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Apple Colada episode 7 recap

A the bar, Matt thanked Raymond and Jazz for helping Coco reunited with her mom. Jazz asked Matt how did he know that Sis Kuk was kidnapped. Matt said he puts a camera inside Sis Ku’s pocket. He called Crystal to follow them then he called Raymond and Jazz. Coco gave Crystal her ice bucket and said the best thing is she hired her to work at her bar. Matt told Coco she must work hard, Crystal is seldom nice to other people. Raymond told Coco he is also uneducated but he is rooting for her. Eliza told Raymond it is bad to see him as a role model. Eliza told Coco that it takes hard work to be mature, and Coco shouldn’t model after someone who is lazy. Matt told Eliza to suggests Coco what she should study Eliza told Coco study for not the money but for nurturing. Raymond argued with Eliza that studying isn’t for nurturing, when he become a parent he will let his kid raised by himself.

Fans take picture with Alice at the store. While helping Eliza putting up the sign, Bong told Eliza she should treat him for dinner. Bong tripped down the later. Eliza told Bong to be careful. Bong told Eliza she cares for the sign more than him. Eliza said he is young and can get get well easily while the sigh is old and can break easily. People have feelings and the sign belongs to the fruit market. Eliza told Bong that she loves being a teacher but she has to take care of her father’s fruit market.But she promised she will be a part time english teacher at a community center. Raymond and Jazz and his workers looked at Alice’s nude photo. Tommy thought he seen this movie before. Alice came and tore her pornstar photo. Raymond made fun of Alice she used to be a pornstar.

Alice called Producer Leung asking for the girl who shot her photos but he can’t remember. She called Director Ho and he said he will search for her. Some employee look at Alice in a weird way, Eliza poke his eyes. Alice received a phone call and told him that they have no kiwis and she told him to come back in two weeks. Eliza told Alice they have boxes of kiwis and also back in the storage. She told her to go home early.

Jazz went in Raymond’s room and asked him if he noticed Tommy’s expression. He thinks Tommy got mad at Alice stealing his business so he posted those porn photo. Matt and his father talked to Matt’s father about searching who posted those porn photos. Eliza and his Matt and his parents looked at the camera and saw a guy covered with his jacket putting the picture on the wall. Tommy saw Raymond playing games and told him that he will do the rest of the work tonight. Raymond looked at Tommy’s pocket and asked Jazz if he noticed there’s a paper. Raymond fought with Tommy and told him there’s no turning back if he puts the piece of paper. The camera blinked. Raymond and Tommy looked at the camera. Eliza came down. Raymond admit to Eliza he did it. Eliza told Raymond to apologize to Alice in the chamber. Tommy tries took the paper and told them he doesn’t know what they are trying to do. Jazz read the paper about warning people not to cause trouble. Alice teared up and told them that they the workers were right, she should have stopped shooting the porn photos instead of letting this be blown. Alice told them if they want to help her then don’t talk about this anymore.

At the bar, Tommy criticized Raymond and Jazz that he may hate Alice but he will not do such tricks. A customers told Crystal he wants that whiskey. Crystal said it’s not for sale. The customer asked if she thinks he can’t afford it. Crystal said even if he can buy, she won’t sell it to him. The customer was about to hit her. The bartender held his hands and said he can’t play games here. The customer left. The bartender gave a drink to Crystal and told her to take a break. Matt asked the bartender if the bottle of whine isn’t for sell. The bartender said it is Crystal’s brother, and no one can touch it before he comes back. Matt eavesdrop on Crystal talking to a patient in coma in the hospital. A lady came in and confronted Crystal of visiting her husband, if it wasn’t for her brother, her husband wouldn’t be in coma. Crystal told her that she wanted him to get well sooner. The lady was about to slap Crystal. Matt interfere. The lady slapped Matt. Matt pushed Crystal out. Crystal received a call that someone broke her brother’s wine. Crystal came to the restaurant and threaten the customer if he broke her brother’s wine. Matt stopped Crystal and told her it would be serious if he’s wounded. Crystal hit a chair on the customer’s arm. Matt checked on the customer. The bartender gave the customer money and told him to say that he tripped. In the massage room, the bartender told Matt that a year ago, Crystal’s brother and the lady’s husband had a fight in the fruit market. The car crashed them. The lady’s husband was in coma, if he died, Crystal’s brother would be charged for muder. he went on a flight. Matt asked the bartender if he knows where’s Crystal’s brother is. The massager massaged his feet hard.

Crystal sprayed graffiti on the wall. Matt gave Crystal a law document. Crystal told Matt she won’t let her brother go to jail. Crstyal told Matt to go with her to get in a room, she knows he likes her since he follow her. Matt told Crystal he knows she’s playing him. He sprayed at her.

Eliza saw Alice’s legs being crippled while walking and asked Alice if her legs is alright. Eliza asked Alice if she’s mad at her. Alice told her she’s good at forgetting. Alice asked the waitress for steamed rice ting. The waitress told her that people wait in line for it. Alice looked at her friend passing out streamed rice ting. Alice gave her friend a gift. Her friend told her she has two kids. Alice told her she wants her to testify she didn’t shoot those porn photos. Her friend said those photos caused her career to peak.

Tommy signed a document to join the fruit market meeting. Tommy told Jazz and Raymond they gamble everyday, the don’t have to go to work, he can hire university kids. Tommy told them there is a fruit exhibition tomorrow, and look for new supplies. Raymond and Jazz went to the exhibit. Raymond complained there’s no abalone. A white man named Jack greeted them. They slutter Jack showed Raymond and Jazz their produce and their cotton candy. Raymond told Jack that they only sell fruits. Jack said cotton candy is a grape. Eliza greeted Jack and said she likes his product. A white woman showed Raymond a flyer of pineapple guava. Eliza talked to the white woman. Raymond told Tommy that those foreigner sells common fruits such as grapes ad feijoa. Tommy watches Eliza showed Alice new fruits that she ordered.

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