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Old Time Buddy episode 13 recap

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Lee Kei drinks with his classmate at the bar.Lee Kei wants to become a sailor. Tse Yuen’s parents told Fei Yin that she won’t have a future being with Lee Kei. Tse Yeun and Ki Fung went home searching for Lee Kei. Lee Kei went on the canoe and it shook. The lady told Lee Kei he’s so weak how can be a sailor? Fei Yin ran. Fei Yin and Tse Yuen did a cpr for Lee Kei.

Lee Kei dances and sing with Fong Fong in the play. Lee Kei complained to the producer about he has to hold two coconut instrument while dancing. Fong Fong encouraged Lee Kei to work hard.

Lee Kei suggests the producer to change another actor who is taller than Kiu Fung to plays the role of the waiter of a millionaire. Kiu Fung got angry and criticized Lee Kei of being a traitor when he becomes the lead. While filming, Lee Kei called cut and asked the producer why there are sodas beneath the bed. Lee Kei told the producer to be more serious. He requested to change the bed. Lee Kei told Kiu Fung that as a lead he needs a supporting lead to bring him up. Lee Kei told Kiu Fung there’s a role that fit him which is a big mouth guy. Kiu Fung yelled that the character is crazy. Lee Kei said that character has many screentime besides him. Lee Kei told Kiu Fung he saved the best one for him. Kiu Fung smiled and treated Lee Kei for tea.

The restaurant owner told Tsui Gei he haven’t acted for a long time. Tsui Gei said Lee Kei and Tse Yeun already became leads. The owner said those two guys won’t last long. Tsui Gei wanted to treat Lee Kei for dinner Lee Kei said he already has a meeting with someone for lunch.

Lee Kei treats Po Chu for dinner and said he hates this kinda of water and he deserves to be a waiter. Po Chu told Lee Kei to forgive him. Lee Kei told Po Chu he taught him a lesson. Po Chu told Lee Kei he is different. Po Chu told Lee Kei he is cocky.

Fong Fong asked Tse Yuen to let her give him a ride. The producer brought some paparazzi to take pictures of Fong Fong and Tse Yuen and left to take pictures of Lee Kei. Fong Fong whined to Tse Yuen that those people forgot them. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong that they’ve been dating for four months so the news is old. Fong Fong tried a fur coat at the store and said there are three things that a girl can’t buy for herself. First she can’t buy a diamond, second a fur coat, and third a double bed. If only there’s a guy who would buy it for her. Tse Yuen brought a furcoat for Fong Fong. Fong Fong tore it up and asked Tse Yeun if buying a fur coat will make her love him. He’s ugly. Tse Yuen said he bought this fur coat for his girl friend and not her. Fong Fong paid the store owner to fix the fur coat and he asked Fong Fong’s uncle where’s Fong Fong. Fong Fong hugged the fur coat and smiled.The food tall owner told Tse Yuen to bring his girlfriend next time. Tse Yuen told the food stall owner that the newspaper only have gossips. Fong Fong wore the fur coat and told Tse Yuen that she is his girl friend. Tse Yuen looked at Fong Fong and asked her if she played enough and bye. Tse Yuen walked away. Tse Yuen asked Fong Fong why did she pretend to be his girl friend. Fong Fong took Tse Yuen to her house. Fong Fong’s mother saw Tse Yuen. Fong Fong’s mother told Fong Fong that her fur coat is so pretty but why is sit ripped. Fong Fong’s mother wakes Fong Fong up and said or she will tell Tse Yuen to leave. Fong Fong meets with Tse Yuen. Fong Fong’s mother told Fong Fong about Tse Yuen. Tse Yuen held Fong Fong’s hands. The producer told Tse Yuen and Fong Fong that the audience got bored of their movies and he wants to set up their break up. Fong Fong got an idea of pretended to be his friend instead ofbeing actress Fong Fong.

While chatting with Tse Yuen’s parents, Fei Yin cricizes Fong Fong as ugly and only has one outfit.Tse Yuen brought Fong Fong to his house. Fong Fong showed the wine to Tse Yuen’s parents and tripped. Tse Yuen’s father gave Fong Fong a red evelope. Fei Yin gave Fong Fong some of her old clothes. Tse Yuen’s mother gave Fong Fong some chicken. Tse Yuen gave Fong Fong a rice cake. She pretends of not wanting to eat it. Paprazzi asked them if they have broken up. Fong Fong said she doesn’t want to hear Tse Yuen’s name again.

Lee Kei told Fong Fong he just took a nap and haven”t slept for three days. Lee Kei said he is so busydoesn’t have the freedom and don’t have time to find a friend to eat with. Fong Fong said when he’s famous he doesn’t have time for boyfriend and girlfriend. Lee Kei said she doesn’t havea girlfriend. Fong Fong said it’s good or his girlfriend will suffer. Fong Fong fixes the tie for Lee Kei. Lee Kei and Fong Fong cut the red ribbon. Lee Kei told Fong Fong that he is loyal when in love. Tse Yeun flirted with Fong Fong and asked her for dinnner. Lee Kei and the producer invited Fong Fong for dinner. Fong Fong pretends to have stomach ache. The producer told Fong Fong she should come. Lee Kei told Fong Fong in the car that he waited for three years to be the lead and he really likes her.

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