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Old Time Buddy episode 12 recap

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Tse Yuen told his family that Fong Fong is ugly. Tse Yuen had a dream of what his family and friends said about Fong Fong is ugly but kindhearted. Tse Yuen asked Fong Fong’s uncle where’s Fong Fong. Fong Fong’s mother asked Fong Fong why she been staying at home for a few days and she asked her if she’s heartbroken. Fong Fong said she’s just tired of filming. Fong Fong’s mother showed Fong Fong a heart chocolate. Fong Fong gave Tse Yuen a chocolate.

Fong Fong gave Tse Yuen a cup of water and wiped his nose. Fong Fong and Tse Yuen films a romantic scene at the beach. Tse Yuen hugged Fong Fong. Yan Gwan discusses with Lee Kei and Kiu Fung if the kissing scene was made up. Yan Gwan thinks Fong Fong fell for Tse Yuen and became a couple. Kiu Fung thinks Fong Fong and Tse Yuen matches each other. fell in love while filming. Lee Kei asked Tse Yuen if Fong Fong told him to kiss her. Tse Yeun said kissing is normal in filming plus the director praised Fong Fong acted well. Yan Gwan told Tse Yuen he is naive and Fong Fong hinted many times that she likes him. Tse Yuen told Yan Gwan he felt strange she treated him like this.

Fong Fong gave Tse Yuen a bowl of soup. Tse Yuen tasted it and said it’s really good and he asked her if she’s from Shanghai. Fong Fong said nope but it’s just this soup is easy to cook. Fong Fong told Tse Yuen if he likes it, she can cook for him next time. Tse Yuen said no thanks and he doesn’t want to bother her. Fong Fong asked Tse Yuen if he doesn’t like she is good to her. Fong Fong told Tse Yuen if he thinks that she is warm to every guy. She told him to drink the soup. Fong Fong told he mother she gave the sour soup for a dog. He must know his consequences of yelling at her. Tse Yuen had diarrhea. Tse Yuen asked Lee Kei if he seen Fong Fong, he wanted to apologize to her. Lee Kei received a phone call and left. Fei Yin told Tse Yuen’s parents that it’s Lee Kei’s aunt.

Po Chu sneaked and told Lee Kei she wants to eat Beijing duck. Po Chu told Lee Kei she only trusts him. Po Chu told Lei Kei that the duck here is crispy. Po Chu ordered many dishes.Lee Kei returns home and found some dollar bills. Fei Yin told Lei Kei that men needs money. Lee Kei gave it back and said he will ask when he needs it. Fei Yin asked Lee Kei how is his aunt and if he could bring her to visit his aunt next time.

Yan Gwan suggests Lee Kei to open his own lottery stall for his future. Lee Kei got mad and refuses to do it. Lee Kei opened his own lottery stall and con the kids. Lee Kei saw a woman hit her sons for not going to school and want to be a poor guy like Lee Kei. The woman told Lee Kei he is a grown up but con the kids. Yan Gwan and Fei Yin count the money. Fei Yin told Lee Kei to give her his pats so she can fix his button. Lee Kei wants to sleep.

Lee Kei asked Fong Fong why everytime he wants to chat, she appears. Fong Fong asked Lee Kei if he seen Tse Yuen. Lee Kei left beingg upset and saw a dog in front of him. He yelled at the dog. the dog chases him. Fong Fong and Tse Yuen rehearses their vocal. Tse Yun sings too hard and causes the glass of water to break on Fong Fong’s foot. Tse Yuen puts a bandaid on Fong Fong’s finger. Fong Fong thought in her mind he only likes her face. Tse Yeun invites Fong Fong to dinner. Lee Kei ordered food in the rrestaurat. The server told him that Po Chu is his idol and he never seen someone who rely on woman like him. Lee Kei told the servant he doesn’t need to rely on other girls but he can rely. Lee Kei saw Tse Yuen and Fong Fong walking by and he cloeses the door. Lee Kei ordered a glass of wine. He went home and got drunk. Lee Kei sings.

During the rehearsal, Tse Yuen sings and the producer cut and asked him why he sings so weird. The producer sings and dance in front of Tse Yuen. The director’s wife requested for Tse Yuen and Fong Fong to perform in her theater. Tse Yuen requested Lei Kei to replace him to sing.

Kiu Fung waits for Fei Yin after school and asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend since his parents wants him to date a girl in the photo he shows her. Kiu Fung took Fei Yin to his home. Fei Yin is so impressed with his villa. Kiu Fung asked his maid o dress up for Fei Yin. He introduces Fei Yin to his father. Tse Yuen peeked at Kiu Fung and told Fong Fong and Lei Kei he coudn’t believe that Tse Ku Fung is the son of a wealthy boss. Lee Kei sighed when he will become a prince. Fong Fong sings with Tse Yuen. Lee Kei sings for Tse Yuen beind the stage. The producer told Lee Kei that life isn’t fair since audience is clapping for Tse Yuen while he’s singing. The producer told Lee Kei tah he’s more handsome and sings better than Tse Yuen but Tse Yuen is famous. Lee Kei drinks and one of his high school friend told Lee Kei he is his fat high school friend.

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