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Happy 6th Year Anniversary HK-KDRAMA Island

Hey it’s Jac here! It’s been six years I’ve been drama blogging. I created this blog in May 4, 2012 recapping hk and kdramas I like.

This is my wuxia blog header which shows how much I love wuxia romance!

I’ll write a personal reflection on this blog.

I’ve been blogging for six years. Time Flies. Many drama bloggers either have left or are on a hiatus. I’m still here. I always have a drama to watch and recap. I’ve been watching asian dramas since I was 8. My parents used to rent those Justice Bao with Kenny Ho and Wong Fei Hung Series with Vincent Zhao in it. Yeah those asian dramas/wuxia series means a lot to me and have fond memories in my mind. I used to be bullied a lot in middle school and watching asian dramas was my escape from real life. I especially love those wuxia/swordfighting genre. My family used to tell me I was more addicted than them in watching those asian dramas. My parents read those Jin Yong novels but recommended me some great Jin Yong and Gulong wuxia series.

I watch and recap both old and new wuxia series. I always watch old wuxia series and some tvb fans who chat with me know that. They even tell me “However I think you know a lot more about old dramas than I do”. I used to blog new tvb series as they come out but then somewhere I got kinda bored of new tvb series and lost track and then recap plenty of good old wuxia series and some old wuxia series that I haven’t watched. It doesn’t hurt to know other wuxia series. There will be some fans who thanked me for recapping some of their favorite old wuxia series. I would like to cover some other wuxia series that Spcnet missed.

There are some tvb series with my favorite casts I enjoyed recapping such as A Change of Heart. I’m currently recapping Apple Colada. TVB have gone downhill but there are some new tvb series with casts I like from time to time.

I don’t know how long I will keep on drama blogging but this is my journey to what I’ve been watching and to keep memories of the dramas that I loved and dislike. Even dramas that I find boring have some scenes that I enjoyed watching. When I choose a drama, I always pick wuxia first but sometimes it doesn’t have to be wuxia, I love comedy, actions, and romance too.

Some wuxia series are more male dominated but it’s okay, I can fangirl the actors.

I also like wuxia romance where strong wuxia heroes saves their ladies.

Yeah I may have different tastes than my tvb blogger buddies. There are some dramas I like and they don’t like, there are some dramas they like and I’m not interested.

Yeah throughout the journey I have made great kdrama blogger friends and wuxia blogger friends as well.

Yeah thank you SPCNET, Kappy-A Virtual Voyage, Nancyzdramaland, Wuxia Rocks and Dapowerz for being my wuxia friends where I can spazz about wuxia series and even tvb series.

Yeah I promote asian dramas a lot in real life and online. I’m too confident of my knowledge of asian dramas to be scared of promoting them. But yeah some tvb fans did tell me “Yeah you are the right person to promote it”.

Here’s my favorite wuxia Eye Candies:

Zhan Zhao

Chiu Man

Duan Yu and Wang YuYan

I love drama blogging but I also enjoy listening to music too.

Here’s some of the wuxia songs I like.

Have a great day!

❤ Jac!

Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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