his wife didn’t want to regret after watching this scene and decided to marry him. Mr.Law told Alice that his wife got dementia and can’t remember but she remembers things in the past. Mr. Law’s wife called Mr. Law by his name Fai. Alice tears up.

Eliza accidentally spilled water on Alice’s shirt. Jazz fell down and bled. Raymond’s maid looked at Alice while she checks on the goods and smirk. Raymond’s maid saw Jass reading the newspaper and smiled, she yelled at him. Raymond’s maid yelled at at Alice to not show her cleavage. Raymond’s maid confronted Alice of seducing Mr.Law. Alice told Raymond’s maid she wears red like him. They fought with each other. Raymond’s maid told Tommy that Alice went to the hotel with Mr.Law to get the supply. Alice showed the customers a photo of her with Mr.Law and his wife. She said she went to hotel to perform the act of the movie. The customers recognized Alice as the actress who plays in the movie Lingering Love.

The police called Sis Kuk that her daughter wanted to steal money in her flat. Sis Kuk was about to slap her daughter. Matt came. Sis Kuk decided not to press charge. Sis Kuk told Matt her daughter quit school so she told her to work in the fruit market but she couldn’t work long. Matt told Sis Kuk he will look after her daughter. Sis Kuk said she wish she never given birth to her. Matt asked Karman about Coco, Sis Kuk’s daughter. Flashbacks of Sis Kuk argued with her husband. He left her and his daughter. Karman told Matt that Sis Kuk always yell at Coco. Flashbacks of Sis Kuk yelled at Coco telling her to grow up and work hard. Karman told Matt that Coo has pressure too just like when he talks back when his father yells at him. Karman told Matt that Coco set up a model agency with her friend calling Fly4Free. Matt called Fly4Free agency.

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