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Apple Colada episode 6 recap

Matt searches for Coco and encourages her to go home. Coco told Matt that Sis Kuk oly cares about money but not her. She spent her life on Macau her whole life and don’t want to work in the fruit market. She just want to go farther. Matt watches Coco takes model pictures in bikini. Matt watches the bulldog in the cage and left. Raymond’s grandma watches Alice in her movie and teared up. Jazz gave his grandma some of Alice’s movies. Raymond’s grandma said she must ask Alice for her autograph at the fruit market. Raymond’s maid said Alice seduced Jazz. Jazz argued with his maid that he bled his nose. Raymond’s grandma told Tommy to find a girl like Alice.

Raymond’s maid dresses up in a black dress and a pink hat. Alice teases her of dressing like in the 80s or 90s. Raymond and Jazz laughed at their maid arguing with Alice. Raymond and his coworker watches the clip of Coco filming with the dog in the sea. Sis Kuk kicked a coworker for criticizing Coco for posting the clip online. Karman ate and asked Coco if she really wants to be famous. She must know how tough it is for her mother to run the family. Coco told Karman though her mother sacrifice to take care of her, it doesn’t mean she will sacrifice her life for her. Karman told Coco whatever her goal is, she must believe someone will be there for her.

At the bar, Matt drank whisky and threw up and asked Crystal he ordered beer but why she gave him a whisky. Matt asked Crystal if she wants to work as a model. Crystal told him to go away. Matt saw Brother Kent’s brother went to the restroom. Lam Sir came and asked Crystal and her coworker if they saw Brother Kent’s triad. Crystal told Lam Sir she doesn’t know. She runs a bar and if someone makes trouble, she will break his arm. Matt told Lam Sir that he saw someone go through the back door. Lam Sir’s subordinates checked and assumed that he must have left. Matt showed Crystal the bag of drugs in the restroom. Matt told Crystal that if she showed this to Lam Sir, she will be in trouble. Crystal asked Matt when can she work as a model. Coco and her friends watches Crystal playing on the rooftop. She walked like a model joined the model agency. Matt asked Crystal why she dresses like a teenager. Crystal asked Matt to pay her for the pool party. Crystal said Master Link likes Coco after the clip with the bulldog so he invited her to the pool party. Matt thinks they have a hidden agenda to gain Mr.Lin’s attention. The bartender told Matt he came with his girlfriend. He looked at Crystal and asked her why she dressed like that.

Sis Kuk yelled at Alice to stop flirting with her colleagues. Sis Kuk told Coco to get out of her friend’s car.Sis Kuk chased the car and tripped and hurt her hands.

Crystal told Matt that Tom looked at the picture and wanted to rent a house in Clearwater. Crystal sneaked in the office with Matt. At the bar, Brother Kent told Crystal that Johnny put the drugs in the water tank and now it’s gone. Crystal told Brother Kent that the cops followed his member and he put the drugs in the watertank and if he thinks this is a storage. Matt told Brother Kent he was so nice he didn’t tell the cops. Brother Kent asked Matt to give the drugs to him. Brother Kent’s members grabbed Matt. Crystal told Matt to not make troubles in her place. Brother Kent asked Crystal what does she want. Matt grabbed Brother Kent. Raymond came grabbed Brother Kent. Crystal took out a pack of drugs and washed it in the sink and held the bag. Brother Kent told Crystal she will give her face to her brother Yung that he lost the stuff. Matt and Crystal followed Tom’s car and saw him bumped into another Car in front of him then he parked. They saw his triad took the blame for him.

Karman told her mother the good she cooked is so good. Her dad ate all of the fried eggs with shrimps. He even finished and extra bowl of rice. Karman’s father said it’s better than the dishes in famous restaurants and she should cook more often. Karman said she finished two bowls of rice today but too bad Matt can’t come home for dinner. Matt came home and argued with his dad and said he’s even more busy than him. Matt ate the dishes and said his mom’s dishes are so good. Karman said of course that’s why dad love mom so much. Matt told Karman she often talks about dad. He is a tyrant, he would have moved out like mom not because of her. Karman said he is tough like dad. Matt said lucky his younger sister is so nice he doesn’t have to worry about her. Karman said too bad she worries about them, he fights with dad all the time. Mom moved out. She needs to worry about Coco. Matt told Karman she doesn’t need to worry about Coco, he is working on her case. Matt asked Karman how can he look trendy for the pool party tomorrow.

At the pool party, Crystal stood behind Matt and asked him for his name. Matt said “Calvin” but mumbled when she asked him for his last name. She laughed. Matt dragged Crystal by the side. Matt told Crystal it’s his first time joining the pool party. Crystal told Matt she looks good but his behavior is too sneaky and should flirt with girls. Coco went to he pool. Master Lin and Coco flirt with each other then left the pool. Crystal drove Matt and followed Master Lin’s car. Mister Lin fainted in bed. Coco’s friend called Master Lin’s father and asked him for ten million dollars. Matt and Crystal arrived to the house and took Coco. Matt told Coco she broke the law. Matt told Coco that Mister Lin has a gps and his bodyguards are coming. Coco’s friend ran. Coco tripped. Matt ran and threw the dummy at Master Lins’ bodyguard.

At the bar, Matt told Coco to be wise making friends. Crystal said they need to know how to deal with Master Lin’s father. Matt told Crystal that Master Lin is fine, he won’t purse this anymore. Crystal asked them if they think Master Lin is an ordinary guy, ow they messed up they will have consequences. Coco called Tom and he yelled and she turned off the phone. Matt told Coco to go home, her mom scold her but she will protect her.Crystal said when a person is in trouble, she wants her family member to be there for her. She may be stubborn but she must be prepared to lose her family member.

Matt took Sis Kuk to see Coco. Sis Kuk yelled at Coco she loves money and better be a prostitute. Coco yelled at her mother she rather be a prostitute. She said if she hates her so much she shouldn’t see her. She left. Sis Kuk yelled at that let the police catch her and put her in jail. Matt told Sis Kuk he knows she is under pressure but she shouldn’t take it on Coco. Matt told Sis Kuk a story of a granddaughter of a wealthy got kidnapped a few years ago. The kidnapper got caught and was sentenced twelve years in jail. Soon it will be her daughter’s turn. Master Lin haven’t reported the incident to the police. He doesn’t know what he wants to do with Coco. Coco watches the clip of her friends got beaten up. Coco cried and told Matt and Crystal and she can survive without her mother but her younger brother and sister can’t. Matt promised Coco he will help her.

Tommy ate with his coworker and said everyone must be united and successful is near. Raymond’s maid brought snake soup. Master Lin’s bodyguards came to the fruit market to take Sis Kuk. Tommy fought with the bodyguards. Sis Kuk ran to the backdoor.

Master Lin’s bodyguard kidnapped Sis Kuk in the van. Master Lin’s father asked Sis Kuk where’s her daughter. Sis Kuk said she failed to teach her daughter well and she hangs with those bad guys. Master Lin’s father said his son is sick because of her daughter, if he doesn’t teach her daughter a lesson, everyone will bully his son. Master Lin’s father said he wants her daughter to lie in bed like his son. Sis Kuk bowed multiple towns and bled her forehead. Crystal and Coco watches them. Coco saw Master Lin’s father kicked her mother and she ran up to her. The bodyguards grabbed Coco and her mother. Raymond and his coworkers came. Matt told Master Lin’s father he recorded what he said. If he messed up Coco or her family or Tom, he’ll give this to the police for his crime of kidnapping and murder. Master Lin’s father left. Sis Kuk hugged Coco.

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